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Simple Tactics to Boost Office Morale

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If you are very much in tune with the way your workplace is running, you should be aware as to whether your employees are happy in their job role. In recent times, you may have noticed a lack of productivity, lower performance levels and fewer conversations between employees,  but why is that?

While low morale may be out of your control if they are struggling with issues in their personal lives, there are a number of tactics you can use to lift the positivity within your workplace.

Here are 4 ways you can boost office morale within your workplace:

1.  Recognize efforts

Often, employees can feel their hard work is going unnoticed, which means they don’t feel as though they should be going above and beyond to produce results. To show you are taking note of how their personal development, praise employees within meetings as and when necessary or you may even take the time to write a handwritten letter of thanks to leave on their desk. If you feel a certain employee has really produced outstanding results, you could even opt to give out bonuses.

2.  Keep the work environment fun

Although you are all essentially there to do a job, there is nothing wrong with allowing employees to let off a bit of steam on the odd occasion. You may set up a team-building day for new employees to get to know current employees in which they can bond over ice-breaking activities.

You may also decide to add more long-term entertainment to the office, such as adding a ping-pong table or video game machine to the break room. If you like the idea of your employees meeting up out of the office, you could, for example, offer to take them out once per month at a restaurant of their choice.

3. Give employees added benefits

No employee will feel productive if they feel they can’t make themselves at home to an extent. For example, employees with young children may be allowed to bring their little ones along during the summer holidays, so they don’t have to worry about arranging childcare. This idea also allows employees to get to know one another even more and shows you, as a business owner, care about each individual employee on a more personal level.

Purchasing a coffee machine for the workplace is also a great way of spirits in which employees can make a drink during their working hours, without having to wait until their break comes around. You may even arrange a couple of coffee breaks throughout the working day, so staff members have some time to catch up with one another. Add a state-of-the-art coffee machine to the office, so that your employees can enjoy free hot beverages. Companies such as Office Coffee offer simple-to-use coffee machines, which provides you with barista-like coffee.

4. Extra holiday time and paid birthdays

Employees will most likely work harder to achieve if they know they have longer breaks to look forward to. Therefore, it may be an idea to boost the amount of holiday they can take or allow employees to spend the day off work on their birthday.

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When you run a small business it can be very difficult to keep your head above the water and stay out of the red. Making money in your first couple of years isn’t as easy as you thought it would be. You are very passionate about your small business and you would do anything to keep it up and running. This means that you might need to embark on some other money making ventures to keep a steady income coming in. Cutting down costs is also an effective way to keep your small business afloat; the more you can save the better chance your business will have of survival.


Find a Side Hustle

Running a small business can be pretty unpredictable, so having a second income is always a good idea. Whether you want to earn money from paid social media advertising or dabble in trading forex, there are a whole host of opportunities out there waiting for you. If currency and numbers is your thing then you might find trading the most effective money maker for you. Not only will it give you a better knowledge of the markets, but you might also be able to bring in some extra cash for your small business.


Keep Your Costs Down

You don’t want to blow your budget before you have even got your business off the ground, so make sure you are actively looking for ways to keep your costs down. Whether you buy your office supplies from a wholesaler or you cut down on your daily energy consumption, you can easily cut your business costs and save more and more money each month.

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How to Find the Right Career Path

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Finding the right career path for you isn’t always easy. Even when you’ve been working for a couple of decades, you can realize that you still haven’t really found the right career. If you’re still searching for a career that works for you, here are some top things to think about.

Assess Your Skills and Strengths

Taking stock of your skills can help you to decide what you want to do with your career. But you don’t have to have existing skills to put to use. You can consider your strengths and how you might be able to develop them into solid skills.

Consider Your Values

No one wants to do work that they find soul-sucking or that they don’t feel is worthy. Thinking about your values can help you work out what sort of work you will find fulfilling. You can find careers and employers that match up to your values.

What Are Your Goals?

Everyone has different goals for their career. You might want to try and climb all the way to the top, or maybe your aim is to make a difference to the world in some way. By thinking about your goals, you can consider what sort of career path might be suitable for you. Read More→

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Working from home offers plenty of advantages, especially if you trying to juggle work and family. But while office employees can easily separate their work time from their social time, a work-from-home mom needs to get smart about managing a healthy balance. You can’t leave your work at the office; your work is at home. In the long-term, this can lead to confusion and difficulties if you’re not careful. You might find yourself working longer hours than any office worker because you’re worried that your home location might affect your productivity. You might get interrupted during your productive hours by kids eager to play with you. You might waste a lot of time on business administration tasks that are mandatory but not income-generating. In short, nobody can deny that running a business from home is a lot of work. But no challenge is insurmountable, as long as you are prepared for it.

Indeed, you need to think of your life as a dual scale. On the one side, you’ve got your business responsibilities. On the other side, it’s your role as a mommy and household holder. The secret to maintaining the scale in a position of perfect balance is organization.


Keep the home office mess-free

Ultimately, there’s no denying it: There’s a lot less room in your home office than there is in a commercial office. Consequently, if you want to ensure that you can continue to find everything you need and not disappear under a pile of loose documents, you need to make the most of the space available. Vertical design offers amazing potential for small rooms, which is likely to be the case in your home office. You can use it to display inspiring photos, or even a board to note down appointments and ideas. Combined with floating shelves, this smart decor keeps a small space organized without feeling crowded. You can opt for digital documentation for most things, from invoices to project-related communication, as this will reduce the risk of losing important documents.


Managing work time and family time

How do you stay on top of what you need to do when it can be so difficult to concentrate at home? You need to prioritize your work in time and by revenue allocation. For instance, a project for a paying client is more urgent than dealing with a non-business related query. While this sounds somewhat logical, you’ll find yourself tempted to answer emails as they come in or to return phone calls that may not be relevant to work during the day. Stick to your schedule to stay productive! It would also help if you knew when you are at your most productive, aka are you an early bird or a night owl? This frees time for everything else!

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Interview with Alli Worthington

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What inspired your book, The Year of Living Happy?

My inspiration for the Year of Living Happy didn’t come from any one thing, but more from the journey I’ve been on over the last five years.

Back in 2014, I realized I needed to break out of my own crazy busy lifestyle so I could hear God and live out His purpose for me in a new way. I shared these stories and the lessons I learned in Breaking Busy.

After that, my husband and I went through one of the most challenging season of our lives, and I learned how to fight fear, wrestle worry, and overcome anxiety and shared those stories and insights in Fierce Faith. It was an especially difficult time for us, but in the midst of that crisis God strengthened me, built my character, and taught me in a very real way to value what is truly important.

It was during these seasons of growth, God put the word “Happiness’ was on my heart. I spent a year diving into both the truth of scripture about happiness and modern research that shows what habits, choices, and thoughts bring real and lasting happiness to our lives. All that I learned from those difficult seasons, along with the truth I found in God’s Word became The Year of Living Happy.


What is one thing that women can do daily to help them live happy?

Scripture and research teaches that practicing gratitude directly relates to us living happier lives. So of course that’s the first thing every woman should do in her daily life. But another really practical idea is something I call delegating the drudgery. And modern research backs me up on this. Research has shown that one way people can increase their happiness in their daily life by hiring people to do the tasks that they don’t like to do. In other words, money can’t buy happiness, but using your money to hire a housekeeper actually can.

Of course we don’t all have lots of disposable income, so we have to be creative in how we delegate the drudgery. In our house our older sons mow the lawn, do the laundry, and load and unload the dishwasher. Another way is bartering tasks with other people. Maybe you are an amazing graphic designer, but coding websites makes you want to poke your eye out. You can trade the services that you don’t like to do with someone else that loves to do those things and needs the service that you provide.

Delegation is a key habit that will increase our day-to-day happiness. So look for ways in your day-to-day life to take those things off your plate that you don’t enjoy doing. Then you’ll be able to focus on the things that you are called to do, the things that you love to do, and the things that make you happiest.


How did you learn to turn off “mommy guilt” in order to balance life better?

Because I have five sons ages 10, 12, 14, 17, 20 I have a unique perspective on motherhood. With some of the kids, I’m still in the middle of it, and with others I have gone from more of a disciplinarian roll to a coaching role. What I’ve realized over the years is that we, as mothers, tend to be approximately 1,000,000,000 times harder on ourselves than we need to be.

From the moment that tiny child is put in our arms, our sense of responsibility as well as the guilt over not being perfect goes through the roof.

What I have learned through the years is that our kids need quality time, love, discipline, encouragement, and coaching. There is more than enough time in every day to give them those things and still do the things that make us happy, healthy individuals. Read More→

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Three Unexpected Injuries in Business

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When you work in a business environment, health and safety may not be a primary concern as you assume, like most people, that working in an office doesn’t really pose any major health and safety risks. However, while the risks are different from a more industrial, hands-on job, they are still very much there, and you need to be prepared to spot them and do something about these injuries quickly. Getting an injury can mean you need to take serious time off of work and this is the last thing you want to be doing when building up your career while running a business. In the handy guide, you will find out about three unexpected workplace injuries you need to look out for and what to do if you get one of these.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

One of the big risks when working in a modern office environment is carpal tunnel syndrome. You may be wondering how your work can cause carpal tunnel syndrome and the answer lies in simply in the main tool you use for an office job: your computer. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by repetitive and continual movements that lead to nerves being trapped over the carpal bones in your wrist, leading to serious pain. If you work at a computer every day, this injury can be a really nasty one, so try and take little breaks from typing every ten or so minutes to gently loosen up your fingers and wrists to try and prevent this.

Back Problems

Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to sit at your desk. Bad posture can cause serious aches and pains in your back and, if continually ignored, can even lead your back to have incredibly uncomfortable spasms. Make sure the chair you are using is giving you’re the right support, and you are always sitting up straight.

Computer Vision Syndrome

A final unexpected injury from work in a business environment is known as computer vision syndrome. The first thing you need to know when figuring out what computer vision syndrome is, is that it is not one condition but an umbrella term for many ailments. Focusing on a screen in your short distance vision day can actually cause the shape of your eye to change from an oval to a rugby ball shape which limits your long distance vision. While, if caught early, this can sometimes be corrected with glasses worn for a year or so, often people will rugby ball eye are left wearing glasses for their whole lives.

Getting justice

If you receive an injury at work that means you either need to take time off or have had your health affected in one of the above ways and it is stopping you from doing good work at your job, you will need to investigate injury claims. Visit as they can help you through the legal process of getting compensation for your workplace ailment and this financial aid can help you get your life back on track.

Now you know some of the unexpected injuries you can get at work, you will be able to spot them early and act quickly.

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4 Ways to Get Organized at Home

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Paperwork piling up in your office. Laundry bursting out of the basket. Messy kids’ rooms. We’ve all been there. Clutter and life’s everyday messes are no fun, but there are a few ways you can work to clean up the clutter around your home before it even becomes a problem. Here’s how.

Multipurpose Furniture

How hard does your furniture work? It could be working harder. A bed frame with pull-out drawers can be a sneaky place to store extra linens. Cube-shaped ottomans in the family room can play double duty, as they can be used as a footstool or hiding place for extra throw pillows. The same goes for oversized ottomans with built-in storage. And, don’t forget to keep your workspace at home clean and clutter free. Choose a desk or computer table that offers ample organization options including drawers, cabinets and shelves. You may even find that you work better. Science shows that clean environments make it easier to focus.

Organization Tools

A little organization can go along way. Take the laundry room, for example. This is a hotspot for clutter chaos, between the clothes, shoes and all the stuff it takes to clean them. Luckily, there are a handful of ways you can clean up your own laundry room, and make it more functional, too. Pedestal drawers are a savvy way to store laundry detergents and other necessities. These drawers are placed underneath your washer and dryer. Many manufacturers offer these hidden drawers, plus the added height makes loading and unloading easier. Another solution: Opt for a ceiling-mounted rack that raises and lowers pulleys for the entire family’s clothes. With a rack like this, you will have plenty of freed up space in your laundry room which will make laundry chores a little less daunting.

Vertical Design

Make the most of your living space by applying vertical design to your home. When designing and decorating in small or cramped spaces around your living areas, look up. Opting for wall-mounted lighting fixtures can free up valuable floor space in small rooms, all while giving the space a polished look. With vertical design, you can even opt to hang your houseplants in fun plant hangers rather than keep them in their pots that take up space on the floor. Additionally, a tall gallery wall can make a big statement, as it can draw eyes up from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. And it is a great way to display pictures of your favorite family memories around the home without using bulky frames that take up space.

Floating Shelves

Clean up clutter in the kids’ rooms in a snap with floating shelves. This DIY project is easy to build and inexpensive. Floating shelves give the appearance of floating on the wall, without any clunky hardware or supports. And, you can pick up supplies for about $20. Whether you need to store your child’s favorite bedtime books or plan to use these shelves to store toy cars and dinosaurs, floating shelves are a great storage solution. Plus, you can build floating shelves for any room in your home, not just the kids’ rooms.

From decorating with multipurpose furniture to hide blankets and linens to floating shelves that can free-up floor space, the solutions can help you get organized at home.

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Navigating Modern Waters With A Christian Heart

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The teachings of God urge us always to think the best of others. It is not, after all, our place to judge. That is the job of the lord. All we can do is live our best lives, and try to spread the love.

But, if you’ve been living this way for a while, people throw the label of ‘naive’ at you. That in itself is a skeptical and hate-filled word. For the most part, you should treat every person you meet with an open and welcoming heart. If they take advantage, you can still rest easy you approached the situation in the way God intended.

The only trouble is, placing this open and trusting attitude in every aspect of your life can lead to problems. There are now many people and companies out there looking to take advantage. While this shouldn’t mean you close your heart to strangers, it may be worth approaching companies with care. For proof, consider the following three places where an open heart could see you stung. Read More→

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Top Tips that will Help you to Land Your Dream Job

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Woman working from homeIf you know that you need to leave the job that you are in or if you feel as though you are not quite happy with the position that you are in right now then it is more than possible for you to change this. After all, it doesn’t take much and you’d be surprised at how easy it can be when you have the right steps in front of you.


Learn Everything About Yourself

It is so important that you are able to take the time to learn about your core values and even what work you would like to do. It is also a good idea for you to research various industries and even careers as this will help you to map out your skills and the interests that you have. The internet is a fantastic way for you to do this and when you have done that, you can then get started with getting yourself on the right track.

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Constantly Late For Work? Here’s How To Break The Cycle

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Tardiness is not something that any employer anywhere tolerates for very long. When you grow up and get into the real world of work, you have certain expectations put upon you to work harder, work better and be on time for it when it does start. College and high school are stressful but almost everything that you do prepares you for getting up on time and getting to work without being late. It’s one of the worst habits to have, because those who are on time believe that lateness is a sign or laziness and a sign of ignorance. Being late shows a person that your time is far more important than theirs, and this is just not the message that you want to send out to an employer.

The thing is, lateness is a very difficult habit to break. It’s not just a case of being told to get up on time; a habit is not easy to get over. Most people who are habitually late actually don’t enjoy being late to things. It gives them the label of being unreliable and difficult to manage, when it’s really not the case. Transforming yourself into a person who is punctual sounds like a great idea on paper, but it’s not always an easy thing to do. You have to get to the root of why you are always late and fix that if you could ever hope to get out of the tardy habit that you’re in. So, what could you do to stop being late for work every day? Read More→

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