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How Busy Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Grammatical Mistakes

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Credible Content Creation by Len CristobalThe truth is even if you’re an entrepreneur or a scientist, grammar will be a part of your daily activities especially writing. Without clear and effective business writing, miscommunication may arise between you and your staff, customers might not get what you want to tell them about your products, your blog post might confuse readers, or you might not be able to compete globally.

How Busy Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Grammatical Mistakes by Len CristobalBut let’s admit it, not everyone is a grammar nerd and your energy as an entrepreneur is focused on the other aspects of your business, like generating ideas to improve your products and services or networking to get potential investors or clients. Yes, great ideas weigh more than bad grammar, but bad grammar can kill the credibility of those ideas in a second.

Here are some tips on how you can prevent grammatical errors without spending so much time and resources:

  1. Keep your sentences short and simple. Avoid using complex structures and wordy lines to prevent risks of committing grammatical mistakes. Write your message as if you are talking to your friend.

Read More→

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5 Factors in Using Teleseminars Effectively to Expand Your Brand

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Dana Susan Beasley, Branding for Success blogger

How can you get interest in your brand quickly and with a lot of people? A teleseminar is a great option! Even if you represent a network marketing company, a teleseminar is a great way to brand yourself as an expert and attract raving fans.

With a teleseminar, you can provide valuable information that helps your target market. You can provide a replay for your audience. And you can even turn your recording into a product, freebie, or bonus product!5 Factors in Using Teleseminars Effectively to Expand Your Brand, by Dana Susan Beasley

In fact, in a consultation I had with a well-known marketing expert this last year, I was encouraged to do teleseminars for my coaching programs. I put this into practice for a podcast I created and I learned some very important lessons. I had given a few teleseminars in the past and they are an effective way to build your customer base and gain customer loyalty.

So here are the lessons I gleaned:

1) Plan at least a month in advance.

This may seem obvious, but from my last experience, I definitely didn’t plan enough in advance, especially since I was building a whole new product out of my podcast recording. If I had planned for a month ahead of time, I would not have been so rushed. It takes time to develop all the components, advertise for the event, and to effectively launch it. Less lead time means more stress, and that’s not something you want! Read More→

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Dana Susan Beasley, Branding for Success bloggerRecently, I was visiting family for an event and my sister asked me to help her with a marketing video for her drama class.

We spent several hours creating a couple of marketing trailers and she was thrilled with the results! I thought I’d share what we did so it could help you in marketing your brand.A Case Study on Creating a Marketing Video Trailer, by Dana Susan Beasley

First, we decided what program to use. I had just gotten an iPhone 6s and so we used iMovie, the app that comes on the device. We decided to use the trailer option, which automatically makes exciting, short promotional videos.

We started collecting pictures and downloaded them on the phone. My sister came up with several different kinds of images so we selected more than was needed. We could have also used video. If she had video of her previous performances readily accessible, that would have been ideal.

Of course, if you are downloading pictures from the Internet and using them for business purposes, you need to be aware of copyright license issues. Using a service like Dreamstime or Adobe Stock will help you obtain royalty-free artwork and even videos. Read More→


Your Appearance IS Your Brand!

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Dana Susan Beasley, Branding for Success bloggerI know we’ve all heard the saying, first impressions are everything. But I’m going to take it a step further. Your appearance is your brand!

Sure, when we work at home it’s easy to get super attached to comfort. We might even work in our pajamas. After all, who cares! We’re just at home anyway, right?Your Appearance is Your Brand! by Dana Susan Beasley

Well, while there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable, I am going to suggest a more excellent way.

It seems to be a lost art, especially in the West where I live. Here in Colorado, casual rules the day. I frequently see people in grocery stores wearing pajama bottoms and flip flops.

While that might be fine for a teenager, appearing too casual, frumpy, or unkempt is going to hurt your brand. And even when you work at home, having an habitual lazy attitude about dress can dampen your productivity.

As i said before, we all know that first impressions matter. You never know who you might run into, even at the grocery store. You want to be professional in every aspect. Read More→

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8 Keys to Craigslist Advertising Success

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Dana Susan Beasley, Branding for Success bloggerCraigslist. I’ve tried to use it for my online business at times with not much success. However, I have found it to work for a service-based industry. Maybe these ideas will help you as they have helped us.

My husband and I have been using it with great success for several months for his architectural business. Here is what made the difference:8 Keys to Craigslist Advertising Success, by Dana Susan Beasley

1) Write benefit-oriented sales copy.

This was the first step I did with my husband’s ads. We thought through what benefits his customers get in working with him. Instead of leading with who my husband is and what he does, I very carefully crafted a list of desired results his prospects look for.

I started with their pain points and helped them envision the pitfalls of not having a professional architect working for them. I then provided the solution–hassle-free design that saves money, time, and effort.

2) Make sure your headline is benefits-strong!

Your headline/subject line is the most important element of your ad! Make sure that it’s benefits laden. Use it to stand out above your competition. Draw interest. A hook, if you will, as it is called in journalism. Creating an emotional response is always more effective than the cold, hard facts. Always keep in mind what your prospect wants. Read More→

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Cheap Logo vs. Professional Logo

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Dana Susan Beasley, Branding for Success bloggerCheap logo services abound these days. I started to notice a huge influx of cheap or free services long ago. And what I have noticed is there is a huge difference between cheap and professional ones!

Cheap Logo vs. Professional Logo, by Dana Susan BeasleyCheap logos may seem like an attractive way to go, but in the long run they will hurt your business. Why?

A cheap logo will most likely be designed without much attention to your overall branding strategy. Most businesses who purchase cheap logos don’t even know what a branding strategy is!

Cheap logos are often constructed poorly, with little attention paid to design nuances. They sometimes use cartoonish clip art that does not convey credibility and trusts to a prospect.

In the long run, cheap logos cause great damage because clients are repelled not attracted. There is no bond or relationship created. Little effort and thought put into the logo (that’s why it’s cheap) results in challenges, namely the challenge of name recognition. Read More→

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3 Attitudes that Will Kill Your Business

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Dana Susan Beasley, Branding for Success bloggerThe longer I am in business, the more I realize the key to success is the right mindset. And the more I realize what kills a business is the wrong mindset.

Here are three attitudes that could kill your business:

1) Entitlement.3 Attitudes that Will Kill Your Business, by Dana Susan Beasley

Thinking that you are automatically owed success without putting work into your business is a sure prescription for failure. Success takes diligence, perseverance, and hard work. Having an attitude of doing minimal work and expecting high payoff will lead you to disaster!

I saw this entitlement in a social media manager I once hired. She assured me that her services would bring me new clients, so I paid her fee, which was not cheap. Then I noticed she hardly did a thing. She really had no understanding of my target market and did not even try to figure it out. The result was a waste of my money. She got me one radio gig but it was the worst possible show for me to go on. I could tell that once she had my money, she felt like she needed to do very little. Needless to say, I never worked with her again. Read More→

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Terri Seymour - Making Marketing Work bloggerFor anyone wanting an e-commerce website, WordPress is an excellent tool with which to launch your new business. WordPress is an open source website building program using PHP. It is one of the easiest ways to produce a professional profit producing website or blog.

10 Needed Tips for WordPress Beginners, by Terri SeymourWordPress may have started out as a simple blogging platform but it has evolved into much more. With plugins and widgets the features you can add to your site are endless. There is no cost to use WordPress. You can install it and modify it however you choose and it is fairly easy to learn.

Hundreds of different themes provide a wide array of designs you can choose for your website. Some themes are free and some require a fee. Although WP is not extremely difficult to use there are some things a beginner should know to make the experience flow more smoothly.

1. WordPress Folder – When you create your WP site you do not want to use a WordPress folder so it shows up in your url. I have seen sites that do this and end up with urls like Install the WP in your main directory or use a subdomain.

2. Plugin Overload – Plugins are a wonderful thing. They have one for everything from changing your font size and color to sharing your posts to your social media accounts. Although they are a great tool to use, be careful not to use too many. When I first went to the plugin directory at I was like a kid at Christmas. I was downloading just about all of them. I have since learned to only use the plugins I actually need and to be sure they all get along. Sometimes you do get plugins that don’t play nice together. If you notice a problem on your site after installing a new plugin, just deactivate the plugin and see if it fixes the problem. Read More→


Explode Your Traffic with Blogging Communities

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Terri Seymour - Making Marketing Work bloggerBlogging communities are a type of social media site where you join up with other online business owners to share content, information and ideas. These communities can help you build massive traffic to your site and increase your business success.

Explode Your Traffic with Blogging Communities, by Terri SeymourYou can benefit from these communities in the following ways:

1. Get High Quality Backlinks – By sharing your articles and blog posts with the community you are also getting quality backlinks to your site which in turn will raise your ranking and standing in the search engines.

2. Expand Your Network – Joining and participating in social communities such as blogging communities will enable you to meet a lot of people and expand your networking circles.

3. Substantially Increase Your Traffic – Everything you do amongst these communities will help increase your traffic. The more you share, contribute and engage with others, the more traffic you will receive.

4. Build a Following – By sharing your knowledge and expertise on particular subjects, you can increase your following and help build a more substantial email list from which your business and your potential customers will benefit. Read More→

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A 15-Point Checklist for More Profitable Product Pages

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Terri Seymour - Making Marketing Work bloggerThe product pages of your website are your showroom and they must be displayed properly to achieve maximum results. This does not mean that all product pages should look alike. There are many ways to be creative yet effective.

A 15-Point Checklist to More Profitable Product Pages, by Terri SeymourMany of us focus our attention on our homepage (which is also important) and then just paste up a cookie cutter product page. Taking the time to plan and strategize your product pages is also essential. Cart abandonment is a serious issue for online business owners but there are ways to decrease your abandonment stats.

As we go from website to website, we do not want to see clone product pages but there are aspects that should be included in all product pages. Below is a checklist for some of these important elements that will help your product page be more profitable.

1. Product Description – Do not try to write a one size fits all product description. Focus on your targeted buyer and write to them personally. Be sure to include all the benefits the product provides. Try to avoid clone phrases such as best deal in town or superior quality. Your prospect will tend to blur over these types of statements. Read More→

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