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Low-Cost Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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As a small business, you likely put a lot of time and effort into your marketing. Naturally, you need to generate revenue and increase your audience – and there’s no greater way to achieve this than marketing. 

In 2021, marketing is a complex avenue, to say the least. Businesses use many different marketing strategies (some more successfully than others), from posting on social media pages to promotional emails. However, consumer habits and behaviors are constantly changing, which ultimately means marketing strategies must evolve with them, too. This has created a volatile marketing industry – as strategies that were effective today might not be so effective tomorrow! 

It’s important to remember, though, that when marketing is done right, it will create instant success. 

Also, marketing in 2021 is low-cost in comparison to what it was in previous decades – which should be music to the ears of small business owners around the world. Yes, it’s true – you don’t need to spend big on your marketing!

So, here are some of the best low-cost, proven marketing tips that will help bolster your small business and drive it forward. 



  • Use SMS marketing


SMS marketing has solidified itself as one of the most effective forms of marketing over the past several years. These days, phones are glued to people’s hands (not literally, though). Because of this, they never miss a text message – which means SMS marketing is highly visible. Consumers are guaranteed to see it, whether it’s a promotion for a new product or an advertisement for an upcoming summer sale.  

Therefore, your small business needs to have fast sms marketing that will successfully appeal to your audience. When you have this, your brand engagement and sales will explode – what’s not to love about that? 



  • Offer referral incentives to customers


Customer referrals – although they won’t grow your audience into the millions – are a traditional yet still valuable way to market your business at a low cost. 

A common tactic deployed now is businesses offer referral incentives – meaning they offer existing customers money, vouchers, or discounts if they successfully refer a new customer to join them. However, your incentives must remain within your financial restraints. For example, if you have a reasonable budget, offer customers something like 40% off their next purchase for a successful referral – you get the idea. 



  • Have an aesthetically pleasing logo 


An excellent logo – like Burger King’s latest unveiling – is extremely important when it comes to marketing.  

They say never judge a book by its cover – but consumers certainly do when it comes to logos. 

Sure, it’s not the defining factor of successful marketing. However, it’s a key component that can’t afford to misfire. 

Therefore, you should hire an excellent web designer to create a modern, aesthetically pleasing logo that will appeal to modern consumers in 2021. 

Right now, many businesses are using minimalistic logos – which is something to consider. 



  • Make frequent social media posts 


Guess what? It doesn’t cost anything to post marketing content to your social media pages which, considering the global reach that platforms like Facebook and Instagram have, is pretty astounding. 

Whereas you need to pay for radio advertisement slots or billboards in your local city, one of the most proven methods – social media marketing – remains free (at least for now). Your small business should take advantage of this by regularly posting content to your pages – be it product updates or employee blogs. 

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3 Dropshipping Niches You Should Avoid at all Costs

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Dropshipping can be a great way to make money from home, and one of the simplest ways to start an online business. However, too many people make the mistake of picking saturated niches or don’t understand how problematic some products can be. Finding a great niche is the hardest part of dropshipping, and without research, you might either end up overwhelmed or unable to make sales. Let’s take a look at some of the dropshipping niches you should avoid at all costs.

General Clothing

Clothing is one of the most common niches beginners decide to start with, but it is ironically one of the toughest ones for inexperienced sellers. For one, clothing is very personal and is thus much more prone to returns. You then have to deal with conflicting size charts. For instance, if you decide to buy from a supplier in Asia, chances are the clothes will run smaller, so there’s always a chance for mix-ups.

However, if you want to still be involved in fashion, a better option would be to go with accessories. There are much fewer chances of returns there since what you see is pretty much what you get. This is also a niche that would be perfect if you wanted to use a quality  e-commerce platform. Small orders might mean smaller profit per orders, but it also means less hassle with returns. Also, it’s not uncommon for people to buy multiple accessories at once.


Watches is another niche that beginners seem to flock to for some reason, but it’s not as profitable as many may think and the market is extremely saturated. It’s not uncommon for even successful stores to sell 1 or 2 watches per day.

One of the main issues with watches is the low quality of watches you’ll find on sites like Aliexpress. You can’t expect much from a $5 watch in terms of quality, and you’ll have trouble selling a no name watch for over a hundred dollars if you decide to go for more expensive items. However, if you’re going to be selling watches, then we suggest you go with quality. At least you’ll be able to get positive reviews and maybe some word of mouth publicity.

General Lifestyle Products

When we speak about general lifestyle products, we’re talking about things such as cleaning accessories or basic kitchen items. You want to find niches that stand out with eye-catching items. Most people would rather go out and buy these items than buy them online. The only exception is if you manage to find really original items like a cool salt and pepper shaker or condiment dispenser. However, we advise against basing your whole dropshipping business around that niche.

Dropshipping can be a great way to earn an extra or full-time income from home. However, it’s essential that you research niches first as you might not be aware of some of their pitfalls and have a completely false idea of demand.

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All Aboard The Remote Train: Stats And Facts About Remote Work

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Upon thinking about the era we live in, there is a lot to be thankful for in terms of our jobs and work we perform daily. Many benefits were convened so our careers could be much less stressful. One of them is the remote work model, which is especially on the rise during the last decade.

Telecommuting was created so almost any career could include options for workspace flexibility, malleable productivity hours, less stressful commuting to work, etc. Another great commodity is that you get to virtually work with and meet a vast amount of other people, which wouldn’t normally be the case have you stayed in your headquarters or office.

As this work strategy is getting explored more and more on a daily basis, there are numerous facts and statistics constantly raking in, and we collected some of the most intriguing ones for you in the infographic below. 

For instance, Buffer conducted a survey that showed 99% of people who work on American soil would prefer the flexibility and conveniences that come with working remotely. This comes as no surprise since all people have individual workflows and habits.

A lot of industries are putting major work into embracing telecommuting, and they are doing it step-by-step. The leaders in the field of remote workflow applications include IT, arts, media, design, legislation, and, of course, finance. Since remote work is gaining massive popularity, other industries also do as much as possible to let their employees work out-of-office. 

Essentially, remote work is a win-win situation. Employees get a sense of bigger freedom, their stress levels are reduced, they don’t lose hours in traffic every day, and save a fair amount of money on transport and meal prep. 

They get to spend more time with family and friends. This is especially handy for working parents who need to engage in their children’s lives.

Meanwhile, employers get much higher productivity levels from their employees, who are now much more loyal, as they benefit largely from something they have been given. It is also important to mention that, by having much fewer people in-office, you drastically cut office amenity, equipment, and transportation costs. 

This also largely reduces the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions, doing a great deal in saving our planet for the future.

It is redundant to say it’s worth giving remote work a shot. With everything said, the fact that you can spend more time with your loved ones or in a cozy coffee shop instead of being surrounded by colleagues says enough. There is a lot more to learn about remote work, so make sure to check out the infographic that follows.

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Coming Soon to Theaters: The Divine Plan

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This movie came across our desks recently and we felt that we should share it with our audience. It’s perfect for homeschooling families, those who love politics and history buffs! It’s a new way to look at the Cold War – through the lens of faith! Check it out.  -The Radiant Lit Team

Launching in theaters with a one-night-only Fathom Event on November 6, THE DIVINE PLAN shares the captivating parallels between the lives of President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II.

In a partnership that changed the world, the film poses the question: Was the pontiff and the politician’s work overthrowing communism the result of inexorable political and economic forces, or could if have been part of what  Reagan called “the divine plan?”


Tickets for THE DIVINE PLAN can be purchased at and at participating theater box offices.

Also included in this special one-night-only event is an exclusive in-depth Q&A with filmmaker Robert Orlando and author Paul Kengor, filmed at The Sheen Center for Thought and Culture. This exclusive footage will only be available to be viewed during the theatrical screening on November 6.

Created by visionary director Robert Orlando (APOSTLE PAUL: A Polite Bribe, SILENCE PATTON: First Victim of the Cold War), the feature-length documentary unveils both the religious and political history that shaped the passions of these two world leaders. By probing deep into the shadows of the Cold War, Orlando and those interviewed expose events that support a vivid and
uncommon mission during this fragile chapter of human history. THE DIVINE PLAN blurs the lines of conventional documentary filmmaking as the scenes play out through a combination of interviews with historians and experts, audio and video archives, and illustrations that blend graphic novel illustrations with cold war era Soviet propaganda.

“We live in a superhero world, and even our historical figures require captivating graphic arts to

hold the audience’s interest,” explains Orlando. “Reagan and JPII were mythical figures because they stood for values that transcended their lifetimes. And their battle was with a clear nemesis, the Soviet Union, a struggle that has not gone away, but gone cyber!”

Reagan and John Paul II’s relationship and extraordinary bond has often been described as being directed by a higher power. The striking similarities in their lives cannot be downplayed. The two grew up on separate continents, but from their struggles in childhood to their early careers in the arts, from a youthful passion for their faith in God to influencing the world at large, their stories seem uncannily linked. This extends to 1981, when their stories became permanently entwined. The Pope and the President were both shot by would-be assassins a mere six weeks apart. After recovering from their near fatal injuries, these two leaders of unmatched influence confided in each other in a shared belief that God spared their lives to be the catalysts to defeat communism and end the cold war.

Don’t miss this one night only Fathom Special Event! THE DIVINE PLAN features interviews with some of the greatest minds on the topics of the Cold War, Catholic History, and Presidential Politics.

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Celebrating Memorial Day

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I have never been able to think of the day as one of mourning; I have never quite been able to feel that half-masted flags were appropriate on Decoration Day. I have rather felt that the flag should be at the peak, because those whose dying we commemorate rejoiced in seeing it where their valor placed it. We honor them in a joyous, thankful, triumphant commemoration of what they did.

– Benjamin Harrison

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3 Crucial Online Safety Habits to Teach Your Kids

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As a loving and devoted mom, it goes without saying that you want your kids to be as safe as possible, 24/7/365. But as they begin doing more activities on their own, with less supervision from you, you’re left feeling like you are constantly walking on a tightrope. You’re balancing your kids’ budding independence with your desire to make sure they are okay.

A classic example of this tightrope act is when your kids are on the internet. While you understand that they need and want to go online to research school assignments, to watch videos on YouTube, shows on Netflix and play online games, you also know there are many dangers that can pop up when surfing the web.

In order to be sure your kids stay as safe as possible when they are online, teach them the following habits:

Be Very Careful When Purchasing a Game or Add-Ons

Many video games can be purchased online and then played on either a computer, handheld device or on a game system. Although there are plenty of reputable sites like Steam that sell games, there could be fake websites that claim to offer games but really just want to get a hold of your account info.

To avoid having your credit card number fall into cybercriminals’ hands, let your kids know that you have to approve all online game purchases and in-game add-ons. It is not enough for them to call out “Hey Mom, I need to borrow your debit card to buy a game for $10 and I’ll pay you back out of my allowance.” Have your tweens show you the game they want to buy and make sure it is from a reputable site; while you are at it, teach them that if they see a pop-up ad about buying a game, they should avoid these offers like the plague.

You should also keep a sharp eye on your bank and credit card statements and watch for charges that you don’t recognize. As a backup, it’s wise to invest in an ID theft protection plan. This way, if your kids accidentally purchase a game from a bogus site, you will be immediately alerted about any fraudulent activity on your account.

Never Reveal Personal Information Online

Internet access comes with a number of risks including online predators. These creeps are well aware of which apps and websites tweens and teens like to use, and may pose as a peer who is lonely and looking for new friends. To help your kids avoid these unsavory individuals, tell them that not everyone they encounter online is who they claim to be, and that sharing any type of personal information like your address, their phone number or what school they go to is strictly forbidden. You can also look into getting parental control software like Qustodio that can block access to certain sites and show you who your kiddos are communicating with online.

Teach Them to Post Only What They Would Want Grandma to See

As your kids get older and start using social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat, they may be encouraged by the enthusiastic responses they get to the photos of your family dog to post and share more and more pics and info. Sit down with your kids and show them how easily you can find information about total strangers on a social media site, either by following people you don’t know on Instagram or checking out random pages on Facebook. Make it a rule that your teens must keep their social media pages private and to be very careful about what they post. Despite vigilance, it is still possible for your kids’ pics and posts to get into the wrong hands, according to experts at GCFGlobal. Advise them that they should only put something online that they would be proud for their Grandma to see.

Don’t Worry Mom, You’ve Got This

Hopefully, all of your kids’ experiences online will be positive. But it’s also important to teach them about the risks without completely scaring them. With a solid combo of some firm rules about internet use, combined with an identity theft program and some parental controls, you can feel better about your kids being online and their safety.




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Growth Spurts – Another Annoying Kid Habit

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Finding Simplicity as a SAHM by Adrina PalmerMy son goes to a charter school and has to wear khaki’s and a polo shirt. His uniform had about two inches of growth room in the legs and about the same in the waist and arms. He’s thirteen, so he grew. Overnight. First his legs grew along with his waist. He had to shimmy into his pants one weekday morning. I saw all of his socks and they were not even close to white. Boys are nasty. 

A week later, he grew another inch. The next morning the sleeves on his long sleeve polo shirts looked long enough for a four-year-old and not even close to long enough for a teen. Then his feet grew this weekend he went from a size 8 1/2 in mens to a size 9 in mens. His feet are bigger than mine. So are his hands. He has a few inches on my height too. I knew this would happen someday but why did it need to happen so fast? Time, the real speeding bullet. 

My problem with my son’s growth spurt is less about his inevitable aging, but more a practical issue. I wasn’t ready. Usually, I keep a Rubbermaid container full of clothes in the next size waiting or the inescapable development. As boys get older though, fewer clothes get passed down from friends or family members and I was not prepared. I thought he still had room for a jump in size but I was wrong. Here are some tips to help you avoid being caught off guard. 


  1. Walk past the boys and mens clothes section in Walmart. Often you can find some pants on sale, some tee-shirts, and even jackets. When there is a sale, grab a couple of items cheap a size bigger. 


  1. Use birthdays as an excuse to shop for your boy. No, boys don’t want clothes for their birthday but a new PlayStation game wrapped in a sweater is a good idea. Buy a size up. 


  1. Shop the thrift stores. Second-hand stores carry a ton of mens clothes but not near as many men shop at thrift stores as women. Stock up on some clothing in each size and put it in the Rubbermaid container I forgot!


  1. Do you have a friend with a son a year or two older than yours? Ask for hand-me-downs. Most moms are happy to get rid of anything that is no longer useful and taking up space. Or anything she has to clean! Maybe you have another child who is older than one of her and you can swap clothing. 

Read More→

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It Was An Apple Fritter Kind Of Week

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Have you ever had a week where everything went exactly as planned? Neither have I. Every week I start out believing this week is going to be different from all the other weeks of my life. If this has ever occurred, I cannot recall it.

Take last week, please! I start every week about the same. I meticulously prepare my weekly to-do-list. This is not to be confused with the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage’s honey-do-list. Her list, and I learned this by experience, takes precedence over every other list in the world.

My weekly to-do-list is a very important part of my week. I chronicle everything needing accomplished during the week along with appointments with people that I need to see. With the religious ferocity of the Pharisee, I follow this list throughout the week and dutifully check off each item as it is completed. Then, Saturday evening I can look back with a great deal of satisfaction and see what I have accomplished.

Unfortunately, I can also look back on my list and see what I have not accomplished this week. With a deep sigh, I carry these items over to next week’s to-do-list. Just between you and me, some items I have carried over for 36 consecutive weeks. By this time, I usually drop the whole notion and get on with my life.

My philosophy is, if you aim at nothing; you will hit it every time. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but what I take away from it is simply that if I do not aim to do something I probably never will do it.

I live day by day by this weekly to-do-list. If it were not for this marvelous tool, I would never get anything done during the week. It is my great joy late Saturday night to work out the following week’s to-do-list.

Sometimes my wife will look at me, sigh and say, “You’re not working on your to-do-list, are you?” Then she says something that actually irritates me. Not everything she says irritates me, but this one does. “You know, if you would spend as much time actually doing those things as you spend planning to do them you might actually get something done during the week.”

I developed this to-do-list so I would not have to keep trying to remember what I was supposed to do during the week. They keep me free to think more creatively about things that need that kind of attention. All I had to do was consult my to-do-list and find out what needed to be done. After all, I don’t want to tax my brain too much. Who do you think I am? The government?

Then last week it happened. Something I had feared for many a year. Read More→

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Health as Designed – FREE online masterclass!

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In a culture where food is available at the snap of a finger and majority of processed foods are overloaded with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, it’s no wonder why our health is being negatively impacted at an alarming rate! The good news is we have the power to make changes not only in our lives but in the lives around us.

I’m so excited to bring to you an event that will empower you to make a difference!

It’s a FREE online masterclass starting on January 7th – January 10th 2019, providing you with some insightful information and strategies that can be implemented as soon as you hear the first interview.

My hope is that you’ll be encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle for you and your family, naturally!

I hope you’ll be ready to take action as I was.

Health as Designed Masterclass Series
Join Lisette Campbell and guest speakers as we gain insight and strategies for life-changing tools to help manage healthy blood sugar.

Sign up at

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by Chris Carroll

For many direct sellers, January brings that terrible fear regarding the growth of our direct sales business. Many of us want to grow our business and make a big impact on sales as well as income in the coming year.

January also bring that dreaded business planning back into focus. Yes, you should have been doing it all along, but now is the perfect time to start planning and making small changes in your business that over the year will bring you big impact.

If you simply make a weekly, monthly & yearly plan for your business and focus on adding one customer a week and/or one recruit a month, you will see your business grow by leaps and bounds in the coming year. One customer a week is 52 new customers. If you are in a direct sales business, you know those dollars will add up, especially if those customers remain loyal and place a lot of re orders with you.

One recruit a month can also add quite a bit to your income. That is 12 new team members. What will that do to your income level? If your team members also follow your plan, will they also be adding members? You bet. How can that impact your income? In a big way! Read More→


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