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Dana Susan Beasley, Branding for Success bloggerNetwork Marketers and Direct Sellers--Branding Can Take Your Business to the Next Level and Beyond!Network marketing, multi-level marketing, and direct selling are very popular these days. It’s an attractive option because you don’t have to build a business from the ground up. Many systems are already in place for you, especially product development.

But are you missing out? If you are a network marketer or direct seller, let me share with you how branding can propel your business to new heights!

For example, perhaps you are a distributor for a nutrition company that sells weight-loss shakes. Sure, the company already has a brand, logo, and marketing materials.

But what if you had your own personal brand? For instance, you brand yourself as a holistic health consultant and the weight-loss shakes is just part of your business. You brand yourself as an expert in the field. That way you can expand your business to include selling information products, books, home study courses, and personal consultations.

You can build a customer base on this foundation, giving you power as you grow and change. Or flexibility if the unexpected happens. Companies do go bankrupt, leaving the distributors in a lurch. Or your interests might change. By branding yourself as the expert, you have more freedom to switch direct selling companies if that is what you desire. Because you should already have a loyal fan base that wants to continue doing business with you.

There’s an old saying, that people do business with people they know, like, and trust. By building a relationship with your own customized brand, not just the company you represent, you are positioning yourself for growth into the future.

This strategy is also smart because it brings you multiple streams of income. Now the danger is getting distracted and flitting from one opportunity to the next. Finding out what you are passionate about and what God has called you to is the bedrock that will keep your business endeavors focused and viable.

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Dana Susan Beasley, Branding for Success bloggerMindset-Your Number One Barrier to Successful BrandingWhat keeps you from getting the word out about your business and connecting with your prospects? What prevents them from seeing your value?

Often, the number one reason is because of your mindset.

If you don’t take your business seriously, why would your prospects take your business seriously? A well constructed logo goes a long way to building trust and credibility so that your potential clients feel comfortable hiring you out or purchasing from you.

Your attitude about and belief in yourself also play a big part in achieving brand recognition status. If you don’t believe in yourself or your product/service, why would anyone else? If you don’t think you’re worth it to invest in, why would a prospect?

I have learned all this from the school of hard knocks. I suffered a great barrier in communicating my value to prospects. Sure, I had all the graphics and marketing down pat. But what I didn’t have was a belief in myself. What it took was a mindset shift. I realized that if God created me and He gave me all these gifts and ideas, then it would be dishonoring to Him not to believe in me. After all, He believed in me!

Also, I had to be willing to invest in myself. I bit the bullet and purchased a very good training course on sales. It revolutionized my thinking! Today, I am communicating my value and garnering clients because I finally believed in myself and in the value of what I have to offer. I started showing up to serve wherever I could (mostly Facebook), and I listened. Because of that, I have gathered a like-minded Facebook group of entrepreneurs that totals around 200 people and it is still growing.


From that group, I have gotten clients, joint venture projects, and ample market research feedback.

All because of my mindset change.

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How Publishing a Book Can Propel You to Expert Status

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Dana Susan Beasley, Branding for Success bloggerdana-pubThe goal of branding for success is to bring your company “top of mind” to your customer. This is called brand positioning.

But how can you do that?

One very effective way is through book publishing. And with the Internet, it has never been easier!

Your aim needs to be that of becoming a trusted advisor. For instance, if you are a representative for a weight loss company, you can brand yourself as a wellness coach and publish a book on weight loss tips that your audience would find beneficial.

Maybe you are a service professional. Take your expertise and create a book that will educate your target market about your particular specialty.

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What Your Communication Systems Say About Your Brand

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danaWhat Your Communication Systems Say About Your BrandA brand is communicated from the moment your prospect contacts you, whether that is through a web page, email, a sign, or a phone greeting.

The communication systems (or lack of systems) says a lot about you and your brand.

What does it say?

Let’s just consider this one case in point, something my local women’s networking leader is always pointing out and has seen personally over and over again: If you give your card to a prospect and then they call and get a greeting that does not clearly identify who you are and what business you represent, that is going to confuse them. It will scare them away and you will lose business.

Having a dedicated office phone is an important step toward branding yourself in a positive light. Don’t mix your home phone and business phone! If you use your cell phone, answer it in a professional, courteous manner. Don’t let your children answer your phone if it is a business call. This is why having separate lines in a home business is so crucial.

Otherwise, like I said, your prospect will be scared away because you will have lost trust in their eyes. It’s the same with signage. If it is not consistent with your brand and does not clearly identify who you are and what you do, you will lose customers. I think of a date that my husband and I went on several years ago. I had heard about a place to listen to live jazz music. There was no signage whatsoever. It was a very uncomfortable feeling, so much so that I didn’t want to get out of the car. We went to somewhere familiar that night.

Because that is what your brand needs to do from the first moment your prospect becomes aware of you. It needs to help build comfort and familiarity in your customer.

When you hand out a business card, for instance, your prospect needs to find a consistent image on your website. This is going to build credibility and he will know that he’s found the right site. Read More→

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Dana Susan Beasley, Branding for Success bloggerBrand Image VisionBefore you endeavor to create a brand image/logo, or have one designed for you, get a vision for it.

How do you do that? It can be as simple as sketching it out on a blank piece of paper.

Think through what components you want in your brand. What kind of image, if any? A photograph, illustration? What shape is the logo going to be in? Are you going to be using any additional shapes? What will the lettering look like? Will you have your photograph, name, and/or slogan included in the brand image itself?

Once you have figured out what components will be in your brand, make a very rough sketch. This can be just pencil on typing paper. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can make several thumbnail sketches on one sheet of paper. That will help you compare and find the sketch you like best.

You can also create a very rough draft on design software like Photoshop. Just remember that this is not the final. All you are doing is planning so you know what direction your artwork is going to take. You are creating a strategy.

What if you plan on hiring out the design of your logo? Then this is an even more important step! The more you communicate with your graphic designer, the more money you will save and the better the final product will be.

The goal of this sketch is to create a vision for your brand. You want an image that accurately reflects your brand and one that immediately communicates what you do and what you offer. Read More→


Writing a Stellar Slogan that Creates a Buzz for Your Business

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Dana Susan Beasley, Branding for Success bloggerA Good SloganCreating a buzz. Wouldn’t you like that for your business? Wouldn’t it be great if people were talking about you with excitement? After all, word of mouth advertising is the best kind of marketing you can get!

Creating a slogan is one of the best ways to do so!

Think about slogans we’re all familiar with:

“Just Do It!”

 “Got Milk?”

 “Have It Your Way.”

These slogans are part of our culture! It’s part of our everyday language. Advertisers use them again and again. The “Got Milk?” one especially. I don’t know how many times I have seen it altered to match another product. I’ve done it myself!

A good slogan is catchy and memorable. It’s like a poem—condensed and to the point. It further aids in defining your business.

I think of the slogan that my husband and I created for his architectural business. It helped communicate exactly what his business is about and what makes him different. People get it right away when they see his logo. There is never any question about what he does!

Slogans can also be created using keyword research. This will help you with SEO! It can be based on your elevator pitch, mission statement, or Unique Selling Proposition.

You can, like my husband, include it in your logo. It is a great inspiration for creating headlines for advertisements. Read More→

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