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Work-at-home mom: take a deep breath and Do Life Different as you allow these devotions for work-at-home moms to fill the vacuum of your needy heart in the chaos of your busy world.
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“Jill – I just wanted to pass on a blessing that you have been to someone who you don’t even know.

I emailed you a few days ago to ask you to resend the CWAHM newsletter to me and that I had a friend who needed work from home and thought an ad i had read on the newsletter would help her. You sent me the link and I sent it on to her, she applied for the telemarketing/call center job and received it today.

I can’t begin to tell you how difficult the time is she is going through and how much that job means to her and her young child she is trying to raise. She really needed that work, had been getting a lot of “no’s” and your newsletter ad got to her, with God’s help, at just the right time.

Thank you for your ministry!”

Steve S.


“Jill, I just wanted to take the time to write & express my utter joy with the package you came up with. It has provided great results and the price is just right! Thanks for working with me. I’ve advertised on other sites that lacked the willingness to accommodate my needs and your personalized attention is something that your competitors can’t match but yet they have the nerve to charge exorbitant amounts of money to advertise on their sites. I plan on being a long term advertiser. Thanks again & Keep up the great work!”

Eddy S.


My name is Tina B. and I am a work at home mom.

The ironic thing is that it was the late 90’s when I started searching for work at home opportunities and my very first stop was this site.

I have been a “Jill Fan” for years and though I have been working for myself since then, I always stop here for the information and the articles that are on this site.

When I first left my profession, I was working from home but I worked for others in an industry that was consuming my life and destroying my marriage because my purpose or vision was being compromised.

I kept returning to Jill’s site with the hopes that I would find another way to do what I do “in Spirit and in Truth”. I wanted away to live the vision that God had given me and raise my children and be a “present wife”. The Articles I found on her site and watching her progress through out the years was so encouraging to me that I continued to fight succeed
and continued to pray for her family.

I joined a network marketing business and was very successful pretty quickly but, that was where I discovered that my success in that business had nothing to do with actually business at all. I had and have a passion to see people connect with their life vision and purpose and help them to realize it.

Well, back then there was no such thing a “life coach” that I knew of but basically, that’s what I was doing. During that
“retirement” period, my Husband and I got initiated a ministry focusing on Unity in the Body of Christ and I started volunteering as a Crisis Counselor for the Care net organization. I got my certification as a Absitinance Educator and Crisis
Counselor and realized that I really was being prepared for something.

You see the industry I was in, the Entertainment Industry, was a thorn in my side because so much of it was destructive to the youth, families and our communities. I could not call myself a Christian Woman knowing that the business I represented was not a representation of my passion. Even the Christian music industry was a sham to me considering that
the top of most of the companies were people who were complete afront to God. Before I left that industry I managed a Christian production team that won Grammy awards but I knew that I was not in agreement with the flow through of the business or the music.

Well, fast-forwarding to the present, I am now a Master Certified Professional coach and I am humbled and blessed to not only help to build creative careers, but also I coach business owners, coaches, authors and leaders to connect and design
their “authentic call”, create strategy, resources, accountability and support teams, in alignment with Word of God.

We (my husband I) own several companies and are partnered with Christian Business Owners all over the world and think about it – we have Jill Hart to thank for her diligence.

We love you Jill, We Thank God for you!

Tina B.


“Hi Jill,
Only a few days in and I have received so so so so many hits from your site! I believe I even perhaps have a few orders for inspirational jewelry! How awesome is that!”



“Hi Jill !

I love this site. I would love to join the forum soon. It seems like it is just so much easier to talk with other christians about business. I don’t feel like I am trying to be conned into anything and hopefully everyone will feel the same
way about me. Thanks so much for the site.”

Kristy B.


“Hi there Jill~I wasn’t sure when my banner ad is due to expire, but I would like to extend it, response has been awesome!!
I got 42 referrals from that ad alone! Business has really been growing and I think it has a lot to do with advertising with you! I advertised somewhere else and got 1 hit!”

Heather N.


“Hi Jill!

Thanks for setting up the ad for me. I just had someone sign up from your ad…I appreciate it soooo much!”

Entertaining Success! Everyday,
Marn T.


“Hi Jill,

I have to tell you, I got 15 hits last night off the button on your main page alone! Compared to other advertising, that is HUGE!

Ena H.
Educational Supervisor


“I have been a work at home Mom part-time for the last five years. I have six children whom I homeschool and one of my children is on the autistic spectrum. Going back into the labor market outside of my home simply is not an option for me. Yet I am like so many moms, I am required to work to make ends meet.

As many of you probably share my passion, I have longed to not only work from home, but actually work for or with other Christians. I have visited Jill’s site for the last couple of years and was excited to find an add for a position of US Distributor for a Christian based company out of Australia that sells Biblical curriculum for Sunday School and Home School.

When the interview process began I began praying the Lord would open the door and allow this company to find favor with
me if I was the right choice. What a blessing to share I was selected and have been absolutely delighted to work with this new company. They have been more than I could have prayed for! God is so awesome! I want to thank Jill for her site that helped me hook up with a godly employer!”

May the Lord bless you and keep you,
Julianne B., SonSeekers


“Our company in Australia needed help to find an American distributor for our products. We tried many avenues to no avail.
As Christian business people, we wanted to offer the position to another Christian whom we could trust. One day we stumbled upon the CWAHM website; we ran an ad for the position and received an overwhelming response. From the many enquiries we received one Mom who contacted us fit the position perfectly! She is now an official international representative of our product. Thank you Jill and CWAHM!”

Kind Regards and Blessings,
Jon Harry – Sonseekers, Australia


“Hi, My name is Rhonda W. and I am the Founder of the Inspiring WAHMS Team. I have known Jill for a few years now. We
actually met online when I signed up for her Newsletter. She has really became a great friend over these years. I believe that we should all work together to make each and everyone one of us more successful by networking with other work at home moms and use their resources. I thought by advertising a solo ad with the site, I would be helping
a fellow work at home mom and friend out (As most of you all may have seen my solo ad that went out this morning). Little did I know that this would have been the best $$ that I had spent on advertising since I started my business! Since my ad went out this morning I have gotten almost 20 leads from it! I could not believe it! They where coming in
left and right! I thought it was so awesome because, now I have some genuine woman that are truly looking for a work at home opportunity and have saved money while doing it by advertising with the solo ad! It was so amazing! I have told everyone on my support team about it! If you are searching for a good affordable way to get your site out
there this is it!!!”

Thank you for all you do!

To your success,
Rhonda W.
Inspiring WAHMS Team Founder


“Hi, My name is Michelle and I am from Central Florida I have been trying for 12 years (since my daughter was born) to find something that I can do to earn money from home. Through the years all I had ever heard about was Medical transcriptionist or Medical Billing (which neither really was interesting to me) Now that my daughter is 12 she was going to Girl Scouts and one of the mom’s asked me if I wanted to go to a Pleasure Party. Well, I had NO idea what that was so I went. When the lady told us that we could do this part time and make Full time pay I was very intrigued. Even though I knew it went against my religion I knew we needed the money. My husband makes good money. Our bills just eat up his whole paycheck. So I knew I had to do something. After a year, I knew it was time to get out and I was turned onto CWAHM website. I put my info on the lead list and got calls and emails about all the different type of business out there. I knew I wanted something to do with romance Because I LOVED that part of that company I was just feeling wrong about
some of the products. Well, when my director from LA called me and showed me what Petra Fashions had to offer I was SO EXCITED this was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Don’t get me wrong there are LOTS Of WONDERFUL companies out there depending on what you are looking for but this was Perfect for me. I love the aspect of feeling pretty, making
GREAT MONEY, Being home with my kids, And being able to help people with their marriages.. And when I found out you could win a FREE ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP FOR 2 TO HAWAII – well that just broke the mold.. (smile) So now I am part of the Petra Fashions Family. ”

May God Bless you in Everything you do,
Petra fashions




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