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40 Days to a Better Business

This week we’ve covered:

* Finding New Customers

* Creating Forward Motion

* Accountability

* Creating a Personal Business Owner Mission Statement

* Praying In a New Way Over Your Business


What have you learned? What do you need to put into action?


Your homework over the weekend is:

1. Assess what needs to change in your business in the above areas.

2. Begin setting up networking appointments, creating your mission statement and praying BIG, BOLD prayers over your business.

3. Set a deadline for when you will complete each task.


Get to work!


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Keyboard & TelephoneWe’ve all had a slimy sales experience. I’ll tell you my latest one that makes me laugh. Maybe you’ll get a kick out if it, too. Maybe this has happened to you…

So a couple of weeks ago I got a call from a representative from a financial services company. Fairly well-known one. He had been referred to me and wanted to know if I would come for an “exploratory interview” for some kind of position at the company. He said it had something to do with management. He was purposely vague and wouldn’t tell me much about it.

Being curious, I scheduled the appointment. Then I started to do some research.

Turns out this company recruits 20 applicants and interviews them at the same time, then draws them off one by one where they are presented this opportunity to invest hundreds in their business.

Yeah, that sounds like a totally legit job opportunity! Well, maybe not…

So I canceled the interview and had a good chuckle about it.

But this tactic in one shape or another is often used by sales people. And it’s slimy. Like clickbait. It leaves a horrible taste in your mouth.

If I ever need a financial services company in the future, I will NOT be using them, that’s for sure!

So it also demonstrates that BRANDING is a much superior way to get clients. That’s because you are ATTRACTING clients to you rather than trying to FORCE them to do business with you.

Here’s a little example: this year my nephew and I started a homeschool club. I began promoting it last May. Our number one goal was to meet a need in the community that no one is meeting and we built a brand around that. It is now a steady income stream for my business and it provides my nephew a salary.

We show up to serve the people who want our services, and we have been growing steadily. We have raving fans and they come to us. We don’t have to chase anybody down or employ slime ball tactics because we offer something of value. We are ourselves. Our branding reflects that. We are building a COMMUNITY. Our customers have become our friends and these customers have become friends with each other. Read More→

40 Days to a Better Business

For the last several weeks we’ve been working on specific parts of our businesses, trying to strengthen each section individually. However, as we end this week, I think it’s important that we talk just a bit about how to strength our businesses (and our lives) as a whole: prayer.

Prayer is such an integral part of all that we do that it is often overlooked. However, without prayer our businesses will not thrive the way that we desire for them to.

I recently read Mark Batterson’s book, The Circle Maker, and in it he gives some ideas on how we can learn to pray bolder prayers.

Pray Big

In his book, Batterson argues that we oftentimes tend to pray small prayers out of fear or guilt. We either think God can’t or won’t come through for us, or we feel guilty for asking anything of Him at all. Batterson explains that we serve a MIGHTY God who loves to be called on to do mighty things in our lives. He says that we need to set BIG goals in the areas where we see God working in our lives. And then we need to pray BIG prayers humbly asking God to help us in those things that seem impossible.

Pray Specifically

Praying generalized prayers is another way that many of us attempt to seek the will of God. We are afraid to ask anything specific of Him because we don’t want to look foolish or be disappointed. Batterson gives examples from the Bible of people who prayed very specific prayers and were answered in very specific ways by God. Batterson argues that if we want to see specific answers, we MUST choose to pray specifically, trusting God and thanking Him before He even answers.

Read More→

40 Days to a Better Business

When you’re in business for yourself, your reputation is incredibly important and must be handled with care. In order to gain customers, you must earn their trust. In order to earn their trust, you must run your business with integrity, striving to do your best for your customers at all times.

To keep yourself grounded and on the right path as a business owner, it’s important to not only have a mission statement for your business, but for yourself as well. I call this your Personal Mission Statement. It defines not only your intentions as a business owner, but also helps keep you accountable as you face the hard decisions that come with running your business.

Writing your Personal Mission Statement is somewhat like writing your Business Mission Statement. In fact, it’s a good idea to print out your Business Mission Statement and have it in front of you as you write your personal statement.

To get started, think through questions like:

* Who am I as a business owner? How do I want to be seen, remembered or talked about by my clients and customers?

* Why will customers choose to work with me? What about me stands out from the crowd?

* What has God called me – as an individual – to do?

Once you’ve fleshed out answers to these questions, compile them into a short paragraph. Then refine your wording until you have a Personal Mission Statement that you’re comfortable with.

Print out both your Personal Mission Statement and your Business Mission Statement and post them near where you work. Refer back to them daily as a reminder of who you are and where you’re headed.

Read More→

If you are considering starting your own business, then you have no doubt looked at what others have done to be successful. The problem is that there isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to business; you have to choose something you love doing, or at least have an interest. If you are stuck for ideas, here are some of the top new business ideas for 2018.

Social Media Consulting

The world of social media is growing all the time, with many of the platforms still developing. There are still a number of businesses that haven’t joined many of these networks and have little idea as to what they need to do. If you are used to social media, and you know what it takes to make a post go viral, then you can offer to be a consultant for these companies. Because of the potential revenue that social media can generate, companies are willing to pay well for the help you can give them.

Box Subscriptions

Box subscriptions are becoming more popular recently, but there are still some areas that are as yet untapped. The premise is that you create a box full of certain goods that are tailor-made to each subscriber. It could be beauty products, chocolates or wine; these boxes are then sent each month to the subscriber for them to enjoy. While you can go for the luxury end of the market, it could be better to keep it as inexpensive as possible.

Property Investment

To enter the realm of property investment, you need to have some capital, but it can quickly become a great way to build wealth. The other big advantage is that you consult with other companies like 1031 Exchange Properties to help you with your reinvestment. Investing in real estate can be the riskiest of the new business ideas, but the rewards can be the best of them all.

Fitness Instructor

Health and fitness are always big topics, and there are always people looking for a trainer. If you love exercise and think you have what it takes, then you can start your own fitness company. You can advise on healthy eating and exercise and take classes at your home or in a rented unit. Once you have started, there are many possibilities to this business; you can add yoga, Pilates, and other routines as well.

Software Training

Technology is everywhere, and more businesses now require customers to interact with them online. The problem is there are a lot of people who are uneasy about using computers and technology. People such as these can be an ideal way to start a new business venture, offering classes or personal tuition on how to use computers and the internet. You can also offer classes for the higher end businesses to teach them new software or technology.

There are many ideas that you can use to start a new business this year, the most important thing to remember is not to take too long thinking about it.

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Rev. James Snyder, Out to Pastor bloggermoney down the drainAn incident happened this past week in which I am still scratching my head. Have you ever known you had something, but for the life of you could not find it? I will accede to the fact that occasionally, I do have a streak of absent-mindedness running through me. At times, I wish it would just walk.

I was fairly certain I had an extra $20 in one of my pant’s pockets. It was what I affectionately refer to as my “mad Money.” My wife would be mad if she knew I had it. I do not remember where it came from but my real problem was, I could not find those pants.

Usually, if I find money in my pants pocket there is only one explanation. I’m wearing somebody’s pants, but not mine. The truth is, my pants rarely see any extra money. If there is an occasion when I do have money in my pocket, my pants get all excited and wrinkly.

Only this was different. I distinctly remember putting a $20 bill in one of my pants pockets and thinking what I could do with it. But now, I cannot find it. I knew I had an extra $20. I distinctly remember putting it somewhere. I’ve looked everywhere… maybe I should have looked somewhere.

With the aimless look on my face, more aimless than normal, I wandered the house in search of the missing $20. I tried to act inconspicuous so the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage would not discover what I was doing.

Obviously, no Emmy award will come my way because my acting inconspicuous was a complete failure.

“What are you looking for?” My wife queried.

“Nothing,” I stammered.

“When you find it, let me know. I really don’t know what nothing looks like.”

Ha. Ha. Ha. Sometimes she thinks she is a comedian. However, I was not laughing. If I find that money, the joke will be on her. Then we will see who is laughing.

I had two fears facing me at this point. First, she could have found the money and was waiting for me to admit that I actually had some extra money. This would invite a great deal of grief on top of my balding head.

Second, if I told her I was looking for money she would want to know where I got extra money. If I cannot remember where the money is, how in the world am I going to remember where it came from?

Then, she would want to know how much more money I had misplaced somewhere in the house. Actually, I want to know that myself.

Such interrogation from her borders on waterboarding. If the FBI wants to learn a thing or two about torturing people, they could learn an awful lot from her. She can torture a person and not lay a glove on them. Of course it is not her glove I am worried about, it is her evil eye that goes through a person, me in particular, like a laser beam. Read More→

40 Days to a Better Business

Part of working from home is being self-reliant and self-motivated. The flip-side of that is knowing when you may need some outside accountability to help you find direction and keep your business moving forward. There have been several times over the years that I have found myself in a rut. I reached out to business friends and other coaches for help in digging out from the rut and giving myself and my business some fresh perspective.

Something to always be on the lookout for is a business mentor. This doesn’t have to be a formal mentoring relationship, although it certainly can be, it just needs to be someone who is further ahead in business and who is willing to tell you the truth about where you are and where you’re headed. Someone who will dispense advice and ask you the hard questions.

It’s also beneficial to find an accountability partner. This would be a colleague or friend/acquaintance who is in a similar place to you in business and is willing to share struggles and prayer requests with you. An accountability partner would walk with you through the hard times in life and in business as you share each other’s burdens  in your business life and spiritual life. This is someone you could have coffee with or check-in with via Skype or a Google hangout, to be there for one another and hold one another to God’s high standard in business and life.

A prayer team is a great addition to any business. No matter what type of business you’re running, you will have struggles as well as victories. You can set up a prayer team by including just a few close friends or business associates. Email prayer requests and praises to them regularly and ask them to be in prayer for you, your business, your clients and your family.

To help your business find direction, you might consider setting up a Board of Directors. This option is often used by ministries,  ministry-related businesses and non-profits. A Board of Directors can help you make decisions about the direction your company should take and keep you accountable in areas like finances, staffing and other areas that may lack direction.

Read More→

40 Days to a Better Business

Even with all of the brainstorming and networking that you’re now doing, based on the last 21 days of lessons, there will still be days where it feels like you’re sitting on the sidelines seeing no action. In times like these, it will be up to you as the leader of your business to create that forward motion that you desire. Sometimes we simply must create our own current to swim in.

Think Outside the Box

I know this saying is overused, but it’s so very true when it comes to running your own business. We often lock ourselves into doing things the way we see other businesses around us doing them. However, in order to stand out, we must do things differently.

Take a look at your business from your customer’s vantage point – what would make you jump at the chance to be a part of it? How can you promote that in a new and fresh way?

Ask a friend or colleague to give you their viewpoint on your business. In their opinion, what things could be changed and made better? How can you use that information to do things in a unique way?

Be Special

Another way to spice things up in your business is to offer a new discount, special or freebie. These things help to create excitement about what you’re doing. People will want to share about you and your business if they feel that you are meeting their needs in some way – a discount or freebie can do just that!

Be wise when using this format – require that people sign up for your mailing list in exchange for the freebie. Or offer a discount on a new (or old) product that you are featuring. Decide WHAT you would like your customers to do – sign up, purchase, etc – and then create the promotion in such a way that it directs them to do so. Read More→

40 Days to a Better Business

One of the toughest parts of being in business is deciding where and how to spend your time when it comes to customer relations. You must divide your time between current customers, whom you want to keep as happy returning customers, and new clients, many of which you need to go and find. You must then secure their business.

Thankfully, we live in an age where you don’t necessarily need to leave home to find new customers. Online networking avenues make it easier than ever for you to spread the word about your business. These tools include:

* Social Media Channels – These include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. Use these tools not just to market your business, but to build relationships with clients – both present and future.

* Message Boards – Many niche websites have message boards, also known as forums, where you can interact with others who share your interests.

* Online Advertising – Depending on your product or service, it may make sense for you to advertise online using tools like Google AdWords, Amazon or Twitter ad, or even ads on niche websites like CWAHM (check us out!).

Despite all of these ways to communicate and spread your message online, you can’t overlook the benefits of networking in-person, either. Here are a few ideas for connecting with your local community as a businessperson:

* Chamber of Commerce – Your community most likely has a Chamber of Commerce with events to help you meet and connect with other local business owners as well as new customers. Building relationships with other business owners can be a great way not only to gain great business advice, but to cross-promote each other as well.

* Christian Networks– Check to see if your city/town has an organization for Christian business owners that you can take part in. My local community has CBWF, which stands for Christian Women’s Business Fellowship. It’s a great way to connect not only in business, but in faith.

* Referrals – Never doubt the power of a referral. Ask for referrals from your face-to-face clients as well as online. Also, don’t be afraid to mention once in a while to your friends and family how much you appreciate any referrals that they can pass your way. Consider offering an incentive for referrals to help as an incentive, too.


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40 Days to a Better Business

This week we’ve covered:

* Boundaries

* Contracts

* Handling Difficult Clients

* Making Getting Paid Easier


What have you learned? What do you need to put into action?


Your homework over the weekend (next 2 days) is:

1. Assess what needs to change in your business in the above areas.

2. Begin outlining any contracts and new payment options that need to be put into place.

3. Set a deadline for when you will complete each task.


Get to work! 


Miss any posts from this series? Read the entire series here.

Learn more about starting your own business HERE!

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