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How to Raise Awareness for Your Charity


With so many worthy causes out there, expanding the reach of your charity can be challenging. That’s why you need to be creative with your approach and work with what you have and are comfortable with.

Supporters and donors want to feel that they’re part of the change. This is why finding what works for your charity is crucial. Here are a few suggestions to help raise awareness and hopefully increase donations for your foundation.

Use Strategic Marketing

While it may seem slightly odd to use marketing strategies for your charity, it’s one of the most effective ways to raise awareness. Having an online presence is almost mandatory in the 21st-century.

Investing in personalized marketing strategies can push the boundaries of your charity’s reach. Many companies specialize in raising their online presence and customizing designs to meet their individual goals. According to Click Intelligence, ‘finding SEO experts is crucial’ to have the desired impact.  

Partner With Like-Minded People

A good tip is to find ambassadors who support your cause and are willing to help. Their role isn’t to work for the charity, but instead with it. They’ll not only help spread the word and raise awareness of the cause but also likely help raise donations.

Possible ambassadors:

  • Influencers
  • Actresses
  • Sports players
  • Well-known community members

The key to creating connections with these figures is to have a shared set of beliefs and goals. By collaborating with like-minded people, it’s easier to increase charity engagement through natural means.

Work With Other Businesses

Partnering with other organizations or businesses can also increase awareness. In this way, there can be a mutual benefit where both parties align in principles and morals and help each other increase engagement with their cause or brand.

One example is the Australian burger company Grill’d. Every month, three charities/causes are selected, and customers are encouraged to vote for one who receives a higher donation than the other two.

In a unique twist, voting is done with bottle tops. Every customer is given one of these and is asked to place it in the box bearing the name and details of the foundation they’d most like to support. Not only does it create awareness of distinct local charities/causes, but it forms a social conscience with every purchase.

Host Events

A great way to raise awareness about your charity is by hosting an event that brings people together. If creating a live occasion isn’t possible for some reason, host an online meetup, including keynote speakers and some fun activities.

Whether the intention is to educate people or expand social networks, be sure to have clearly defined targets for your event. Partnering with other organizations that align with your charity’s goals is likely to boost your reach.

Start a Challenge

A lot of people have heard of Movember or watched videos of people participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge. There are many annual challenges or activities that are popular and well-known.  

Many charities or non-profit organizations create fun tasks and dares that engage people in a unique way. Not only do these activities encourage donations and support, but they also prompt conversation.

Thus, developing a challenge that embodies your cause is a fun and creative way to raise awareness and get people to engage with your charity.

Find What Works for You

Engaging with people, making them feel involved, and that they’re personally making a difference will help expand your reach.

There’s no single approach that’ll work for every charity. How you pursue your goals should be reflective of your philosophy and be tailored to your cause. Try to avoid blindly following other examples and find what works for you.


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