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8 Benefits of Working from Home


Working from home has become much more common over the last year due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic. However, safety is not the only reason to work from home – in fact, there are plenty of advantages to doing so! Here we will look at eight reasons why home working could be great for you.

You can control your working environment to suit you

Different people work most effectively in different environments. While some people thrive in a busy office, many of us prefer a space of our own choosing. Do you work best in dim light, with specific music on? You can set up the perfect workspace for you in your own home instead of having to go with what your boss has chosen.

There are fewer distractions from co-workers

Although people can still contact you via phone, email, instant messaging, and other communication tools if you work from home, you are far less likely to be distracted by the conversation of the two co-workers who just won’t stop talking loudly across the office.

You can wear whatever you choose

Don’t feel like putting on your smart shirt and trousers? No worries! When working from home, you can wear whatever you want (or even nothing at all if you live alone!). If you want to type out a report while sitting in your nightgown, nobody can stop you.

You can carry out household and garden chores

Of course, you still need to get plenty of work done. However, those few-minute gaps that you spend waiting to receive emails or waiting for pages to load can be spent doing the dishes or watering plants, saving you having to do it outside of working hours.

You don’t need to commute

When working from home, the only distance that you need to travel is from your bed to your desk. There is no need to spend time and money every day traveling to work and back via car or public transport.

You can be flexible with your schedule

While some working-from-home jobs still require you to clock in and out and be available for meetings at certain times, plenty of jobs allow you to be more flexible, particularly if you are self-employed. If you prefer to work at night rather than during office hours, you may be able to arrange this.

You can respond to home emergencies more quickly

Nothing is worse than returning from the office to find your house flooded from a bathroom leak that has been going for hours. If you work from home, you will notice much more quickly and be able to promptly grab tools, plastic welding kits, or anything else you may need to quickly deal with the emergency before it does too much damage.

You can spend more time with your children

If you have young children, working from home can be extremely convenient in allowing you to supervise them and spend more of your day with them. When they are not at school, you can save money on childcare, and when they are at school, you may be able to schedule the school run into your daily routine more easily!

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