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Whether you’re running a home business or something a little more substantial, sometimes you have to spend money to save money. As the old saying goes, entrepreneurs must speculate to accumulate, and that is what we’re going to focus on today. Some investment suggestions on this page could make your life more manageable and ensure you don’t have to work too hard to secure a stable income. So, consider these ideas, and then work out whether or not they are suitable for your current business situation.


Invest in the latest tech

You must understand there is lots of new technology out there at the moment that could help you to save a lot of time, effort, and money. For instance, instead of employing someone in-house to deal with bookkeeping, it’s possible to purchase automated accounting software that does the same job for only a fraction of the cost each year. You could also take the same approach when it comes to social media management and issues like that. There are software solutions that enable you to manage all your accounts from the same page. That means you will not have to spend hours every day updating your profiles with the latest news and links.

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The Choice

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Recently my business-sense was thrown for a loop. I had a discussion with a colleague about marketing efforts and how frustrated she was that she wasn’t seeing the increase in sales that she desired. A day or so later I had a conversation with a woman that I mentor about how great her scalesbusiness was growing, but how she still felt like she couldn’t reach the level of success that she was seeking. And then I talked with a wonderful Christian businessman who told me all about the success he was seeing in his business – he has been given awards by his company, all kinds of accolades and even an expensive car. And yet he was still straining toward the ever-moving target of success.

Those conversations left me wondering if I should be more focused on money making. Was I doing myself and my business a disservice by not climbing the so-called corporate ladder? I began to doubt myself and my decisions. I began to make a list of all the marketing efforts that I needed to begin to ramp up sales and make things happen.

But then, as I sat reading my Bible one morning, I felt God nudging me to take a good hard look at the real issue going on. I felt Him – in that still small voice of the Holy Spirit – asking me if I was going to choose to pursue money or choose Him.


We know that God’s Word tells us in Luke 16:13 that

“No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.”

I saw that I had a choice to make. One that I have made countless times in the past.

I could set my sights on money (or success, fame, fortune) and find myself:

  • Worried only about money.
  • Making decisions based solely on finances
  • Not considering the human/ministry aspect of my business – the women who are looking for help to make their way home to their children

Or I could choose to set my eyes on Christ alone and find myself:

  • Ruled by His peace that surpasses understanding
  • Making decisions based on God’s leading – regardless of if they make sense financially
  • Tuned in to the people my business impacts , reaching them for the kingdom of God

The choice is ours. We can choose to rely on our business-smarts, our financial know-how and the prescriptions for success given to us by the world. Or we can choose to focus on our relationships with God and let Him lead us in how to go about running our businesses.

What will your choice be?

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Taking Care of the Environment from Your Home Office

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Going green in your home office might seem like a bit of a challenge, often we need to print out files, send a lot of postal mail and use a lot of electricity. However, there are some steps you can take to make sure that your carbon footprint is getting smaller year on year.

It can be challenging to work out just how much power you are using if your home office is in the corner of a room, rather than a separate place – however, there are a few things that you can do to ensure you are really taking the eco-friendly thing seriously. If you are in a while room before you leave the room each day turn off the power from the switches on everything, no standby modes here. Unless you have equipment that cannot be switched off for whatever reason. Be smart.

Try to go as paperless as possible. We are all in need of some notebooks and the odd printed out a file to take to a client, but in this day and age, most of the time it will be digital. Check out hosting fax services, cloud storage (with good data encryption), send invoices via platforms like Wave, Paypal, or just create them in Word or Pages and email them to your clients. Now would be a good time to create a digital signature on your computer, so if something needs to be signed, you can still do so without printing, signing, scanning and them likely – shredding.

If you do need things like business cards, pamphlets, booklets and other promotional materials, try and use a company that have 100% recycled options.

Make your surroundings greener too. Get some office plants. Not only are they great to look at but are proven to boost productivity, and they do their part for keeping your office air cleaner too. Check out succulents, small rose bushes, spider plants and rubber plants.

Maximize your natural light. This one will not only keep you healthier (even while sitting in your office) but stops the need for bright screens, lamps, lights and other sources of human made light. Saving money, saving energy and giving you a bit of a peep up.

PLUS, people who sit near natural light are up to 15% more productive. Read More→

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How To Assure Your Small Business Stays Ahead In The Information Age

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The internet and technology are changing at an ever-increasing rate. If you run a small business, then it is crucial that you stay up-to-date with the latest developments. Failing to do so can cost you cash, customers, and perhaps even your company’s future.

Utilize Social Media

Most people have their eyes down, not up. They constantly engage with their smartphones and most of this time is spent on social media.

It’s crucial for your business to have a presence on social media as this outlet has developed into one of the top marketing tools. You will want professional accounts for all the main sites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and will also need to make sure they are regularly monitored. It’s important to respond to messages and comments promptly.

Social media is also a great way to connect with business partners and find the right people that can help your business grow. What’s best is that you’re not limited to people down the road. The whole world is at your fingertips.

Keep Up With The Latest News

It’s important to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the world and especially in the business and technology sectors. Developments in these areas are happening so quickly and could be beneficial to your company.

Skip the newspaper and find a reliable online source instead, such as the Capital OTC News.

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Happy and Healthy Ways To Make Your Business Run Without a Hitch

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kids healthWhen you decide to start up your own business you have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders with this type of commitment. Not only is it going to take up a lot of your time, you will soon start to find out what it takes to achieve business success. Your place of work needs to run in a safe and secure way, so that your customers and employees aren’t under any risk. Let’s say that you are running an office which includes a cafeteria; not only do you need to make sure that your day to day business jobs are completed, but you need to be in charge of running the food supplies in a healthy and safe way. Here’s how to conquer both accountabilities and run a smooth operation from all angles.

Clever Courses

Making sure all of your employees are knowledgeable and qualified to work in situations where diseases could easily be spread, it extremely important. Not only for the safety of your customers, but also your workers too. Look into a Bloodborne Pathogens Certification Class, which will help to equip your employees with the basics of health and safety in certain environments.

Super Staff

Looking after your staff is one of your most important jobs as a business owner. They keep your business running smoothly every day, so make sure you reward them when they have done a good job for you. If they are working in a pressurized environment make sure they take adequate breaks and have enough time off in between their shifts. If you are kind to them they will return their favour with a diligent work ethic.

Cyber Safety

As well as running a safe and smooth office, it is important for your employees to stay safe online too. Businesses are constantly under threat from cyber attackers who want to find personal and confidential information and use it to their advantage. Make sure you have a secure online connection which requires a password to be used. Look into an online cyber security course too which will ensure your employees are aware of the risks around them. Read More→

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A Look at How Social Media Might Be Affecting Our Relationships

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One of the most amazing benefits of living in the digital age is the Internet. What used to take hours, or even days, to accomplish can now be completed in nanoseconds, and it’s all there at our disposal with just the click of a mouse – or touchpad if you happen to be on a laptop! We can even forge new relationships thanks to social media but there is also a downside to that as well.

For those who work online, it’s only natural to spend a certain amount of time in chat rooms and on social pages, but what happens when social media consumes much of our free time? If you work from home and the Internet is a huge part of how you get things done, maybe it’s time to step back for just a moment to take an honest look at how life in cyberspace may be affecting our real-life relationships. Here is some of what you should be asking yourself.

Whatever Happened to Gathering Around the Table?

The next time you sit down to dinner, think about where you are. If you are like most people in the 21st century you are probably sitting there watching your family text away on their cell phones. While you may all be seated at the table, are you really at the table? Perhaps your mind is elsewhere.

Your kids are on Instagram or Facebook happily chatting away and you may be reading up on the day’s news or perhaps on Facebook yourself. Whatever happened to family meals around the table where everyone shared the day’s events? Can you even remember a time when no one sat at table minus a phone?

Are Sunday Afternoon Drives a Thing of the Past?

There was also a time when families would all pile in the car, attend their place of worship and then go for a drive in the country or to the lake for a picnic. While many families forego this pleasure because of the ever-rising cost of fuel, most often it’s because we’ve nothing to say to each other. We are so used to speaking with our thumbs that the spoken words are few and far between.

If you’re looking to the Internet for something to do for fun, why not get ideas from sites like Learn about family activities which are helping other families connect on a real, interpersonal level and have fun doing so. Whether it’s a day at the beach or a trip to the local ski resort, set social media aside even for just a day to begin re-connecting with the people in your life.

Finally, What Do I Really Know About My Kids?

In the end, what do you really know about your kids except that they want the latest iPhone for their birthday and that they simply adore Snapchat. Billed as “The fastest way to share a moment,” are they really sharing anything other than a two-dimensional image of themselves? If you really want to know your kids, take the phones away for just a day. Sometimes a few hours are sufficient.

Talk to them. Ask them how they’re doing. You may get a bit of rebellion at first, but if you make it a fun experience, they’ll soon learn to appreciate your time spent together. Use those ideas you got off Fun-Attic to keep the experience light and friendly. Now you can actually have something to say if anyone should ask you what you really know about your kids.

Social media is a fun way to connect but it shouldn’t be the foundation of all our relationships. As the old classic goes, “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this world a better world if you can.” Remember, it all starts at home.

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Work at Home? Five Ways to entertain your kids

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ChildcareDepending on the type of home-based work that you do, having your children around to be a part of things can be a wonderful part of the experience. However, there are going to be times that you must simply have peace and quiet – whether it be to make an important phone call, to finish work for deadline or a myriad of other reasons.

There are many ways to entertain your children while you work. Finding productive ways to entertain them with can be more difficult. Outlined below are five constructive things that your kids can do to give you a quiet moment.

1. Naptime

Working while your child is taking a nap is an easy way to have the quiet that you’ll need for phone calls and other important tasks. If you have more than one child, try setting a specific time for them to take a nap each day, so that they will come to expect it. Even a half hour a day can make a difference in your workload.

If you have older children that are home during the day, they too need quiet time even if they don’t necessarily sleep. It is good for children to have some time to themselves. They can play quietly in their room, read or do another quiet activity.

2. Playtime

If your children are 4 years old or more, you can many times help them start an activity that they can complete. Put a small table near your desk and allow them to play with play dough, do a puzzle or a simple craft project. Take a break every so often to check their progress and help them if needed.

With older kids, you can have them sit at the kitchen table or somewhere else out of hearing range to do an activity or craft suitable for their age and interests.

3. Outdoor Time

When the weather cooperates, send the kids outside for some fresh air. Be sure that your children are old enough and mature enough to handle time outside by themselves. If possible, have a next door neighbor keep an eye on them. If you have a fenced in back yard, that is often the safest possibility. Another option is to buy outdoor activities that can keep your children occupied.

4. Computer Time

Allowing your children time on the computer can be a fun way for them to pass time quietly if you are on the phone or doing other tasks. There are many educational websites and games that they play online, such as, and

Many smaller children will also enjoy “typing.” Open a blank document in your Word Processor and make the font large. As they get older, they will become familiar with the letters and even learn to type their name and other words.

5. TV time

On the days when your child is sick or it is too cold to play outside, consider allowing them to watch a movie or an allotted amount of TV time. Most children’s movies are kept short to keep their attention and are also educational. Find movies and TV programs that meet your approval and adhere to your morals and beliefs.

Working from home and being there for your children is one of the best gifts that you can give them. However, there are always times when you will need the little ones quite while complete necessary tasks. Use these five ideas to take the stress out of finding quiet time.



Jill Hart is the founder of Christian Work at Home Moms, This site is dedicated to providing work at home moms with opportunities to promote their businesses while at the same time providing them spiritual encouragement and articles. Visit for additional information.

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Money Management For People Who Are Bad With Money

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money is tightDo you consider yourself to be bad with money? Need a little money management advice to help you get your finances in order? Look no further. In this post you’ll find money management tips for people who are bad with money, so you can finally feel in control of your finances:


Admit You have A Problem

The first thing you need to do is admit you have a problem. Admit it out loud, and then choose somebody you trust to confide in. This could be a parent, a best friend, or a sibling. Make sure they are the kind of person who will support you and be as non judgemental as possible, as somebody who will berate you for your irresponsible actions could only send you into a further downward spiral of spending and being silly with money. Once you’ve admitted you have a problem, you can begin to take the steps to change it.


Identify What Makes You Spend Money

Now it’s time to look at what makes you spend money – your spending triggers. There are likely things that will make you feel more like spending, such as when you feel stressed or overwhelmed, or even when you feel bored. There are many reasons we spend – some people are trying to keep up with a rich friend, while others simply learned their terrible spending habits from their parents when they were young. Once you’ve identified why you spend money the way you do, you can begin working on breaking those old habits. The more you understand yourself and how your brain works, the better.


Change Your Mindset And Attitude Towards Money

It’s important you change your mindset and attitude towards money, as it will have had a lot to do with the reason you are the way you are with money now. You probably have programs subconsciously running in your head over and over telling you that you’re bad with money, that money is the root of all evil, that it’s bad to like having money – all of these things are beliefs that people have, and they stop us from making and keeping money the way we should. Work on your innermost feelings about money and figure out how you can change them.

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Simple Ways To Set Up A Home Office

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Whether you work full-time from home or just need an area where you can brainstorm and focus on important tasks, there are some basic aspects to consider. Home offices are no longer situated in the basement or the corner of the room. They play an important role in today’s world where more and more people are starting to work from home. Even if you’re not working with a big space, it is important to remember your needs and comfort.

Working from home allows people to have a better work-life balance, forget about the stress of commute and gives them the freedom to design their workspace according to their needs, likes, and budget. Home offices need to promote productivity, comfort, and happiness and the following tips might be just what you need.


  • Identify the Space


The first and most obvious aspect to consider is the space of your office. If your space is limited, you won’t have a lot of options. In this case, it might be a good idea to convert certain areas of your home where you think that you would be productive. You could convert a closet or a corner of your living room into your office. If you decide to convert your attic or basement into your office and you notice that there are a few unwanted guests there (ants, spiders, mosquitoes, etc.), it might be a good idea to contact a Pest Exterminator Company.


  • Follow Ergonomic Rules


When designing a home office, it might be tempting to get carried away by purchasing items of furniture that are pleasing to the eye. However, it is important to place the screen at eye level or a little below. The keyboard has to be placed so that the forearms are parallel to the floor. Last but not least, the chair should make you want to work and feel happy and comfortable. Consider all aspects that might improve your productivity, such as temperature and lighting. Have a portable phone on hand and consider window coverings that will allow you to control how much light gets in the office.


  • Get Creative With Storage


Filing cabinets might not be the most attractive piece of furniture, but you still need a storage solution for the papers you use frequently. Wall storage is a great option for those who remember something exists when they see it. At the same time, bookcases might be one of the safest options for any home office. They look great as a backdrop, and they are very versatile. If you’re using the guest bedroom as your office and you don’t feel like investing in a new storage piece of furniture, you could easily convert the wardrobe into a functional shelving system. Read More→

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Where Faith And Healing Can Take Your Career

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No one knows what lurks behind every corner in our life. We don’t really dwell on it because we know deep down, the best you can do is prepare and wait. Hoping that nothing bad will befall you, it’s so incredibly easy to get trapped in a lull and take things for granted. Perhaps this is why we pray and put our faith in a spiritual being that we believe is looking out for us. Unfortunately, to that end, not everybody is dealt a good hand in life. Looking at pictures from around the world of an earthquake disaster and the countless victims, our thoughts and prayers go out to them. Equally horrific are the plagues of diseases that strike third-world nations as seen in the recent Ebola epidemic in Africa. Some people see these things happening and want to get involved at ground level. They also wish to bring their faith along with them as a torch to guide them through the rough and tumble of dealing with the suffering of humanity.


The saintly image

If we were to explore what drives such people to go and help others around the world, we will come across the saintly image of the Red Cross nurse. These women put themselves in harm’s way. There are stories of Christian nurses that voluntarily went to places that were consumed with war and barbaric acts. They were never afraid of rebels and militants; they stayed with the civilians while all other abandoned them. They were, of course, driven by their faith to endure and remain in service to other human beings.


How has it evolved

As we saw in the Ebola outbreak, the practices of healthcare are never watertight. Despite there being first-world doctors and nurses in the affected areas, political will and understanding were lackluster, to say the least. The world didn’t really understand what was going on and to what extent local communities had been affected. Nursing has evolved from the general care practices to the now complex contribution to healthcare policy. An RN to BSN course that can now be done entirely online goes through a module that focuses on the impact of healthcare policies and laws, financing and reimbursement, regulatory guidelines, and globalization of healthcare on nursing practice and quality health outcomes. Students will explore the political, socioeconomic, and population factors that influence policy and practice.


International aid teams

Governments of developed nations have departments that implement the policies of the elected party that will go to help poorer nations. International development and aid departments work with companies such as the Red Cross to fly nurses all around the world where the aid is being given. On average a registered nurse with a BSN qualification will earn a salary of around $75,000. You can apply for such a job with a government-sponsored organization to get you closer to the frontline of healthcare in locations all over the world. Equally satisfying and worthy, you can always volunteer with the Red Cross via their website.

There’s no telling where your faith can take you. Healing others who need help can also bring you new hope in humanity and strengthen your faith in your beliefs.


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