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5 Pieces of Tech Your Home Business Need


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If you have recently moved your business to your home, or are looking to start one from your house, you may be asking yourself what kind of tech you will need in order to make sure that it is a roaring success. Thankfully, you have come to the right place as this article will outline the different bits of software and hardware we recommend that you should install in order to have the smoothest running home business possible. Read on for five key recommendations to get you up and running. 


Security Operating System 

Whether you are working just by yourself, or are responsible for several remote colleagues, it is very important to make sure that the system you are running is completely safe and secure. That’s why is it recommend to install a security operating system that encrypts all your data and protects it from malicious hackers. One option is sonicos 7, courtesy of the company SonicWall. This is their most sophisticated security operating system yet, with an easy-to-use interface, strong firewall protection, and a great encrypted program. 


A Great Webcam and Microphone 

Just because you are working from home by yourself, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be in contact with a lot of people. In business the small things matter, therefore when you are engaged in a video call, it is a brilliant idea to have a great webcam — so people can see you clearly — and microphone to ensure that you are communicating better. Often you can buy these two things as a package, so be on the lookout for great deals on the internet. 


High Speed Internet Connection

The worst thing that can happen to your business is not being able to get online and make decisions quickly. This is why it is probably a worthwhile idea to invest in a high speed router that makes sure that you can work at your peak ability. While the top-end stuff is likely to be far more expensive, this is worth it in the long run as bad internet could be potentially deadly for your business. 


A Highly Functional Keyboard 

Just like a high-speed internet connection, it’s recommended to install a separate keyboard that is both highly responsive and comfortable for your hands. Even if you have a laptop with an in-built keyboard, they can be cumbersome after a while, making it a great idea to buy a separate one. 


A 3D Printer

2D printers are a thing of the past, with 3D printers now rising massively in popularity. They are a really useful tool if you want to print replacement parts for any machinery, or create models that can quickly visualize the kind of projects you want to make. While their futuristic feel does suggest that they are an expensive investment, you will find that a low-end 3D printer can be purchased for the reasonable price of around $200, making it a smart choice for your business. Don’t worry: they can print paper too! 

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