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5 Reasons Why More Students are Choosing to Learn Online

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coffee and computerAs many of your know, I recently completed my Master’s Degree – and I did it online.

Today, technology has made its way into almost all aspects of the classroom. Along with teachers who allow their students to use gadgets in class, having computers and the internet readily available for research and the introduction of smart blackboards rather than pen and paper, the digital age is transforming the way we learn.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes that we’ve seen made to education by technology is the ability to learn online. Distance learning is becoming increasingly popular, and here are the reasons why.  

Reason #1. Flexible Study

Today’s students aren’t just young adults fresh out of high school, leaving the parental home for the first time. In fact, there are greater numbers of older people who are heading back to college to finally get their bachelor’s degree or even returning for their online masters of social work. Mature students tend to have more commitments such as full-time jobs or children; online learning is often the perfect choice for them since no other option could be so easily slotted in around their busy lives.

Reason #2. Lower Tuition Fees

Although college tuition is currently at an all-time high, you don’t expect to pay quite as much when you decide to study online. Since online colleges and departments such as Rutgers Online don’t have as many overheads when it comes to e-learning programs, the cost is less per-student therefore colleges are able to charge you less. In general, you can expect to pay around a third less for distance learning options. However, some Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can be accessed free of charge.

Reason #3. Excellent Support

When you head to college to study for your bachelor’s degree on-campus or your masters in social work online, you expect to receive an outstanding level of support from your tutors and teaching staff. One of the biggest myths about e-learning is that students are left to get on with things on their own, hundreds of miles away from the nearest professor. But, whilst you may not be located physically close, you will still get excellent support from a good online learning provider. Most have web chat facilities that you can use to get in touch. Read More→

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How to Stay Focused on God When Life Feels Out of Control

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Jill Hart - Mixing Faith & Business blogLife as a mom can be hectic.We hurry from here to there. We scurry to clean the house, chase the kids, squeeze in some work and somehow still get dinner on the table. We worry that even though we’re trying to do it all, we may not be doing any of it well. And the days seems to bleed together and everyday begins to feel like a carbon copy of the day before. Diapers. Meals. Work. Sleep. Start Again.

How do we keep our eyes on the Lord when life feels out of our control?girl silohuette

When the kids are melting down …

When we’re overloaded with work …

When we’re tired …

When we’ve come to the end of our rope …


Believe me when I say we all have these moments. You’re not the only one who has locked herself in the bathroom in order to have two minutes alone just to take a deep breath. A few of the things that I found helpful to keep me spiritually afloat during my toughest “mommy moments” were:

* Keeping a small devotional book in the bathroom – I know this sounds silly, but it’s amazing what even a tiny dose of God’s Word can do in a life. And the bathroom is the perfect place to claim a few moments of reading time.

* Getting involved – I never realized the value of getting out from behind my computer until I began volunteering at our local homeless shelter.  If you’re feeling lonely or discouraged, serving in your community is a great way to change your perspective!
Read More→

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June Featured CWAHM

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For the next few months, we’ll be featuring CWAHMs from some of the best work-at-home businesses available. This month’s CWAHM spotlight introduces you to Lynnae Bussell, Fashion Coach and
Mary Kay Consultant:

Lynnae Bussell
Fashion Coach & Mary Kay Consultant

“I am a wife, mom, friend, employee, and entrepreneur. I began my business out of a desire to provide income for our family while being available to my two beautiful daughters.  I worked for several years after marrying my husband and best friend of almost 25 years. I worked for several types of businesses. The jobs varied from retail sales to lease administration. I enjoyed all of the positions, but I’ve always had a passion to help women create a unique style of beauty. In 2011 I took a HUGE step of faith and went through a training program to become a certified Christian Image Consultant through Fashion Meets Faith and I opened my business in 2012.

I call myself a Fashion Coach because I coach women through a process of finding the best colors to wear, how to dress their body type in the most flattering way, and how to accessorize clothing so that they can create a finished look to their appearance.

I serve my clients from home by providing great content on social media, blogging about relevant fashion tips and ideas, and networking online and in person at a local level. I offer virtual fashion coaching and in personal shopping for my clients. I am a professional speaker and trainer. I love doing workshops about fashion and sharing my Christian testimony. I enjoy being a keynote speaker for weekend retreats and one day events. I would love to serve your customers by helping each person create a unique style of beauty from the inside out. My passion is help women realize that they are beautifully create for a God given purpose.”

You can learn more about Lynnae here:


* If you’d like to apply to be a Featured CWAHM, you can do so here! 🙂

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The Power of Words in Business

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I love email. I know it’s silly, but I truly love receiving emails – especially from women who are a part of my ministry, Christian Work at Home Moms. I love hearing what God is doing in their lives and how He is creating businesses out of the very fabric of who they are and the things that they love to do.

I received an email not long ago, however, that wasn’t nearly so encouraging. The woman was upset. She had been hurt by people during her work-at-home journey, she felt used and abused. She took that anger out on me. I was heartbroken as I read that email and felt this woman’s pain. My heart ached not just for the anger that she expressed, but at seeing the pain behind her words.

Words give us power. They allow us to communicate what God is teaching us. They give us the ability to share the joys and triumphs of life.

And yet, words can be used to wield another sort of power as well – the power to injure. We can so easily hurt others with the words that write and speak. I can think of countless times that I have spoken something without thinking – with no intention of hurting someone – and injured the person on the receiving end.

James 3:3 -6 tells us:

“Take ships as an example. Although they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go. Likewise the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts.
Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.”

What a powerful statement that last line is. Read it again: “It [the tongue] corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.” The words we speak can corrupt us if we choose to speak words that belittle others, hurt others or tear others down.

On the flip side, in Proverbs 31:26 we find out how a godly woman uses her words:
She speaks wise words and teaches others to be kind.” Read More→


Don’t Hide From What You’re Passionate About

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WOvercoming Fearhen I was in college one of the requirements to graduate was to take a speech class. I was a fairly quiet girl who tried to blend in the crowd as much as possible. So, the thought of getting up in front of the crowd was terrifying to me.  Every time I thought about having to speak in front of my friends and classmates my heart would start racing, my palms would sweat and I would quickly distract myself by doing something else.

Eventually, though, I had to find a way to conquer speech class. So, one semester I had the brilliant idea to take speech class during the summer term at the local community college. This way, I could make a fool out of myself in front of strangers instead of my friends. So, that summer I hid out at the community college and suffered through speech class.

But, the joke was on me. I wouldn’t have believed you had you told me in college, but God would eventually give me opportunities to speak before audiences…and I would learn to enjoy it. I might possibly even say I developed a passion for speaking (and writing). I now take the opportunities God provides to share about working from home and how we can incorporate our faith into our business lives.

The Bible gives us a great example of someone else who – literally – tried to hide from his calling. In 1 Samuel chapter 10 we meet Saul. Saul has just been informed by the prophet Samuel he is to be Israel’s first king.

Samuel gathers the people of Israel together to announce God’s decision, but when he calls for Saul to step forward, guess what? Saul is nowhere to be found.

Samuel had them pass by in family groups, and Matri’s family was picked. Then he had each man of Matri’s family pass by, and Saul son of Kish was picked. But when they looked for Saul, they could not find him. (1 Samuel 10:21, NCV)

And where do you think Saul was? Read More→

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Review: Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

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What an amazing thing to be able to learn Hebrew online, from the comfort of my home! The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies allows students to learn from passionate and experienced teachers – from Israel – through live video lessons. It also allows you to connect with fellow students from around the globe. When it comes to opportunities like this, I’m so glad to be living in this technological age!

The class that I was a part of was a 9 month class, which met every week via a live webinar.  The best part about it was that if I missed a class, a recording was provided so I could catch up without missing a beat.  The professor also shared extra information regularly, such as articles to help us better understand the concepts we were learning in class. What an amazing experience!

Learn more about the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies HERE or sign up to take a class yourself!

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Summer Sanity Tips For Work-at-Home Moms

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As we’re moving from spring into summer, we all have a moment or two where we look forward to summer because of its slower pace.  When summer arrives, in all its glory, we then recognize the lie that we had been telling ourselves. Summer is crazy busy.

Between pool parties, summer sports and sleepovers, how will we ever fit working in to our schedule? Here are a few tips on how to make it work.

Plan Your Work Times

I know it seems impossible, but planning work times into your schedule is something we must learn to do. Each day holds something different during the summer it seems, so we may have to do things like get up early and work, plan out work during naptimes or stay up late and burn the midnight oil.

Know Your Priorities

Knowing when you’re going to work is only half the battle. It can be easy to say to ourselves that we’ll work during naptime, but then we sit down to get to work and don’t know where to start. So, one simple technique is to keep a running list of projects and tasks, ordered by priority. If I know exactly what I need to work on when I sit down, I’m much more likely to get it accomplished.

Be Flexible

It’s easy to say we’ll follow a schedule in the summer, but it’s a much harder task to actually stick to it. Kids throw a lot of variables into the mix, so we must keep ourselves in the attitude of adjusting as necessary. We’ll also have those days when we sense God calling us to rest or to visit someone specific or whatever it might be. We need to be sensitive to His leading and flexible with our schedules. Read More→

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Avoiding Distractions

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emailDo you find yourself checking your email every five minutes? Or chatting on the phone when you are supposed to be working? Distractions are a part of life, but that doesn’t mean they have to control your days. Here are a few ideas to help you keep on task.

Close your email and get off social media

This may seem simple, but, at least for me, it can be hard not only to close my email, but also to STAY out of my email program. When a task needs to be done, the best way to focus is to shut your email program, turn your phone off (or mute it) and distance yourself from any other distracting technology items. You’ll be amazed at how much more you will accomplish – and how much more efficiently you work.

Find Time Alone

As a work-at-home mom, this is by far the hardest distraction-buster to accomplish. As my kids have gotten older, I’ve found that I can get most of my work done while my kids are at school. However, when they were still small and home with me all day, I tended to work in small chunks. Twenty minutes here while they watched a little T.V. or half and hour here while they played outside (and many times I sat outside with my laptop so I could keep an eye on them.

Another tactic I used was to trade babysitting time with a friend who also needed some “alone time” or to ask family members for help. Be creative!

Make a List

This is my go-to tip when people ask me how to become more productive. I couldn’t get nearly as much done without my lists. If plan out tasks with lists of steps that need to be accomplished. I make an outline out of an idea to see if it is feasible. And when I’m writing I outline what I want to say. I find that if I have an outline, I’m much more likely to take on the task and actually complete it. Read More→

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Prepping Your Business For Summer

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beach playI can hardly believe it, but another school year is coming to a close. As I stumble through this month of end-of-school parties (not to mention my own graduation from Grad School-yay!), I find myself left with very little time in which I can actually get “work” done. Which leads me to wonder – what will the summer look like if I’m already in such a jumble?

So, I’ve decided that in order to start the summer off right, I need to take some time NOW to get my mind and heart ready.  Here are some things I’ve decided to do to get ready for the new season God has for my business – maybe they’ll help you, too.

Set Aside Time

It’s easy to forget the importance of setting aside time to work on our business in and of itself. We are commonly focused on our customers, daily tasks and the like that we don’t take time to think solely about what the future holds for our business.

As we near the end of this school year, let’s dedicate a couple of solid hours to sit down and dream a little, plan a little. If you have a team of people that you work with, consider pulling them all together (provide some Starbucks, of course) and have a brainstorming session.

Set Goals

During the time that you set aside to “think business,” make it a point to set goals for the summer and fall. I generally make a list – 3 months goals, 6 month goals, etc – to help aid me as I plan out where I see my business heading for the upcoming months.

Try to stretch yourself in your goal-setting. Be specific and make some of your goals measurable so that when you look back next year, you can truly see the growth your business has experienced. And then cover each goal in prayer throughout the year. Read More→

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Review: Armed With Truth Temporary Scripture Tattoos

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When I was offered the chance to review the Armed With Truth temporary scripture tattoos, I jumped at the chance. Why, you ask? Because I think they are an incredibly creative and powerful way to memorize Scripture.

I have often joked, when God causes one Scripture or another to stand out to me, that I should get it tattooed on so that I won’t forget it.  The Armed With Truth temporary scripture tattoos are a great way to make this actually happen, without committing to a lifetime tattoo, which I’ve personally never been able to do…maybe someday.

In the meantime, however, I can use these short Scripture tattoos to continually remind me of verses that I want to remember, to memorize, to let seep into the depths of my heart.

I chose to start out with the simple but beautiful truth of  “be still” from Ps. 46:10.

It was so easy to put on that next time I’ll try a large portion of Scripture, like this image from their website:

If you’d like to try out you’re own pack of Armed With Truth temporary scripture tattoos, you can find them at

and use the code cwahm for 20% off!

And there’s a giveaway, too!

Armed With Truth Emboldened Giveaway! (Contest on

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