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Home-Based Job Listings

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More Reasons to Pursue a Master’s Degree When You’re Working from Home

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coffee and computerThe majority of people pursuing a master’s degree do so to push their careers forward. The lure of a better position and a higher paycheck are indeed very appealing, and a master’s degree in the right field can be the perfect way to achieve those goals. The presence of online courses designed to help students pursue master’s degrees in various fields makes getting one even more rewarding.

For those who are working from home, however, the paycheck is not the only reason to consider a master’s degree. Pursuing a master’s degree can be highly rewarding, especially with the benefits we are going to cover in this article waiting for you at the end of the experience.

Boost of Credibility

If you’re a professional running a home office or a home business, credibility is one of the most important things to maintain. Your clients and customers use the services you offer – or decide to buy your products – because they find you credible. There are even more elaborate ways to maintain a strong credibility online.

A master’s degree in a specific field is the perfect ingredient to add to that credibility. Let’s say you’re running a business consultancy. An online masters in business administration degree from reputable names such as Washington State University is the perfect degree to have. The online MBA will give clients that extra confidence, knowing that you have the skills and expertise needed to advise for their businesses.

A master’s degree is also the perfect way to acquire new skills that can help you as a professional. A lot of today’s best courses, especially online programs, are designed to be up-to-date and in sync with market demands, so you can easily acquire the skills you need to succeed by enrolling in a suitable program.

Extra Safety Net

One of the challenges of working from home or running an online business is the risk of failure you constantly face. For many, failure can be catastrophic. This is why a lot of business owners set safety nets in the forms of emergency savings, additional sources of income, and the potential of a career should the business fails.

The later can be established with the help of a master’s degree. The job market is actually very lucrative for those with graduate degrees. You will be able to apply for a mid- to a top-level management position without a problem if you have to.

New Fields to Explore

Last but certainly not least, a graduate program is the perfect way to step into new fields, particularly specific fields you’ve been wanting to explore. If you’re interested in IT, you can pursue a degree in information technology or data management and study a specific part of the industry.

Entering new fields bring a wide range of opportunities to your doorstep. You can expand parts of your business, use the skills you get from the course to offer new services, or even make the jump to the new field you’re studying completely. Either way, the opportunity to explore an entirely different industry – and the previous benefits we covered in this article – are more than enough reasons to start your pursuit for a master’s degree.

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How to Start the Perfect E-Commerce Business from Home

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Starting a new e-commerce business today doesn’t come without its problems. Not only do you need to come up with a unique idea for a product but you will also need to spend lots of time and money in getting your business out there. Once you do get the basics out the way, you’ll then need to provide support to existing and potential customers, which is going to take further time and effort. If you still want to proceed in starting an e-commerce business from the comfort of your own home, follow the below steps to make sure you do it perfectly.

Choose a Low Competition Product Niche

The niche of the products you want to sell is important to the success of any e-commerce business. Many new online stores don’t realize this and later regret it because the market they are serving is highly competitive. Do some research before spending money on inventory to try and come up with a product niche that isn’t competitive – it will give you a much better chance of becoming a top competitor in the future.

Make Room for an Office

It’s important you have a spare room in the house that you can convert into an office so you have your own space to operate your business in. If you have a small enough room to fit in a desk and chair that will usually suffice, but as your business grows, you may need to consider other options.

Invest in the Right Accessories

For the office, you will need a host of accessories to ensure the business runs smoothly. These are generally cheap accessories such as folders, staplers, and pens, but as your business grows, you’ll want to invest in a printer and a label printing machine to make work more efficient. You may also want to consider investing in a tape dispenser and some branded packaging to make your business look more professional when you are dispatching goods.

Keep Your Office Clean and Organized

A clean and organized office will only make your job much easier, so always spend an hour or two every week making sure everything you need is in arms reach and there isn’t any paperwork or rubbish floating around. Shred paperwork you don’t need and file everything that’s important, and label folders so you know where to find paperwork in the future.

Use Your Garage for Storage

A small room in the house is usually only good enough for an office, and that means you’re going to need to find storage to house your inventory. In the initial stages of business, paying for storage facilities isn’t going to be a viable option, so you will have to turn to your own garage to help you out. Make sure the garage is clear of personal items, clean, and isn’t going to damage any of your products because of a leaky roof.

Keep Your Accounts in Excellent Shape

Keeping your records and accounts in an organized fashion will give you an advantage in the future. Decide whether it’s more viable to hire an accountant or get an online accounting degree (online MACC) via the UAB Collat School of Business.

The points to consider when starting an online e-commerce business are practically endless, and while the initial costs of starting one are small, the costs of running the business as it develops can grow considerably. Always make sure you have a detailed business plan in place so you know what to expect in the future.  

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How to Become a More Efficient and Professional Work At Home Mom

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telecommuting momAre you a work at home mom or are you thinking about starting your own home-based business? More parents than ever are deciding to work in this way, but some people fare out better than others. The individuals who take their home-based business seriously and take the appropriate steps when they are setting up their businesses are the ones who are the most likely to succeed. Below are some tips that will help you to become a more efficient, professional work at home mom.

Improve Your Communication and Business Skills

Like any business person, you have to act in a professional way when you are dealing with clients, suppliers, and any other business associates that you have to communicate with. However, it can take some time and some guidance to develop the communication and business skills you require.

If possible, you should invest in yourself by completing a communications course or a course that will improve your business skills. An online masters in communication management program offered by a recognized university such as the University of Southern California will enhance these important skills and provide you with the knowledge you require to become a much more effective work at home professional.

Some home-based entrepreneurs may be hesitant to start such a course because they feel they wouldn’t have the time to commit to a full-time course and attend classes and lectures. However, with a large number of online master of communication management degree programs available, you can now study from the comfort of your home and obtain a valuable qualification without ever having to set foot in a college or a university.

Set Down Rules and Find a Dedicated Place to Work

Managing your personal life and working from home is not always an easy balancing act. From the start, you need to make it clear to family members and friends that you have a business to run and that there are certain times of the day when you don’t want to be distracted or disturbed.

You can do a lot to prevent many of the common disturbances that can take place while you’re trying to work. For example, you should work from a quiet location in your home that includes all of the equipment you need. Read More→

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Home-Based Job Listings

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How to Make a Difference in Your Community

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Do you want to make a difference in your local community? Unfortunately, there are many people who struggle in life and need your help. As well as this, many people want to improve their neighborhoods and make their locality a safer and more enjoyable place to live in. Below are some of the ways you can help.

Work as a Public Administrator

The residents in your local area need people they can rely on to represent them and individuals who want to address any local social and economic problems that exist. If you believe you have the personality and skills to do this work, becoming a public administrator could be the job for you.

You can start by getting involved in local projects and attending community events. However, to really advance in this area and become an effective public administrator, you should consider enrolling in an online master in public administration degree course or a similar type of program. Once you have completed a course such as the online MPA degree from a recognized university like Norwich University, you will possess the skills and knowledge required to work in local government or in a wide range of non-profit organizations.

Help Senior Citizens

People are living longer, which means there are more seniors who need to be taken care of. In many cases, these older citizens simply need some company and support. In other situations, you may be able to help these senior citizens by helping with home deliveries or providing your services at a local senior center.

Become a Coach or Mentor

Many of the social problems that occur in a city or town come about because of the neglect of younger members of society who have not been guided in the right way in their formative years. By becoming a coach or a mentor with a local team or youth organization, you can act as a role model for many of these children and teenagers who might otherwise go down the wrong path in life and enter a life of crime. Read More→

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right SEO Company

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It’s never been easier to start your own business from home. Bloggers, affiliate marketers, retailers, and service providers can start companies with plenty of earning potential, from the comfort of their own home and often with little start-up capital.

However, if you are considering starting or have already started your own home business, then the main thing that you will need to consider is how you’re going to market it to your potential customers and gain exposure in front of your target audience. Creating a business is the easy part; now you have your work cut out for you and must ensure that you find the right professionals and companies to help you take your company to the top and gain the results that you need.

For many businesses today, whether they are mainly run online or offline, having a strong online presence is an absolute essential. To do this, you will need to focus on search engine optimization (SEO), which will help your business website get a better ranking in search engine results, leading to more users finding it when they search for keywords specific to your business, brand or industry.

However, many small business owners today don’t have the time or expertise to carry out their own SEO. So, they must find and hire a reputable company that can take on this mammoth task for them. We’ve listed some top tips to help you find the perfect SEO agency to help you successfully market your brand.

Tip #1. Consider Their Past Work:

If you’re looking for an SEO expert or company, then you’ll surely have no issue finding some suggestions. However, it’s important to bear in mind that not all SEO agencies are created equal; some will brand themselves as experts, but in reality have little experience in actually getting great results for their clients.

So, before you make a final decision, it’s important to consider their past work, and look at the kind of results that they have gotten for their clients previously. No good SEO company will withhold this kind of information; it will be readily available for potential clients to see, so that they can prove just how good they are in their areas of expertise.

Tip #2. Look at Their Services:

Although there are several reputable SEO companies out there who will offer a range of services, such as the HOTH, don’t assume that all will. For example, if you’re hoping for a company that will be able to help you with things such as on-page SEO and optimizing your website content, then it’s probably not a good idea to opt for an agency that mainly specializes in blogger relations and guest posts, for example.

The best way to determine which SEO company to choose is by first creating a list of the kind of services that you will need from them. For example, if you’re able to handle your own guest posting, but need a company to help you with the technical side of things, then you may also be able to save money since you won’t require a full package. Read More→

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May Featured CWAHM

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For the next few months, we’ll be featuring CWAHMs from some of the best work-at-home businesses available. This month’s CWAHM spotlight introduces you to Katie Cote with Thirty-One:

Katie Cote – Independent Director
I was introduced to Thirty-One by a family member years ago and immediately fell in love with the product line and the mission of the company.  When our CEO, Cindy Monroe established the business in 2013, she named the company after Proverbs 31 and wanting to help women by giving them the opportunity to run their own successful business. I found success in this business right away and love where I am headed.
The company is named from Proverbs 31 and about being a virtuous woman which I fell in love with before the products. The company is faith based and it shows in how they treat consultants. As a busy mom of 3, I’m always on the run with bags and totes galore. Their products are affordable, sturdy and have a great reputation.
My Thirty-One business allows me to run my business right from my home.  Some days my office is my dining room table!  I love that I am able to plan my working schedule around the needs of my family.  I work when the kids leave for school and when they are in bed at night.  I can be with my kids to get on and off the bus and be there for their baseball games.
Being in a direct sales business means building relationships and that can be done any time of the day, from the bus stop, to the baseball field and everywhere in between.  You can join my team and earn commission, free products and even Disney vouchers this summer.  I am currently adding new consultants to my team and I take pride in being able to support and coach them to be successful in their own business as well.  Contact me for more information on how a $99 Enrollment kit could unlock the doors for you in so much more!
* If you’d like to apply to be a Featured CWAHM, you can do so here! 🙂
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Home-Based Job Listings

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AAA is looking for international travel agents to help customers book their vacations

Indeed Will Pay You To Refer People To Jobs

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Home-Based Job Listings

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Hilton Is Hiring Work-From-Home Reps In 29 States

Wag! Is Hiring Dog Walkers In 29 Cities

SYKES, a business process outsourcing company, is seeking customer service personnel to help them field phone calls for a variety of clients. They offer health benefits and a 401K!

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