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Leader…Or Not?

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Tracey Eyester - Every MOMent Counts

Is she, or isn’t she, a leader; Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin?  That question seems to be on everyone’s lips.  Lipstick or not.

That question has caused me to take a step back, peer into the mirror and wonder how I would answer that question about myself.

My initial thought…I used to be a leader.  I was a Paralegal in one of the top law firms in South Florida with offices on the island of Palm Beach.  The attorneys I worked for recognized my leadership abilities and trusted me with free reign on the projects I worked on.  I ended up becoming somewhat of an expert in my field because the firm specialized in Equity Country Club conversions and ultimately I ended up on the leadership team of a start up club in Stuart, Florida and then the Membership/Marketing Director of an exclusive golf club in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Not long after that, the unexpected happened – I was blessed with a pregnancy, though the doctors told me I would never get pregnant.

What is a woman (who is a leader) to do when faced with a fulfilling job and motherhood looming on the horizon?  In my opinion, a woman and her husband are to pray, seek God and determine what is best for her (and their) plans for the future.  Once you know God’s desire you then have to act on it, make that tough decision – even if it requires sacrifice.  Isn’t that really what leadership is after all?

In my leadership roles in the business world I have had the best of business plans, put them into action and then circumstances changed and suddenly the perfect business plan had to be altered.  To quote the US Marine Corps, “adjust and adapt” … that is the role of a leader.

Yes, I enjoyed my career, but the tough decision for me was to leave my job, and the sacrifice was to sell our large golf course dream home and move into a 1,400 square foot home in an entirely different type of neighborhood.

Read More→

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My Mom Philosophy

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By Tracey Lanter Eyster,
Creator & Senior Editor,

Welcome to Every MOMent Counts!  Here you will find words harnessed together by energy and enthusiasm that I hope will provide encouragement and empowerment to you as a mom.

You see once God blessed me with the title “mom” my entire outlook on life was forever altered, tipped away from self and towards legacy.  Suddenly my desire to glorify God was transcended from my life and into the life of His great blessing to me…my children.  I was being entrusted with these tiny little lives to love and mold into “His little soldiers” as my younger brother declares.

In today’s world of “meism” the ability to place one’s personal desires aside and contemplate daily life through the lens of selfless motherhood can only be done… well, through the power of the Holy Spirit.  And lest you think me a prideful, perfectionist, ninnymuggins; allow me to assure you my selflessness exists successfully only when I am well girded.  The daily battle against self continuously screams loudly in my momlife.

Actually, so loudly does it scream that I am compelled though necessity to spend daily time in the word at most, and seek out scotch taped index cards streaming with Bible verses at least.  My home is frequently alive with the cascading sounds of Christian contemporary music to wage war against my selfish thoughts.  And on the days I really need some serious refocus – very loud, foot stomping strains of LeCrae, Skillet and Third Day are at a fever pitch level!

My children have always been the integral part of my life.  They matter.  I make time for them.  I set aside my wants for their needs.  I spend intentional time with them.  I am always a teacher.  I fail.  I apologize.  We keep moving forward.  We make memories.  We play.  I am silly.  I dance.  I sing.  I instruct.  I have “do nothing” days.  I cook.  I am busy.  I err.  I ask for forgiveness.  We rebuild.  We laugh.  We cry.  We create.  I take pictures – lots of pictures.  We make memories.  I am an intentional mom. Read More→

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Own Less, Work Less

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Tracey Eyster, Be the Mom bloggerOwn Less, Work LessHave you ever noticed that sometimes we do what we do out of sheer habit? Early each year our family intentionally reviews what we are spending our time doing and why we are doing it. It has been eye opening as we each humbly are willing to recalculate and make changes, sometimes letting go of “good things” for “better things.”

As with all facets of our lives, even work needs to be assessed and re-evaluated on a regular basis to be sure we are indeed doing daily what it is God wants for our best and our family’s best.

How about you? Would you be willing to take a long intentional look at what you spend your time doing and why you are doing it?

I had a friend that did this exercise and when she “really” looked at her life she realized she could work less hours and spend more time with her family if they simply got rid of one of their expensive car payments. She and her husband hadn’t fully thought through the “cost” of two very nice cars. They sold one, bought a used car, changed a few shopping habits and she was able to work part time verses full time. Exactly what she preferred for that season of her life. Read More→

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Judging While Working

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Tracey Eyster, Be the Mom bloggerJudging While WorkingChildren are a blessing and our heritage from the Lord. Those precious little ones, and big ones, want us to be engaged with them and pay attention to them throughout the day – because hey,  you are wonderful!

I have always searched for ways to stay engaged with my kids as I learned that building relationship with them is so very important.

As a stay at home working mom you are in a unique position to seek out ways to work as needed, yet engage when able – the best of both worlds. A true blessing. Read More→

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Fun Bucket Saves the Work Day

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Tracey Eyster, Be the Mom bloggerFun Bucket Saves the Work DayEver had one of those days, especially during the summer, where your kids need some entertainment and you have that deadline you are working on, or some multi-tasking that’s going on and you just don’t have time to figure out a plan for the kiddos?

Take the time now, just before summer is in full swing and fill a box with some fun activities that will keep your child engaged for a bit. Hide it in the top of your closet and allow it to “lay in wait” until that “Mom, I’m bored” moment! It will also be at arm’s reach on one of those days where you just know you will be less than amicable when your kids are in need and you will be able to quickly get your hands on some fun entertainment that will engage your kids.

When those days arrive you can grab something out of the box and throw it in your Mom’s Fun Bucket present it to your little lovelies and oohs and aahs will ensue! Read More→


10 Minute Touch Base

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Tracey Eyster, Be the Mom bloggerIf you are a work at home mom I know there are times where your children are there and you need to figure out a way to work efficiently, but remain engaged with the precious ones God has given you to invest in daily.

As moms we recognize being an involved and engaged mom does need to be a priority in life. Spending time with our children and building relational equity with them will basically allow us to speak into their lives and we all want that blessing as they navigate the world around us. How can you seek intentional engagement if you have made the decision to also work at home?

As a work at home mom you have the amazing blessing of being “there” – but how can we really be “there” when we are working? Creative, intentional time management! I must say, I have long been amazed that when it comes to kids a little can go a long way. Read More→

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15 Minute Mom Fun!

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Tracey Eyester - Every MOMent CountsThere never seem to be enough hours in the day – I get that.

But fifteen minutes could last a lifetime.beach play

As a work at home mom if you can make a habit of engaging with your children when they are seeking you out, I think you’ll be amazed at how far that fifteen minutes will go.

Children by nature enjoy moving on to the next thing, so you stopping for a bit does not have to be feared by you…because you think you can’t get back to work. The stopping and engaging, actually is just what you both need throughout your day. Giving your kids that fifteen minutes here and there to giggle, read, cheer, provide that “watch me” MOMent, make a snack together…or whatever else their need is, goes a long way towards a more cared for child and more relaxed mom! Read More→

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Work Space Shuffle

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Tracey Eyester - Every MOMent CountsIf you are reading this there is a high probability that you are reading it from your “work space” in your home. Raise your head up from the computer screen and take a look around and ask yourself, “Is this the best place for me to work and what does the space communicate to me when I see it?”

I hope it doesn’t tell you it’s time to get some sleep, because you are in your bedroom!  Just as you shouldn’t have a television in your bedroom, I don’t think that’s the best place for your workspace either. Bedrooms should be an oasis.

What about the family room – if the workspace is in the family room is that a good idea? That seems intrusive too. Read More→

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The Truth About You

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Tracey Eyester - Every MOMent CountsGreat job mom! I am amazed at all you are able to get done in one day! I mean really who else in the world can get as much done as you?

There is not one other profession that requires its employee to do her job, do it efficiently, with a good attitude and without daily recognition from co-workers while having several young people clamoring around her constantly wanting attention.

Ponder this…have you ever seen a corporate executive doing his or her job surrounded by children?  Stop and think about every other working person you bumped into today…were any of them juggling their daily tasks with their children under foot? Read More→

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Blogging Harmful To Your Kids?

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Tracey EyesterYou have heard the expression, “out of the mouth of babes” I’m guessing? Well, my own babe, in the form of a 12-year-old boy floated something out of his mouth a few years ago that set me straight – pdgq! (pretty da-gum quick)

There may be a few of you, or more than a few of you, who need to hear and absorb what it was he said to me. “Mom, you are on the computer all the time now.” Read More→

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