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What’s Your Intention?

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tara-p2As a business owner it is easy to get caught up in comparing your success to others, especially when it seems like they are doing better than you. But when we play the comparison game, it takes us off the business course God has already set for us.

I recently experienced this myself with the now unreleased e-book, I had spent weeks writing. The book was completed, newsletters were sent out to subscribers announcing its release and was scheduled to be available the next day, but then I started to feel unsettled and I did not know why.

The more I thought about the e-book, the more pronounced the feeling became. I started to realize that the book was not to be released. So the night before it was set to be published, I deleted it and wrote an email to my subscribers telling them the book had been put on hold indefinitely. I explained that I needed to listen to my inner voice which was telling me not to publish the e-book.

I truly did not understand what was happening, so I took comfort in Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.” (NIV) When I made the decision to listen, the unsettling feeling that had started to develop within me stopped. I was at peace and have been since that moment.

In the weeks since changing courses with the book, I’ve had time to think and reflect. I worked hard on the book, implementing the lessons I learned from when I created my first e-workbook, Journaling to Your Purpose and felt pretty good about what I had created. Read More→

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A Recipe for Success

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tara-recipeDo you like to cook or know someone who does? Chances are you may have used a recipe or created your own. Recipes do two things, they list ingredients and the amounts needed and they give clear and specific directions on how to use the ingredients. If the recipe directions are clear, the correct ingredients are used and we follow the instructions as they are written, we will end up with a great tasting product.

Joshua 1 reads like a recipe. God gives Joshua the ingredients for success and directions on how to use the ingredients to create the final product which is to enter the Promise Land.

The story of Joshua is a familiar one. After years of being the aide to Moses, God moves him to a position of leadership. Moses has died and the Israelites still have not made it into the Promise Land. In order to get there, they need a new leader. God choses Joshua and also gives him a recipe for success. The recipe for Joshua to take the Israelites to the Promise Land is the same one we can use in our businesses. It’s a versatile recipe that cooks up well, no matter what type of business you own or desire Two key ingredients are centered on God telling Joshua three times to be “strong and courageous”. God stresses the importance of these words by how often He repeats them. Strong means not easy to break.

Courage means the ability to do something even though it frightens you. How many times has your business required large amounts of strength and courage during periods when you may have  wanted to quit or were filled with doubt? God knew that what he was requiring Joshua to do would challenge him in ways he had never known before. He was promoting Joshua to a higher level and with that came new responsibilities and challenges. God did not want Joshua to let fear and weakness get in the the way of what He was calling him to do. We are not to let them get in our way either.tara-recipe-blue

Read More→

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Do You Want Balance or Rhythm?

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tara-pAstime2 a new business owner, I must admit I struggled with figuring out how to balance my life with my business. As a mom of two children, and someone who has her foot in the world of part time employment, it’s often been a delicate balancing act. There is always the question of how much time to give to my business, while making sure I am engaged and present for my children, while also being a productive employee. My life also includes having time with God, serving in church, staying on top of household chores, being a good friend and all the other many things that clamor for my attention. Last but not least, practicing self-care so that I am around long enough and able to do all that God has for me.

Try as I might, I’ve never been very good at the balancing act. Instead I always felt I was just barely holding it all together. Trying to achieve some sort of equal distribution of time among all the moving parts that make up my life was all consuming, frustrating and exhausting.

But then I had an “A-ha” moment. One of those where clarity comes to you and things just finally make sense. It happened in church when my pastor was speaking from the book of Ecclesiastes.  The simple yet profound statement he made went like this, “stop trying to balance your life and instead move with the rhythm of your life.”


Ecclesiastes, written by King Solomon, is one of those books in the Bible that is filled with practical wisdom about life, death, meaning, and work. It is also a book that clearly illustrates the seasons  of life and how everything has its own appointed time. This is something I knew, but did not always put into practice. I was going against the natural timing of my life. What I found was trying to balance things did not work for me. The more I tried to balance the more I was out of balance. When I realized I was working against the rhythms that my life was producing I was able to start to make the shift in how I approached time. Read More→


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