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Legitimate Christian Work From Home Opportunities

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Faith and religion play a large part in the lives of many Americans.  Many are focused on maintaining a positive home environment and do not wish to work outside of their homes.

It only seems right that we put together a comprehensive list of faith-based, work from home, opportunities.  Take a moment to check out a few of these real job opportunities that will not require a person to compromise their faith-based lifestyle.

Training From Home Opportunities

If a person is looking to expand their skill set to seek out better-paying work-from-home opportunities, there are plenty of options for online education.  One example is based out of Saint Louis, MO.  An education from Maryville online college will boost a person into the next level of employment.  There is no longer any reason why every stay-at-home mom or dad cannot build their portfolio.

Christian Job Boards

There are hundreds of reliable and reputable job boards available online, and a few of them are even faith-based.  They are not stellar, but they do provide some valuable leads.  Check it out.

  • Christian Job Fair – Extension of Christian Career Center.  They have a “work-from-home” filter option, but the job listings are hit or miss.  It behooves a person to do their due diligence in research before applying to a particular listing.
  • Christian Jobs – A job board that boasts their ability to “connect believers in the workplace.”  This platform not only allows a search option for stay-at-home employment, but they also provide the opportunity to post resumes for employers seeking out remote help.

If finding employment through a Christian job board is not a necessity, there are a couple of mainstream job boards that are known for their excellent employment success.  Indeed, Flexjobs and Up work offer all sorts of remote positions from a wide range of individuals.

Faith-Based Sales

Individuals interested in faith-based sales positions have quite a large range of options available online.  Here are a few of the most prevalent organizations offering remote sales positions. Read More→

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3 Tips For Homeschooling Your Children And Working From Home

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perfect childMaking the decision to educate your children at home is a big commitment and shows that creating an individual and tailored approach to your child’s education.  It requires a lot of work and life balance since it requires such an amount of attention and detail. Preparing your child for getting a college education is the main goal.

It can be extra challenging when you also work from home.  Even though the convenience is undeniable of not having to drive your child to a school every day or having to get yourself to an office, there are certainly challenges that come with working and teaching your children in the same place.

Here are some of the best tips for being able to balance work and your homeschooling without feeling overwhelmed.

Create A Schedule

Without a schedule, your day runs the risk of everything happening at once.  Studies show that people are more productive when they focus on one thing at a time rather than double tasking.  Try to sit down and create a schedule which separates each activity throughout the day in order to simulate a traditional school setting as much as possible.

It is crucial to set timeframes for each activity in your day in order to be as productive as possible.  Since flexibility is definitely required of you when you have kids, it is important to not stay too rigid in your scheduling, but still having a sense of structure in order to avoid chaos.

Extracurricular Activities

Kids can start to get bored and distracted if they are in the same setting for too long of a period of time.  They need a change of atmosphere and activities every now and then to keep them stimulated.  Not to mention you need time to be able to get your work done without having to entertain them constantly.

Consider signing them up for an extracurricular activity which is outside of the house.  This way you know that they are still getting something beneficial out of their time while you step away from your teaching role to get your work done. Read More→

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8 Work-At-Home Jobs for Moms

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If you’re a Mom with reservations about going back to the office and leaving your kids with child-care providers, you’re not alone! It can be hard to be confident and productive on the job, knowing that you’re away from home for eight or more hours a day while someone else largely raises your kids.

Mental and physical health varies for children brought up by stay-at-home parents versus kids sent to child care for at least several hours per day. Generally, children will be healthy in both situations, but kids raised at home with their mother are statistically more likely to perform well in school, graduate, avoid serious problems with drug and alcohol abuse, and feel self-confident.

About 60 percent of people agree that it’s better for kids when their mother stays at home. On the other hand, there is solid evidence that working mothers also contribute to raising healthy kids. They set an example of a positive work ethic and provide a more comfortable level of existence for their children.

So this is the great news: If you’re a mom, you can provide the best of both worlds for your kids by working from home. There are hundreds of opportunities to make money and personally show your kids what hard work looks like.

Here are some of the many options.

1. Customer Service Representative

Many companies turn to remote workers to do their customer service. Amazon and Apple, for example, have a fleet of employees around the world who answer queries and assist with online transactions from their homes.

It’s a pretty flexible position, since you can work while the kids are at school or after they’ve gone to bed. You can make between $8 and $18 per hour, depending on the firm, your geographical location, and your experience level.

2. Landlord

Being a landlord is a viable stay-at-home-mom job. Office tasks and addressing tenant requests involves flexible hours. You’ll rarely have to leave the office or your home; and if you do, your kids can come along. You can also subcontract property managers, which takes a lot of the work off your hands and lets you stay home more.

3. Medical Transcriptionist

Doctors vocally record their notes about a patient, and those notes must be typed up to make permanent records. This job is often outsourced to a transcription company that has a workforce of fast, knowledgeable typists who work from home.

If you fit that description and don’t mind taking a few classes to master the medical terminology, it’s a great job with the potential to earn $20+ per hour.

4. Writer/Blogger

Mommy blogging is a popular stay-at-home job if you can manage to get yours to take off. You could make more than $10,000 a month mostly writing about things you love. This job is extremely flexible, and you’ll be your own boss.

Writing a blog isn’t for everyone, though. It demands constant new ideas and material, and it’s not easy to attract the following you need to attain financial success.

But if you’re not prepared to launch and maintain your own blog, you could do ghost writing for others. If you have a knack for writing and grammar, you can make up to $50 per 500-word article.

5. Virtual Assistant

Many entrepreneurs don’t have the time to clear their inboxes, update social media, monitor client queries, and so on, so they outsource to a virtual assistant. It’s more affordable than hiring a secretary in house, and it means you can work at home in your spare time.

6. Teach English Online

Organizations such as VIP Kid and Toshuo hire native English speakers to teach English to kids in overseas countries such as China. A background in teaching is useful but not required, and you can usually learn everything you need to know about doing the job with a few hours’ training.

Because of the time difference, your working hours could be unconventional. Most start their day at about 3 a.m. and finish at 7 a.m., but if you can adapt to working in those early hours, it can be great for working around kids’ schedules, and you’ll receive $15 to $20 per hour in compensation.

7. Direct Sales

Some people can sell anything. If that’s you, find a company that pays its sales people on commission through direct sales. You can choose your hours and appointments thanks to the flexibility.

Your compensation varies with the product, but you’ll usually see between 25 and 50 percent commission on all sales. Avon, MayKay, LulaRoe, Jamberry, Lipsense, and The Pampered Chef are all examples of direct selling associations.

8. Tele Nurse

You can get your nursing degree from home through online medical degree programs. There are dozens of reputable institutions. Upon graduation, look into tele nursing.

There are hotlines and online clinics where nurses from all over the country get paid to answer questions and give medical advice. The compensation is great ($50,000 + for full-time work), and you can often set your hours to complement your mom schedule.

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5 Work-From-Home Ideas For Motivated Writers

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Freelance Article WritingThe professional landscape across the globe is in a transitional period. What was classically viewed as the ideal working situation — driving to an office, doing your 9-to-5, then coming home — isn’t as satisfying or even as practical as it used to be.

Now, the notion of working from home is a lot more appealing to many people. For highly motivated writers, this can be an amazing opportunity; because to write, all you really need is a keyboard attached to a computer, as well as an Internet connection io get assignments and turn in the work.

Here are five ideas that make this concept especially workable, for people who desire to pursue this professional lifestyle.

  1. Create a Blog

A great place to start when you’re shifting to the mode of working from home is to create a blog. There are an almost infinite number of possibilities with regard to how to set it up, what you want to write about, and so on, but the primary thing to keep in mind is that you probably want it to move toward the position of generating income … which either means selling something on your blog, or getting money from advertising.

  1. Look for Contract Work via Central Sites

There are plenty of contract work writing sites that you can scan on a regular basis. People around the world seek to outsource simple writing jobs and even data entry through these sites. Assuming you know the basics of getting around on the computer, you can generate solid income if you work at it.

Legitimate larger companies, or smaller businesses that have a quick need for writing, tend to search for help through these contract sites, so it’s up to you to find the opportunities that match up with your skills and availability.

  1. Scan Social Media for Job Requests

Now more than ever, you can scan social media sites for online writing work as well. Employers are increasingly posting work requests there, too. Also, there is a ton of opportunity for copyeditors to find jobs on business Facebook pages and similar outlets, with easily searchable hashtags as points of interest. Read More→

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How To Keep Your Body Healthier When Working From Home

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shutterstock_256834798Working from home can be very rewarding, whether you are a parent that wants to have more time to spend with their kids or you are simply someone that prefers being alone and working alone. While it is definitely rewarding in many aspects, it can also be more difficult in others. To be successful working from home you need to be great with your time management skills, and you need to make sure you have a proper work area to get the job done in.

If you spend your workday sitting in your bed you could be developing bad back pains and neck pain as well. This could have long term effects on your posture and your health. If you don’t schedule in meal and snack breaks you may find that you get less work done because your body and mind both begin to feel drained.

The goal of everyone that works on their own from home, aside from being successful at it, should be to continue to be healthy while doing it. Here are some things that can help you be healthier while you work from home.

Invest In A Desk And Chair

Working at home is great, but you still want to have a workspace. This is an area that helps you realize you’re on the job, and is also a good space to let the rest of your family know that it’s work time and they shouldn’t bother you unless it is something important.

Not only that, but you will want to have a work desk and a comfortable chair. While these can be a big help with focus, you will also find that sitting properly at a desk in a work chair will keep you from unnecessary back and neck pain. If you spend your time lounging in bed or on the couch you may not get as much work done. Read More→

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Work From Home? Spoil Yourself In Your Mobile Off-Time

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Residential office with laptopsYou’ll find a million tips out there about how to do a better job of working from home. But how often do people talk about the perks of the off-time that you get because your profession allows you to work from your home office? It’s a topic that should be covered! Because tons of people work from home, and appreciate that freedom, but then never do anything during their free time.

A few examples of what you can fill in the blanks with including heading out into the woods nearby, turning yourself into your own gourmet chef, wearing your pajamas all day, allowing yourself the possibility of daytime adventures, and exercising whenever you want!

Head Out To the Woods

If you’re in a suburban or more natural area, take a work break and head out into the woods. All year long, rain or shine. Get some fresh air. Take your hunting rifle and your scope out and do some bird-watching. So many work-from-homers get stuck inside in their chairs, staring at screens, they forget they have to opportunity to wander around during the day a bit as well.

Be Your Own Gourmet Chef

If you’re at home, and especially home alone, during your workday, don’t cut corners and get fast food. Learn to cook! Turn on YouTube, google some recipes, and use a 45 minute break in your day to treat yourself royally to some gourmet cooking. The ingredients are necessarily going to be the cheapest things ever, but using your home environment wisely in terms of learning to prep food and cook is a huge advantage that you should be working with on a daily basis. Read More→

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Online Work At Home Jobs In The Tech World

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nicole2When it comes to working from home, you have a ton of options these days. Gone are the days when work at home jobs meant selling Avon or stuffing envelopes. In fact, you can have a career, and a successful one at that, online, at home.

If you have some experience in the tech world, like designing apps or websites, you can find a fun online job you can do from home. You can work for someone else, or you can simply start your own business, depending on your experience and drive. Here are some job ideas for tech savvy people that want to work at home.

Website Design

Website design is an easy to do from home career idea, and there are plenty of people out there that want websites but don’t have the first clue how to set one up or make it look good. If you have a good eye for this type of design you could work for almost any kind of company, and even individual people.

Take some time to look at well done websites, like this one, and learn what business sites need to have. Create some sites so that you can have a portfolio to give out to people and show them what you can do for them.

Social Media Manager

If design is your thing, but you want something on a smaller scale that also lets you do some writing and have some fun, you may want to consider becoming a social media manager. Everyone is on social media these days, and it’s a must for business success. However, most businesses don’t have time to keep up their social media sites, which is where you come in. Read More→

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3 Ways To Make Your Small Business Emails More Professional

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coffee and computerWhen you run a small business, you’ve got a lot on your plate. From marketing and product development to finances and HR, there’s very little time to stress about the small stuff like sending out emails. However, it’s often the small stuff that can give you the edge over your other small business competitors. So to help give your small home business a leg up, here are three ways you can make your email correspondence more professional by understanding some basic principles in email etiquette.

Use A Dedicated Business Email

While small business owners want to work hard to keep costs low, always choosing the free options can be detrimental to your business, especially where communication is concerned. This is why, according to John Hebron, a contributor to, setting up a dedicated work email using your domain name is a great way to show your clients or customers that you’re a serious business. By choosing to use your domain name as the address for your work email, you also have more consistent branding and name recognition.

A Simple Signature

For business communications, it’s important to give the recipient of your correspondence as much information as possible with regards to your contact information. While email may be your preferred form of contact, that may not be the case for all your clients or customers. For this reason, Lily Herman, a contributor to, recommends having a simple yet effective email signature at the end of each email you send that consists of a few alternate ways to contact you. This could include an alternative email address, phone number, or even a Twitter handle. By including this information, you appear more professional as well as giving yourself a greater chance of having your outreach reciprocated. Read More→

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How to Get Fit When You Work at Home All Day

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family exercising togetherFitness is always a topic that is in question and hot pursuit. Everybody wants the great beach body, but most everybody loves food just as much as they want to be fit, so they go through a never ending cycle of giving up love for a desire that is very hard and unrealistic to obtain.

Luckily, if you’re a stay at home mom, or you work at home all day, you’re a little more likely to be able to obtain the dream of having a fit body than those who are cooped up in an office and are busy all day being under the scrutinization of a high strung boss. The reason? You’re probably your own boss, you make your own schedule, and you have bits of free time that can be used to focus on obtaining your goal.

If you’re looking to get fit and you work at home all day, every day whether on the computer or raising your kids, here are things you can do to lose the weight and build the muscle tone you desire:

Get Yourself Some Weights

You could always get a gym membership and make yourself go a couple times a week, but if you’re stuck at home watching the kids or getting work done, it can be a nuisance and sometimes downright impossible to get out of the house to do so.

If you want to get fit at home, the first thing you need to do is go out and get yourself some weights. Adjustable dumbbells are a great thing to have because you can change the weight according to what you’re working and you can adjust as you get stronger as well. Once you have weights, you can start doing the exercises that will get you to your goal.

Be Aware of Dead Space

Maybe the kids are napping and maybe you’re just in need of a break from all of the intense brain work you’ve been doing on the computer all day. When you’re aware of time you’re spending just checking Facebook or walking around the house with meaningless intention, use that time to do some exercise instead.

You don’t have to get all sweaty. It’s as easy as setting your watch every 30 minutes and doing 20 squats once your alarm goes off. Perhaps you’re watching a training video for work…get down on the floor and do some bodyweight exercises to whip yourself into shape while you’re at home working. Don’t be surprised when the movement actually helps you remember things better, too.

Don’t Keep Snack Food in the House

When you’re sitting on your couch and your mind in busy, but your body is bored, it’s easy to walk to the cupboard, pull out the chips, and go to town. To avoid this, don’t keep snack foods in the house. Better yet, keep healthy snack foods. Fitness is 80 percent diet so if you’re using your time wisely and working out, that’s great, but it won’t do any good if you’re eating your weight in goldfish every day.

Be mindful, don’t set yourself up for failure by having junk in the house, and do home workout videos and exercises to get yourself looking like a million bucks. You have the flexibility and time in your schedule. Just do it.

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Creative Ways To Work From Home For Christians

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housePeople are choosing to work from home for many reasons these days. It saves money on gas and wear and tear on vehicles. It’s a good way to be able to stay home with your family but still make


For some Christians it can be difficult to find work that adheres with your beliefs, or find a company that does. Hobby Lobby doesn’t have enough jobs to hire everyone, and maybe you simply want to be your own boss.

It is possible to make a living as a creative person, from home. You probably won’t get rich, and you won’t be making a living immediately, but those things are possibilities as you gain experience and get your products out there. Here are some creative job ideas to get you started.

Sell Some Artwork

If you have a creative hand and can draw or paint, get at it. People love to decorate their homes with art, and your art may just be the next piece they purchase. You can create Christian art, or anything that catches your fancy. Look to art galleries and museums, like Park West Gallery, for some inspiration.

You can sell your art through local galleries, get out of the house once in awhile and sell at art shows or flea markets, or you can sell online through sites like Etsy and Amazon Handmade.

Become An Author

There are many people that make thousands of dollars a month on residuals simply from ebooks they sell through Amazon. From self help books to romance, authors make a good deal of money writing online these days, and you can do. You just need to start writing.

You will need to get some work posted and start gaining a following. That will mean sharing your books with people via social media, maybe even blogging, and it will also mean starting with lower prices until you gain a good following and interest in what you have to write about.

Do Stock Photography

There are many sites offering stock photos these days, and with all of the blogging going on it’s a much needed commodity. Find something that not a lot of people are taking pictures of and you could make a good deal of money. While you might make pennies a picture, the more pictures you have available that people want, the more money you can make.

Consider product photos, nature photos, and even food photos. These are some of the things that seem to be used most often when it comes to blogging.

Start Crafting

If you like to make crafts you can use that to make income. Sure, everyone knows at least one person that knows how to knit, but can they do the same things as you? You can make a good deal during holidays, but you also have options like Etsy for selling year round.

If you like to get away from home once in awhile, craft shows and even the local farmer’s market offer great places for you to sell your crafts to a wider, more local audience as well.

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