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Some people never find that one career which will take them all the way through life, while others land the perfect job fresh out of school and stay there 40+ years until they retire. If you have been searching for a career that will interest you enough to keep you on the job without losing interest after the first few months, here are 3 keys to a long and successful career. This is serious food for thought.

A Career You Are Passionate About

The first step in finding a career that will take you through life is to find something you are passionate about. Some people explore careers in music because that is where their talents and passion lie. Other people find that they need to work at something that is more physical in nature and why some men go into building while others make a career of engineering or designing. Find something you love and then research how to qualify for a job within that field.

A Career That Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

One of the biggest detriments to longevity is how you feel about yourself after a long day at work. Some jobs just don’t give you that sense of satisfaction like you’ve actually accomplished something. For example, a career as an occupational therapist most often leaves you feeling good about yourself because you are helping others through the rehabilitation process if they’ve been injured to a degree that keeps them from living a normal lifestyle. Read More→

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Managing Remote-Working Employees

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The world is well and truly in the midst of a freelance revolution. As the internet has grown, people have found new ways to sell their skills and work from the comfort of their own home, and this trend is taking off. Of course, being part of this shift, you already know the pleasure of a role like this. Your business is running smoothly, you have loads of customers coming to you, and you might need to start looking towards growing. At this point, it’s time for you to start taking true advantage of working from home, and this post is going to show you how.

Hiring people willing to work remotely comes with a host of benefits. It’s important to consider these against your business, while also comparing what you might get from having a brick and mortar company to the workers find online. Below, you can find some of the positive sides of keeping your business home-based as it grows.


  • Money: The very first benefit to consider is the money you can save from this, as it’s the one which will draw most people in. When you don’t have an office or shop, you never have to pay utility bills, rent, or the other expenses related to a building. Along with this, you won’t need to have dedicated employees simply to look after the people working for you, as they will be working on a freelance basis. You may even save some money on payroll by taking invoices instead of giving salaries.


  • Time: Running an office will take a huge amount of time and effort, even if you have some professionals to help you with it. This is all energy which could be going into your work if you had people using their own spaces. Along with this, the employment process for someone like this is usually a lot faster, taking away the need for a recruitment agent to help you with it.


  • Expansion: One of the biggest challenges for a business looking for skilled employees is finding people good enough to do your work. In fields like science, technology, and medicine, having the right people on your team can make a real difference, but it’s unlikely that you’ll have access to the cream of the crop in your home location. By using online workers, you enable your business to work with people anywhere in the world, vastly widening your scope to find the best people.

Of course, even with all of the benefits and time saving you’ll get from this, you’ll still have to do some work to get it off the ground. There are several different stages when it comes to this sort of job. Below, you can find some examples of these stages, along with some of the work you’ll have to do at each one. Read More→

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Bible Verses For Small Business Owners

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Money makes the world spin, and it’s hard to argue with that logic in 2018. However, faith still plays a massive role in the lives of entrepreneurs around the world. And, the great thing is that a small business owner doesn’t have to mix and match when it comes to God and success. As with all things in life, the Creator is a guiding hand who will lead you from the dark and into the light. Businessmen and women may feel like there is a conflict of interests, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Remember that He is everywhere and plays a part in all things that are good in the world. If you are a Doubting Thomas, below is a selection of bible verses which should ease your conscious.


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your path.”

Focusing on the business as a whole is easy. After all, if it doesn’t grow, then it isn’t much of a success. However, expanding into a successful establishment is more than numbers and facts and figures. There is a personal element because the men or women in charge have to develop too if the business is going to make a mark. When your hands are on the wheel, you are the one who is driving. With that in mind, use God to learn something new each and every day that will come in handy in the future. Lots of entrepreneurs enroll in JCU online courses to boost their resumes and gain vital postgraduate tricks of the trade. Others simply look, listen and learn from the people in the industry they trust and respect.


“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

Although you are the boss, the true boss is the big man upstairs. Through His will, He will lead the company through both the rough and the smooth times. And, there is no better captain to have in charge. Of course, His help requires prayer to make it happen as you have to succumb to God fully. So, praying for the company on a daily basis is an industry standard for you just like a monthly meeting is for other organizations. People might say it’s wrong to pray for materialistic things, yet it’s never wrong to ask God for guidance.


“Faith without works is dead.”

Still, prayer alone won’t transform a home-based business into a market leader. He might love us deeply, but He is a parent, and like all good ones He lets us make decisions and mistakes. Therefore, you can’t rely on the hand of God to do the heavy lifting – you have to take responsibility. As a rule, that means coming up with a viable plan which covers the burning questions. Also, it represents working smarter rather than working harder. Spending hours on a laptop is pointless if the time is unproductive. Sometimes, sending emails for half a day can result in solid leads.


“As I think in my heart, so am I.”

Everyone has thoughts and feelings, and they can come back to bite you on the backside. Business owners that operate from home are especially vulnerable to attack as there is a lot of time for introspection. “Am I doing the right thing?” “Should I try a different route?” These are questions which plague entrepreneurs yet God is on hand to help. Just understand that whatever mistakes you make are a learning curve when He is by your side. Once you realize you have faith, it’s much easier to stay positive and have the courage of your convictions.

Read More→

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Jumpstart Your Home-Based Business This New Year

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jillThe jumpbeginning of a new year can be a great time for your home-based business. There are many ways that you can use this time of year to begin new growth and continue the rush from the holiday season.

For many people, this is the time of year that they reflect upon their lives. New Year’s resolutions are made and goals for the New Year are set. Many women in our society are unhappy in the corporate world and seeking to make a change and enter the home-based working world. What better time of year to be presenting your home-based business opportunity as often as possible?

There are many ways to go about the task of increasing your business and recruiting. Take time before the New Year begins to make a list of strategies that you can implement to get your name out there. Also, think about what small changes you can make to increase customer loyalty, repeat business and other business aspects like these.

If your goal is to increase recruitment for business partners, consider finding a Leads program in which to take part. Many times these programs can provide you with interested home-based business seekers with which to share your business opportunities. Look for a program that is suited to your particular business or beliefs. There are many different types of Leads programs available on the internet – take the time to find the one that suits you, your business and your budget best.

A great recruiting tool is to sponsor contests. You can do this both online and in your local area. This can create a “buzz” about your business and provide you with names of people who might be interested in your business opportunity. One “out of the box” way that I have heard of the contest sponsorship idea being done is to put contest entry boxes in local women’s fitness clubs or places that would fit your particular business. Use “Customer Care Cards” as the entry forms so that you can collect the name, address, phone number and email address of the person entering your contest. Follow up with a phone call to each and every entry. Some may be interested in hosting a party for you or in hearing about your business opportunity.

Maybe your goal this New Year isn’t recruitment, but sales growth. Make a list of creative ways that you can encourage customers to consider your products. You can jumpstart this year’s sales by offering “After Christmas” specials, after-purchase freebies, contests and more.

One way that many home-based business owners online neglect to take advantage of is the signature line in emails and when posting in forums. This can be a great tool to advertise your business, specials and contests. I receive many emails from business owners who do not include a signature line with their business name, and sometimes they fail to even put their name at the end of the email! This is not only unprofessional, but makes it much more difficult to find out more about their business. Every email sent this way is a potential sale lost.

Read More→

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Organizing Your New Year

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jill-new14new year new startThe New Year is here!

I look forward this new beginning each year with a great deal of anticipation. It’s time to shake off the things of last year and look to the days of head and all of the opportunites they hold.

To help you start your year off right, here are a few thoughts for organizing your business and household for the upcoming year.


1. Files – Now is a great time to go through your files and make sure all is in order – labeled and put in a place where they are easily accessible. Take the time to throw out anything that can go and put old tax and business files into storage.

2. Desk –  A clean desk is a great way to kick off the new year. Find a place for everything and put everything in it’s place. It will help motivate you to sit down and get to work – no distractions.

3. Calendar –  Buy yourself a new calendar and/or planner and start filling that baby up. Make sure to mark in the days when there is no school (or early out days), and other items that you’ll need to keep you organized in both business and family tasks.


1. Drawers and Closets – With the cold weather keeping you indoors, this is a great time to clean out those drawers and closets that need your attention. It’s also a great time to donate your gently used items.

2. Books – Just like clothing and other household goods, books can be donated to your local homeless shelter. Our local shelter has a library available to all of it’s residents. So, take time this new year to go through your books and donate those that you can part with.

3. Storage Spots –  Now that it’s time to put the Christmas decorations away, you might as well tidy up those storage areas as well. I’ve found that adding shelving to our small storage room makes it much easier to keep things organized and accessible. Also, nowadays you can buy colored totes to make separating out holiday decorations – or other items – easy.


1. Hello/Goodbye Workbook (by Jo Saxton and Stephanie O’Brien – “The ‘Hello Goodbye’ process is a tool in response to New Year’s resolutions – it is not about fixing yourself, but intentionally, prayerfully turning away from certain things, whether good or bad, and turning towards other things.  Those things might be fun (like working out!) or they may be uncomfortable like embracing grief or forgiveness, but the focus is finding ways to be healthier emotionally, spiritually and physically.”

2. Joanna Weaver’s 2018 Utmost for His Highest Bible Reading Plan  –  Joanna Weaver is the author of several books, most notably Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. Joanna explains a little about her 2018 reading challenge: “Each day, after reading an assigned chapter from the Bible, you’ll be encouraged to also consider that day’s entry from Oswald Chambers’ devotional classic, My Utmost for His Highest .” Joanna will be sharing updates every weekday on her blog (and I’ll be contributing in April!). You can download the free workbook when you sign up (also free) on her website:


I hope you’re as excited about this new year as I am! I’d love to hear your tips for getting organized – post them in the comments below!

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Top 3 Ways to Strengthen Your Business’s Online Presence

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social media iconsDigital marketing will be an even bigger part of businesses in 2018. Sure, you still need conventional marketing and promotional campaigns to reach local customers, but must never forget to invest in developing your online presence either.

More than 80% of today’s customers find the products and services they need online; not having a strong online presence would mean missing out on thousands of new opportunities. It is time to invest more in online marketing. There are a lot you can do to strengthen your business’s online presence and we are going to discuss the top three ways to help you get started.

Tell Stories

According to the New Jersey Institute of Technology and its MBA in online masters in business administration department, storytelling is the most powerful tool you have online. Your digital marketing instruments, from your social media posts to the articles and video content you share, need to tell compelling stories to keep the audience engaged.

More importantly, there are a lot of interesting stories about your business that the audience will love. The process of developing a product idea and turning it into an actual product that customers can buy, for example, is always fascinating to follow.

The way you tell those stories matters. Take a more personal point of view, speak to the audience as a business owner – instead of as a company or in a more formal way – and see for yourself how much higher the user engagement is when you share compelling stories the right way. it will not be long before you have a strong audience base that truly supports you and your business.

Beyond Social Media

Social media is the perfect platform for connecting with potential customers – and existing ones – directly. You can share information about new products and promotional offers in an effective way. Advertising through social media platforms is also considered more effective; have you used Facebook Ads or AdWords on YouTube lately?

That said, you need to start fine-tuning your social media efforts to cover more than just sharing things. After all, it is called social media because it’s a platform for getting social. Connect with industry experts, influencers that are relevant to your business, and fellow business owners (who are not your direct competitors, of course).

Connecting with these stakeholders allows you to expand your reach like never before. You can run joint campaigns or support the activities of influencers to get more people engaged with your social media profiles. Read More→

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Living as a Light

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“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Matthew 5:14-16 NIV candlelight

How are you a light to those you work with? Do friends, colleagues and clients know that you’re a Christian? Can they tell simply by the way you live your life; the way you treat them?

I love this quote from the book (Work Matters) from sociologist James Hunter regarding the fact that Christ is faithfully present to us. “Faithful presence in the world means that Christians are fully present and committed in their spheres of influence, whatever they may be: their families, neighborhoods, voluntary activities and places of work.”

The question we must ask ourselves then is, “Am I fully present?” Am I engaged in my community, my church, my life? Or am I simply letting life pass me by as I muddle through each day with an attitude of defeat?

As my wonderful assistant, Pebbles Jacobo would say, “Be where you are.”

Such a simple statement, but when we live it out it has a massive impact.

Be fully present when you’re with your kids. Be fully present when you’re working. I know that switching between the two is incredibly difficult when you work from home, but it is a skill that can be learned. Or maybe a better way to phrase that would be it is an attitude that can be chosen.

When my kids were small I struggled to shut off work mode to listen to their excessive enthusiasm over things like Elmo. There were many days (and still are) when I had to force myself to close my laptop, look my kids in the eye and listen. Truly listen.

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How to start an Accounting Business From Home

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Accounting is one of the few good paying jobs that people have been able to do from home for years, whether part-time or full-time. The challenge for many is finding out how to do this. Here are the steps to follow to start an accounting business from home.

Choose a Market

Some people do some bookkeeping for small businesses that cannot afford a full-time accountant. Others choose to work as tax preparers, knowing that they’ll work full time from home from January through April and then get the rest of the year off.

Payroll services are an ongoing issue for businesses of all sizes, and you could earn a decent living handling tax forms for neighbors who want to stay on the right side of the law as they employ nannies, gardeners, and other help.

Financial planning is another niche, though you’ll need to be careful of the legal considerations regarding the advice you are allowed to give. For example, if you’re trained as a debt counselor, you could advise people on how to curb their lifestyle and set a budget, but may not be allowed to negotiate debt down on their behalf and you could run into problems if you tell them how to handle debt collections.

Learn What You Need to Know

It cannot be understated the importance of knowing what you need to know to run an accounting business. For example, you need to understand generally accepted accounting practices. You need to understand the classification of expenses and how to clean up their books, if necessary. You have to know how to use the software that your clients use to maintain their books. You must have the right degree of tax knowledge if you’re going to handle employee tax deductions, calculate sales taxes, or do tax returns. In the last case, you should consider IRS approved training instead of assuming you can learn what you need to know from potentially outdated books or incorrect online references.

Note that if you can earn a credential recognized by your clients as demonstrating this expertise, you’ll be preferred by customers over those who lack the credential.

Get Your Legal Papers in Order

You may need a business license to run an accounting business out of your home; this depends on your jurisdiction. You should consider business liability insurance or malpractice insurance, especially if clients could sue you for the literal cost of your mistakes. Consult with an attorney to draft client retainer agreements. Talk to the same legal expert about limits on the advice you’re allowed to provide and the services you’re not allowed to give unless you’re a licensed CPA. Get the right wording for legal disclaimers to put on your website and any advisory handouts you may provide. For example, it is illegal to list yourself as a Certified Public Accountant if you haven’t passed the exam and earned the credential.


If you want your home accounting firm to be successful, make sure that you follow the tips above. Make sure you choose your niche, get the training necessary, and earn credentials as necessary to work in the field. Then you can start marketing to your potential clients.


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How to Start a Business After Leaving the Military

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Whether you are retired after a long career in the military or serving your first tour of duty, it’s time to move on to civilian life and all that entails. You have a great skill set that made you invaluable in service to our country and now you’d like to put those skills to work in a business of your own.

Putting Your Skills to Work as a Civilian

It doesn’t really matter what you did in the service; there are skills that you acquired along the way and those are the skills that will make you a great entrepreneur. Some of what you’ll need as a business owner will be the skills that drove you up the ranks. These skills include being:

  • Highly organized
  • An effective leader
  • Detail oriented
  • A self-starter
  • Respectful of authority
  • Focused on winning
  • Astute at recognizing potentially dangerous outcomes

And those are just some of the skills you learned in the military that will help you achieve success in whatever line of work you wish to pursue. However, some skills may yet need developing. Read More→

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Things You Need to Know About Getting a Master’s Degree Online

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We discussed the many benefits of pursuing an online degree in the past. When you’re running a business from home, for instance, a master’s degree could act as an extra safety net for when you need to return to a full-time job.

The online degree scene itself is getting more attractive. Top universities are making their online courses more accessible and you can now pursue a degree in any field you like. Before you decide to enroll, however, there are things you need to know first.

Time Management Is Critical

Online degrees are designed to be very flexible; it is one of the reasons why many full-time moms and small business owners working from home are attracted to online courses in the first place. The extra flexibility allows you to study and complete the course at your own pace, but this isn’t a flexibility you want to take lightly.

You still need to balance work, family, and school. There are course assignments to complete and materials to go through, which means you still have to allocate enough time for course-related tasks. Make sure you can set aside at least an hour every day for studying in order to complete the course on time.

You Need to Stay Motivated

The excitement of pursuing a master’s degree online will only get you so far. In order for you to earn the degree successfully, you need to know how to stay motivated throughout the course. There will be times when business isn’t doing so good or the kids are more demanding than usual; these are the times when you need to stay motivated.

A great way to avoid running into this problem is by opting for a program you’re already passionate about. If you love details and you enjoy analyzing data, the Merrimack College data science program is an option worth considering. The program allows you to become so much better at data analysis. This field is fascinating, so you will have no trouble staying motivated.

Don’t Forget to Check the Requirements

Different online learning programs have different requirements. Before you can register for a graduate course, you need to be extra certain that you qualify for the program. Fortunately, universities now let you understand the program requirements more easily with so much information available.

There are also details about the course that you want to check before signing up. Some online courses still require an in-class session – or several sessions – in order for you to qualify for the master’s degree. Other courses are conducted 100% online, which means you don’t have to worry about traveling to the university and attending in-person classes at all.

Accreditation is another detail you want to look into. The best online programs are fully accredited and follow the same high standards as their offline counterparts. You can choose to transfer credits to and from the program too.

Understand these three things and you’ll be more prepared for the online course of your choice. Getting a master’s degree today is one of the best decisions – and investments – you can make, considering the growing economy will soon translate to more jobs and opportunities in the future.

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