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Push Past the Fear and Do It Anyway!

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Thefear statistics for business failure, quite frankly, is grim. I think you know what I’m talking about. So what is one of the main reasons most businesses fail?

A lack of confidence. This lack of confidence can manifest itself in paralyzing fears. These fears can stop you from truly achieving your dreams and goals. They can be detrimental to you and your home business.

What do I know about these fears? Well, quite a lot, actually, because there are many times that I have been negatively affected by fears.

For me, that fear is a fear of rejection. I’m afraid that no one will notice me, that what I have to offer doesn’t matter, that I don’t matter. I recognized that these fears stemmed from childhood, that my whole life I had been marginalizing myself. That I was putting myself down, which resulted in a lack of opportunity and lack of growth in my business.

Fear of business failure was also a huge burden to me. What if I don’t make enough sales after doing all this work and then I have to close down the business? What if it never gets better? What if, what if? That would run through my mind over and over again.

Early on in my business, I lost many opportunities due to this fear. Some amazing possibility would open up, and I would sabotage it because I was afraid. My fear ranged from fear of speaking in public to an all out fear of success. Yes, you can be afraid of success! I was because I thought I was not worthy of it!

What I realized after much failure and disappointment is yes, I am NOT worthy. I am nobody and nothing without Jesus. He gave me this business. He is my boss. He will make it a success, DESPITE me! I don’t need to be a success for him to accept me.

This change of thinking got me to a point where I could take risks and step out of my comfort zone. Read More→

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7 Essentials Your Logo Must Have to Stand Out Above the Crowd

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DanaInchecklist my line of work as a graphic designer, I often see ads promising the moon when it comes to creating logos and of course for very, very cheap. One that especially stands out that I saw recently promised “your logo designed in one hour live!”

But what these companies do not tell you is that a logo is more than the graphic. There is a science behind creating that graphic. It’s called branding. And there are graphic design standards that set an amateur logo apart from a professional one.

After all, if you don’t take your work at home business seriously and you put a cheap logo up, how are your customers going to perceive you? How do you know your logo even hits the mark? How do you know that it’s communicating a marketing message that describes your Unique Selling Proposition?

Here is a checklist to help guide you in this process. Because when you create (or have created for you) a logo that reflects your brand personality, you will stand out above the crowd.

1. Does your image reflect accurately the essence of who you are?

2. Did you use professional graphic design standards in your logo?

3. Does it communicate the message you intended immediately?

4. Is your logo the correct resolution for the particular medium you are using?

5. Is it appealing to your target audience? Read More→

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Closing Sales­­ – How It’s Really About Listening, NOT Pushing

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DanaSales. listenIt’s something we’ve got to do as business owners in order to thrive. But there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

Increasingly, consumers are wary of outright sales messages. The same tactics used in days gone by may not work in these times.

I think of telemarketing. Awhile ago, I received a phone call from a company in California.  This woman proceeded to give me her usual sales pitch, which included lots of flattery. Then, of course, she asked me to sign up for her service right away, after 20 minutes of talking to her. When I balked, she started berating me.

How stupid did she truly think I was? Of course, when she was talking nonstop, I was Googling the business, and what I found was not flattering to her. In fact, several past customers regretted their purchases and felt it was a scam.

So after her not taking no for an answer and my continual refusals, she rudely hung up on me. Twenty minutes of my time wasted!

Here is another scenario I experienced: long ago my husband and I had an insurance agent come give his presentation to us. So he goes through his spiel and explained everything to us. When we said we wanted to think about it (we have a policy that we do not make decisions on the spot but think through it and talk about it beforehand), he gathered up his stuff and walked out the door, never saying a word. My husband and I were shocked!

Now, a third scenario also comes to mind. I once had an online connection ask if she could share something with me that she was involved in. You know, I want to be helpful. But she never once checked to see if I had a burning interest in her product. She just assumed that of course I would have to love it. I didn’t, and I had to turn her down gently. So if these sales gimmicks or approaches don’t work, what does?

I would suggest LISTENING to your prospects and customers! This is a huge lesson I am learning. You see, I am not a sales person. There is nothing slick about me. I am down to earth and really, I don’t want to pester people. But obviously if I don’t make sales, my business will fail. What was I going to do?

I learned a different approach to selling. I learned how to connect with people and understand their needs, to ask what they are looking for. I learned how to handle objections, like not enough money and time.

Read More→

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5 Ways to Promote Yourself When You Have No Advertising Budget

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DanaSo let’s face it. Owning a work at home business sometimes means we have no extra money for advertising. But this could mean the death of our endeavors! How can we overcome this challenge?

Let me share five ways you can promote your business with no budget. These are methods I have used or will use in the future.

Bear in mind, these methods take a little more sweat equity and they take more time. But when cash is hard to come by, especially in the beginning of building your business, it will be worth it!

1) Guest blogging

Sharing your expertise online will increase your traffic, your leads, and eventually your sales. Many established blogs need guest writers. Fresh content is very important to marketing for websites. So you may just have a different perspective a website owner is looking for!

After all, this is what I am doing on the CWAHM site. I am honored to be a part of the writing team! It increases my credibility and leads and sales, yes. It all goes together. I also am a guest writer for a micro blog. Each week, I write a marketing tip for a Facebook marketing group I belong to.

Soon I will be coordinating a blog for my homeschooling group. This will give me additional leads as homeschooling families are my primary target market. By writing a blog strictly on homeschooling, I will be increasing my credibility and website traffic.

2) Creating a Facebook community

One of the most effective marketing strategies I have ever used is creating a Facebook group. Most of my clients have come from this tactic. It’s all about creating a safe environment to share common experiences. It started because I was dialoguing on a Facebook page and saw the need. Now every time I see certain questions in pages or groups, I offer this Facebook group as a place for people to learn and help with their particular challenges. It has grown tremendously over the last year. Today I added 12 new people just by offering people this simple solution in another Facebook group I belong to! The Facebook group I facilitate gives me a tremendous free platform to get the word out about my products and services.

And what’s phenomenal is my clients share testimonials in the group, often unprompted.

It all brims from an attitude that I am there to serve and to help others grow.

3) Partnerships

Partnerships are an extremely powerful way to create awareness about your brand. If you can find a business that compliments­­not competes­­what you have to offer, than you will reach more people and find creative ways to advertise. For example, I am in the process of negotiating creating a small course for a homeschooling site in exchange for advertising. This means I will reach more people in my target market and gain credibility. It is an amazing opportunity for me. How did I get this? By listening and engaging on Facebook. I have developed key relationships over the years, so when an opportunity is expressed that fits with my goals, I seize upon it!

Read More→

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Moses and Jethro—A Lesson in Branding

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Moses. A busy general of a brand-new nation numbering a million people. You think he was slightly busy? Oh yeah! He was the one man at that time that had a face-to-face relationship with God. Important, definitely.

But in Exodus 18, we learn some key lessons that I believe can be applied to our businesses and branding.

Here’s the background. Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, comes to visit from Midian. Jethro observes Moses engaged in judging disputes all day long and realizes that what Moses was doing was not wise. Jethro suggests another way, Moses listens, and the advice is effective. Jethro goes back to Midian.

Here are the various lessons learned from this passage:

1) Be humble enough to listen to advice from an unlikely or unexpected source. Do you have the humility to realize you need help and counsel or do you think you can “go it on your own?” Moses respected his father-in-law and immediately saw the wisdom that was presented to him.

Remember that “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” We always have something to learn, whether we are 15 or 85! Learning is a lifelong process and never ends! And there is wisdom and safety in many counselors.

2) Doing things all on your own is going to cause burnout. This is what was happening to Moses. Jethro anticipated what was going to happen if Moses didn’t change his approach.

I was caught up in this myself for years. I thought that I could do everything. We stay at home moms seem especially prone to this. We think we have to do and be it all. I’m telling you, it is not possible! We are not islands unto ourselves! God created us for relationship and we need each other!

3) Delegate! Moses had to let go of some of his work and authorize others to do what was simple. Read More→

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Why a Brand Audit is Necessary and How to Do One

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3 business womenVisual and brand audits. It’s one of those fancy words graphic designers use. Why do you need one and how do you do it?

A brand audit is a careful analysis of every marketing material you have, from signage to business cards to your Website.

I like to call it an Identity Hunt. That’s what I call it in my branding courses and curriculum. This is a quest and you are trying to find what’s missing, what’s confusing, and what’s inconsistent so you can refine and define your identity.

Why is this important? Because the key to successful branding is perception meeting reality. Because perception IS reality. If there is a disconnect between what you think you are offering and what you’re prospect thinks you’re offering, than you are most likely losing clients. And that costs you money.

So here is how to conduct a visual audit:

Imagine you are a prospect that never heard of your company. What do they see when they go to your Website? If you have an office or a brick and mortar store, is your signage recognizable to them? When you give them a business card, is it consistent with your signage, Website, brochures, etc.

And here’s an often overlooked point-of-contact—when your customer calls your phone, what voice mail greets them? Have you clearly identified your name and business?

You want to notice inconsistencies. Are you confusing your audience? Are you telling them one thing but providing another?

You might use Facebook to get some objective opinions. Ask in a Facebook group what a certain logo or marketing piece is communicating.

Is it the same as what you intend on communicating? Read More→

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Taking Care of Yourself is Branding, Too!

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As business owners and work at home moms and dads, it’s so easy to put ourselves last. We often hear this guilt trip: God first, others second, me third.

I’m here to tell you that’s absolutely wrong.

Shocked? That’s because JESUS should be the center of everything in your life, including your brand! He has called you to be a work at home parent, right? Then you’ve got to be healthy!

That means being proactive. And I’m talking to myself also as I write this. In fact, I chose this topic because I need to do better!

As I write this, I know that I’ve slacked off on my exercise goal and also I have not been taking the right supplements for my allergies. The wind tonight is ghastly and it’s wreaking havoc on my sinuses! If I had been using saline spray I would not have as much of an issue.

Yes, sickness sometimes is unavoidable, but if we take care of ourselves as much as we can we will be in shape to obey God in our businesses.

Here’s a few ideas that I do to keep me on track. Of course, I am not a doctor and never will be a doctor. Follow this advice at your own risk, talk to your doctor, yada yada yada…

1) Elderberry syrup. I try to take a teaspoon daily. Back in 2010 when the Swine Flu was prevalent, my son and I always had our Elderberry Syrup. We were in a homeschooling enrichment program at the time, and everyone got sick. Except us.

2) Find a right balance of supplements. Some important ones that come to mind: Vitamin D3, Magnesium, and Omega 3 as well as a good cocktail of Vitamin B. Be wary of synthetic vitamins. They tend to go right through you without doing any good. I try to stick to whole food vitamins like those found in Garden of Life. We like to drink their Raw Protein Powder as it has tons of vitamins, and probiotics and prebiotics, which are key to good digestive health.

3) Feed your mind with good things. You know, it’s easy to pollute our minds with junk. TV is full of this kind of poison, and so is Facebook. Paul instructs us to think about whatever is lovely, pure, admirable…

Instead of listening to that radio show (and believe me, I love radio shows, especially those that are political in nature), listen to music. When was the last time you let yourself enjoy a song? There’s many of them on iTunes. Very uplifting songs. Make it a habit of listening to at least an album a week as you practice the presence of God.

4) Regular exercise. Full disclosure, this is a tough one for me. I don’t like going to the gym. I have feet problems so walking is difficult. Yet there is no excuse. I can exercise sitting down if I really wanted to! Why can’t I take 20 minutes to get a workout in when I can waste a half hour on Facebook as easy as pie?

Some suggestions: Faithful Workouts and PraiseMoves. I love exercising knowing that my spirit, mind, and body are fully engaged and I’m doing the exercise as an act of worship to God. Read More→

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Why Branding is a Better Sales Vehicle

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Keyboard & TelephoneWe’ve all had a slimy sales experience. I’ll tell you my latest one that makes me laugh. Maybe you’ll get a kick out if it, too. Maybe this has happened to you…

So a couple of weeks ago I got a call from a representative from a financial services company. Fairly well-known one. He had been referred to me and wanted to know if I would come for an “exploratory interview” for some kind of position at the company. He said it had something to do with management. He was purposely vague and wouldn’t tell me much about it.

Being curious, I scheduled the appointment. Then I started to do some research.

Turns out this company recruits 20 applicants and interviews them at the same time, then draws them off one by one where they are presented this opportunity to invest hundreds in their business.

Yeah, that sounds like a totally legit job opportunity! Well, maybe not…

So I canceled the interview and had a good chuckle about it.

But this tactic in one shape or another is often used by sales people. And it’s slimy. Like clickbait. It leaves a horrible taste in your mouth.

If I ever need a financial services company in the future, I will NOT be using them, that’s for sure!

So it also demonstrates that BRANDING is a much superior way to get clients. That’s because you are ATTRACTING clients to you rather than trying to FORCE them to do business with you.

Here’s a little example: this year my nephew and I started a homeschool club. I began promoting it last May. Our number one goal was to meet a need in the community that no one is meeting and we built a brand around that. It is now a steady income stream for my business and it provides my nephew a salary.

We show up to serve the people who want our services, and we have been growing steadily. We have raving fans and they come to us. We don’t have to chase anybody down or employ slime ball tactics because we offer something of value. We are ourselves. Our branding reflects that. We are building a COMMUNITY. Our customers have become our friends and these customers have become friends with each other. Read More→

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No Heavy Lifting

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dana Susan Beasley, the creator of an online training program called Brand Identity Quest, helps Christian families create sizzling brands so they can build dazzling futures. A graphic artist, writer, and homeschooling mom to a special needs son, she is the owner of AngelArts, an arts agency and publishing house. It’s purpose is to inspire audiences to reach for new heights in their lives and beyond through excellently-designed publications and products using original art and literature. To take her free mini-course, 5 Steps to a Wildly Successful Home Business, click here to start now.

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The Solution to the Problem of Not Getting Noticed

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DanaGetting iStock_000002807197XSmallnoticed above the crowd for the home business owner can be very frustrating and cost much in profits, time, and money. And very often, home business owners run on thin margins and even non­existent marketing budgets. How can you get the word out about

what you do when there is so much competition out there and very little money?

Well, here are some ideas to help you with two common problems when it comes to getting noticed:

1) Very little customer engagement.

You may be heavily involved in social media yet you get little response. What might take you over that hump is customer testimonials. Have none available? Then you might want to consider giving some copies away in exchange for reviews. Bloggers are always looking for content and they love to get free stuff! If you offer an affiliate link in exchange for promoting your work, then you will have the benefit of somebody else who believes in your product or service and who is motivated to help you.

When a customer is satisfied with your product or service, be sure to ask for a testimonial. Make sure that that testimonial is results oriented. Want a really powerful testimony? Ask your satisfied customers to make a video! And be sure to offer a link to a website so they see the benefit in taking the time for you.

2) Nobody knows you exist.

Without a marketing budget, you don’t have the means for advertising. Therefore no one knows you exist out there. How can you overcome that? Read More→

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