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3 Tips For Homeschooling Your Children And Working From Home

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perfect childMaking the decision to educate your children at home is a big commitment and shows that creating an individual and tailored approach to your child’s education.  It requires a lot of work and life balance since it requires such an amount of attention and detail. Preparing your child for getting a college education is the main goal.

It can be extra challenging when you also work from home.  Even though the convenience is undeniable of not having to drive your child to a school every day or having to get yourself to an office, there are certainly challenges that come with working and teaching your children in the same place.

Here are some of the best tips for being able to balance work and your homeschooling without feeling overwhelmed.

Create A Schedule

Without a schedule, your day runs the risk of everything happening at once.  Studies show that people are more productive when they focus on one thing at a time rather than double tasking.  Try to sit down and create a schedule which separates each activity throughout the day in order to simulate a traditional school setting as much as possible.

It is crucial to set timeframes for each activity in your day in order to be as productive as possible.  Since flexibility is definitely required of you when you have kids, it is important to not stay too rigid in your scheduling, but still having a sense of structure in order to avoid chaos.

Extracurricular Activities

Kids can start to get bored and distracted if they are in the same setting for too long of a period of time.  They need a change of atmosphere and activities every now and then to keep them stimulated.  Not to mention you need time to be able to get your work done without having to entertain them constantly.

Consider signing them up for an extracurricular activity which is outside of the house.  This way you know that they are still getting something beneficial out of their time while you step away from your teaching role to get your work done. Read More→

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Amazing Advantages Of Online Courses and E-learning

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elearningIn a world obsessed with using the internet, it’s hardly surprising that the way we learn has gone online too. Online training and elearning courses have seen a rise in popularity as people recognize their benefits. It allows you to download and use videos, seminars and workbooks to gain new skills and understanding. This can be incredibly beneficial if you’re going up for a promotion or changing careers. With more elearning courses than ever before you can find topics from business management to first aid training. To see what advantages an elearning course can bring you, look at these examples.

It’s highly flexible

One of the most appealing benefits of online courses is their flexibility. While course styles and topics will differ, they let you work and learn at a pace that you feel comfortable with. This means you can carry out your reading or coursework during your spare time. Rather than trying to squeeze it into your busy working day. You also have the freedom to how long you learn for as there are often few restrictions. This versatility makes it even easier to slot seamlessly into your life and around your other commitments. There is no pressure to stick to too many deadlines or to compete with other students as it’s all done independently. You can also access it at any time of the day from any location.  For more information on how to manage your time, take a look at

It can save you money

It’s no secret that going to school can be expensive. Especially if you are looking after a family or cutting your hours at work to do so. If your boss won’t pay for it, you may think you cannot afford to gain the skills and training you need. But there are many Elearning courses that you can use for free while also allowing you to stay at home or work. Therefore reducing the cost of tuition, travel expenses, and childcare. This lets you stop worrying about your financial state to concentrate on bettering yourself instead.

It can improve your business

If you are a business owner, there are probably areas of your company you want to improve. If you don’t have the funds to hire someone to help you, why not take an online course instead. They are renowned for being value for money and could fill the gaps in your business knowledge. For example, if you’re unsure of how to effectively market your business, consider You can also find courses that can help you with keeping financial records, staff management, and recruitment. All of which can only help to improve and benefit your business. Plus it will also make you a far more knowledgeable and skillful business owner.

So search for elearning providers on Google to seek what courses you could take advantage of. Whether it’s to improve your job prospects or to make your business stand out, an online course can benefit you in so many ways.


*Image via Flickr

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Mr Doubtful

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Todaykids should have been the first day of school for our four children. We home school and are looking forward to another year of learning together. My husband and I spent hours pouring over curriculum, going to a meeting for advise (and to change schools). We’re very happy with our choices, and excitedly placed the order for the new curriculum, and began the waiting game … and so now we wait. I ordered with what I thought was enough time for the curriculum to arrive well before the first day, but, no.
And then … enter ‘Mr Doubtful’.
Have you met him? He’s the guy that makes you wonder whether or not you are actually cut-out for this homeschooling thing. You know you’re only technically a day late, but Mr Doubtful gets into your ear and whispers, “you really aren’t organised” … and then there’s, “do you know you’re teaching a high schooler Elisha?” …
… On and on Mr Doubtful goes …
 “Can you really teach your first grader to read?”
 “Are you going to be able to keep up with everything?”
“Are you going to be able to keep your home clean,
you do realise you’re a perfectionist don’t you?”
“What do other people really think of you home schooling your children?”
 “There’s going to be lots of gaps in their education you know,
you’ll miss teaching them something important” …
one day in ladies! One day in, and Mr Doubtful is here already!
Well I think it’s time that Mr Doubtful gets told the truth, don’t you?

Read More→

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Encouragement for the Homeschool mom

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Tshutterstock_263596010his fall has brought me into a new season of life – the beginning of homeschooling. Of the last six years I have faced the challenges of adjusting to motherhood, finding mom friends, working from home with small children, growing accustom to lack of personal space, a house of toys, a never ending laundry pile and so much more. All of these I took in stride and saw God faithfully work provide strength, wisdom and direction for each new task.

Therefore I approached this new venture with a measure of confidence. I thought that since I had been successfully able to manage all of those other adjustments adding in homeschooling couldn’t really be all that difficult could it?

I was wrong.

Before I go on, let me pause to reassure you that if you plan to homeschool don’t be discouraged because with God all things are possible.

These last two months as I have begun our homeschool journey I have found myself frazzled, impatient, stretched beyond myself, frustrated with the younger ones who kept interrupting as I tried to teach the older ones. On the weekends I would try to organize the school week ahead and would feel this panic sensation rise up within me every week as I looked through the papers and tried to wrap my brain around this new task at hand. I felt myself drowning. My physical body took notice of the mental stress and I began to suffer some physical ailments. It was then that I went running to the Lord. And I was brought to my knees – humble, broken, knowing I couldn’t go on this way.

I have hardly started on the uphill climb to figuring out this homeschool, work-from-home life, I share praying that your hearts will be encouraged.

As I cried out to God He led me to ask some questions

  • Why am I homeschooling? The truth was I didn’t know why I was so committed homeschooling my kids. Was it just a pipe dream? I certainly knew I wouldn’t be the best teacher in the world.

I began to recognize some of the reasons families homeschool.

  • FEAR: fear of the safety of children because of the numerous school shootings
  • EDUCATION: many are opposed to the new common core
  • CHILD’s LEARNING STYLE: some children to not do well in the classroom setting
  • SHELTER: to shelter a child from the secular world.

But what was my reason for homeschooling? I needed to know!

As I presented this question to God He impressed on me this answer: I homeschool because I desire to teach my children character.

There are many reasons God leads families to homeschool or to leave there children in public school, but I feel it is so important to know why He is leading us in that direction so that we can focus on the purpose He has for us in that path.

Until I recognized the reason for our family’s choice to homeschool I couldn’t ask the right questions about curriculum, which brings me to the next question.  Read More→

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by Sherri Wilson Johnson

iStock_000007465509XSmallBefore I became a mother, I worked outside of the home. When I added “Mother” to my title, I quit my job and basked in the loveliness (not always) of raising my children. And then reality hit, debts mounted, “rice and beans” and macaroni and cheese got OLD, and I realized I needed to find a source of income and help my hubby, who slaved away every day trying to earn a living.

At first, I tried daycare but they assigned me to a room that my daughter wasn’t in and I couldn’t stand hearing her cry (scream, wail, explode) for me from down the hall. My heart was ripped out on a daily basis. So I quit that job after only a week. Yes, I was weak then. I’m not too prideful to admit it.

Then I tried selling Avon. By this time, I had a three-year-old and a newborn. People often frown on an Avon Rep with two little children in tow. So that “earn $5,000 a month and work from home” job didn’t suit me or my children at all. Nor did it bring in anywhere near that amount of money!

After a few years, God called me to homeschool. It was clear at that point that I wouldn’t be working outside of the home. In fact, my original dream was to become a full-time writer once the children were both in school. God has a funny way of redirecting our paths. Read More→


Homeshooling Curriculum Review: Art Class by Pat Knepley

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See the Light Art Class by Pat KnepleyLooking for some interesting material to add to your home schooling curriculum? Art Class from See the Light proves to be interesting, informative and captivating! Not only is Pat Knepley comfortable in front of the camera and easel, but she also knows how to keep your attention. The art lessons are set up like an art club with each lesson lasting approximately 10 minutes, giving students time to practice what they were just taught.

In this 10-disc series is a step-by-step series, Knepley speaks clearly and takes the time to explain various “how’s and why’s” throughout each lesson. Her delivery of the lesson grabs your attention, keeps it, and even makes adults WANT to learn to draw.  In my view, Pat Knepley is also a master weaver – artfully weaving in biblical truths all through each lesson.

Whether you homeschool or not, this series is a great addition. With so many schools doing away with the arts, you can supplement your child’s art lessons with these DVD’s. I can see even having your children’s friends over frequently for ‘art class’ with Pat Knepley. What a great way to educate and entertain at the same time.

DVD provided by publisher. Thank you!

Disclosure of Material Connection: Reviewer received one or more of the product mentioned above for free in the hope that it would be mentioned on Regardless, CWAHM only recommends products we would use personally and believe to be good for CWAHM’s audience. Disclosed in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255:  “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


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Tips to Happy Homeschoolers

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Happy HomeshoolersHome schooling mothers face a unique challenge. When you choose to home school, you essentially take on the role of teacher in addition to chef, chauffeur, maid, and mentor. When you choose to keep your children at home with you all day long, you struggle to find child-free time for cleaning, shopping, or cooking. Take a look at these tips for a happier home schooling journey. Read More→

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Guest Post: Summer Homeschooling Ideas

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by Tracy Zdelar

My son just finished public school kindergarten beginning of June and we started homeschooling a few days later. I’ll admit I am a newby here but I decided I was going to keep him home for first grade and homeschool him (and we’ll take it one year at a time from that point). Newby or not, I’ve done a lot of researching on the “homeschool” topic and have been so blessed to come across so much free or affordable curriculum ideas, unit studies, etc.. As a result of my time and researching I’ve got an idea of how I want to homeschool and what I want to use. As a blogger, I’ve been blessed to have three companies accept my offer to review their homeschooling products in exchange for my using them or keeping them (more info on these at my blog). I want other homeschooling families to know whats out there and how you too can score some “free” stuff to help you homeschool. Even if you already buy a particular brand of homeschool curriculum already prepared for you down to the finest details you may want to take advantage of the following  to add some “fun” into your summer while still “educating” your children. But first, … Read More→


Motivating Your Children to Write

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by Cheryl Moeller

Writer’s write! Don’t just talk about writing, actually write.

To complete an article or assignment you need to write, write, write. God gives the heart and vision for the story. It takes talents and gifts, but it also takes discipline. You write one word at a time just like you play the piano one note at a time. You can do it, if you put your mind to it and overlook other distractions.

Practical Ideas to Motivate the next Pulitzer Prize Winner:

1. Treat writing as importantly as you do reading. For my children, I gave them a new spiral notebook and a cool pen, both in their favorite color. I act as though their notebook and their writing are very special and important.

2. Give your children big challenges in the writing area, perhaps you are asking too little of your child.
Read More→

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Posted by: | Comments Comments Off on IS HOMESCHOOLING BEST FOR YOUR FAMILY?


By Lily Morgan

Home schooling has become a popular alternative to traditional education. More and more parents have become frustrated with the public school system, and are turning to home schooling rather than often-expensive private schools. For Christians, home schooling can also be a way to immerse your child in your values and beliefs. It is also a terrific way to bond with your child, developing a more mature relationship that many parents and children do not achieve until the child reaches adulthood. However, there are some drawbacks to home schooling as well. Here is a parents’ guide to determining whether home schooling is right for your family.

Are You Committed to the Process?

One of the biggest advantages of home schooling is the ability to let the child learn organically. Lessons can be based on the child’s interests and progressed at his or her own speed. Simultaneously, however, the parent must meet state guidelines regarding curriculum and lesson planning. This can lead to a balancing act, requiring the parent to be flexible and able to think on her feet.

In order to successfully home school your child, you must be willing to wholeheartedly embrace the process. Home schooling, like parenting, is never simple or easy. You and your child will have bad days. There will be frustrations and confusion. You may need to field changing legislation and state bureaucracy. If you are able to deal with the challenges and commit yourself to the process, you may be a good candidate for home schooling your child.

Do You Have Time?

If you are a work at home mom, chances are that you control your own schedule. This is a decided advantage for you, compared to women who must choose between career and family. However, home schooling will require a major investment of time and energy. It is not sufficient to have your child sit quietly with prepared lessons all day while you work. You must be an active participant in his or her education. Carefully organizing your day, however, can yield the time that you need. Perhaps you could spend a couple of hours in the morning on hands-on home school activities, then give your child some written assignments to complete while you get some work done before lunch. After lunch, you could do another hands-on activity before going back to written work. Breaking up your day like this can help to bring structure to the child’s education while yielding the time that you need for work.

Finding Opportunities for Your Child’s Socialization

One of the major concerns that parents have about home schooling is a lack of opportunities for the child to make friends. If you are proactive, however, there is no need to worry. Enroll your child in the after-school activities that he enjoys, from baseball to theatre. Join a home school organization in your area. Set up play dates. With just a bit of effort, you can find numerous ways to provide for your child’s socialization. Some experts have found that home schooled children, who tend to develop more adult relationships with their parents, actually have advanced social skills in comparison to others their age.

Finding and Using Appropriate Resources

As little as a decade ago, it was difficult for parents who were new to home schooling to find assistance. In many ways, home schooling families were “on their own,” figuring out the process on their own. The explosion of the internet, however, combined with a sharp growth rate in the number of home schooling families, has ensured that resources are never more than a click away. A simple search in your favorite search engine will turn up thousands of web communities that are dedicated to home schooling. You can find lesson plans and curriculum guides, information on state laws, forums for home schooling parents, forums for home schooled children, and all the information you could ever need. Learn your way around these resources and you are well on your way to being successful.

The Bottom Line

There is no right answer to the question of home schooling. Many parents and children find the experience extremely rewarding. Thanks to the internet, most of the initial concerns of both parent and child can be easily addressed at the beginning of the process. However, home schooling is not for everyone. In order to be successful, you must be flexible, organized and fully dedicated to the process. Remember that home schooling is not a final, permanent decision. You can always try it for a year, and then make an assessment to see whether it worked. The choice is ultimately yours. 



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