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Where’s Sherlock Holmes When You Need Him?

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Rev. James Snyder, Out to Pastor bloggerSmile Post-itI, like so many people, love a good mystery. I have read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories, the Father Brown stories and other good mystery novels. I just like trying to solve a good mystery.

A good mystery does not reveal the mystery until the very end. All the way through the story, importance evidence points to that person and the other person and so forth. However, you must read the end of the story to find out the answer to the mystery.

Mysteries do not just exist in novels for short stories. In my case, mysteries are all through my life. I cannot manage one day without some kind of a mystery.

It is not because I am getting older either. As I remember my younger days, it too was filled with mysteries.

I remember that one Christmas Eve when I was going to solve the mystery of Santa Claus. I heard about this mysterious person, but I had never seen him and this Christmas, I promised myself, I am going to see who this Santa Claus really is.

That night my parents sent me and my brother and sister to bed early because it was Christmas Eve. We had our little party around the Christmas tree and admired where all the Christmas gifts should be come morning.

Then at the strike of 10 o’clock, we were sent to our bedrooms to await the coming of Santa Claus and the Christmas gifts. I decided to stay up and just see how Mr. Santa Claus worked his mystery on Christmas Eve.

Hiding in the shadows, I could see my mother and father around the Christmas tree drinking some Christmas punch, talking and laughing. They seemed to be having a good time. I was a little irritated because they were having a good time at my expense.

Then I heard my mother say, “Don’t you think it’s about time?”

My mother and father looked at each other and giggled one of those hilarious giggles. My father said, “It sure is. Let’s go and get them.”

At the time, I really did not understand what he was talking about. What were they supposed to go and get? Why won’t they get out of the way so Santa Claus can come and do his “thing?” Read More→

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Why the Correct Software is Essential for Every Job

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Woman with laptop.In the modern world as we know it, the need for software is an important aspect for the daily operation of most workplaces. It could be argued that a large proportion of employees are now reliant on software to perform their roles with efficiency. It goes without saying that software has certainly changed the way in which businesses are managed, to the point where it has become an essential aspect of most job roles.

Software is now used in a great deal of industries throughout the world, but here are a few key sectors in which it has become a real game-changer:

1. Education

The scope of technology in the education sector is widening, but there is still large potential as to the way in which software can be used in schools. Education software is considered to be of huge benefit to teachers, pupils and other staff members; whether that be due to improved visibility of student data, an easier circulation of content or a streamlined collaboration between staff members. It may also be used for distributing content to students, communicating with parents and coordinating data into a single program which can be accessed with ease. While many schools are yet to make major progressions in using software as part of the learning process, it could certainly be argued that it has become an essential for school management in recent years.

2. Engineering

While engineering has always been deemed as manual labor, the use of software has truly changed up the industry from its traditional form. Design engineers for example, now rely solely on specialized software to create and develop new products, create blueprints for machines and collaborate with other engineers on projects. The correct software should allow engineers to fulfill their job with ease. Altium present an innovative PCB tool which gives designers the opportunity to get creative on a shared workspace with its easy-to-use interface and customizable workflow. It also offers an impressive 350,000 components in the CircuitStudio content library.

3. Retail

Whether it be a physical store or online company, retail businesses now depend on on software to control their operations with proficiency. Major chain stores use software that divides stock into categories for easy searching, aswell as monitoring how well products are selling. The correct computer systems may also provide tools to re-order products via smart replenishment and keep a close inspection of the products that have been sold.

4. Business

Businesses in general use different software to assist with the day-to-day upkeep of the overall management. Choosing the correct types of software can dramatically improve the productivity and organization of the business as a whole. For example, handling finances can be managed via accounting software, which will oversee any incomings and outgoings; invoice tracking software which can manage client transactions and payroll software which is used to take charge of employee’s wages. There is also the likes of word processing programs and desktop publishing programs that could also be of benefit, dependent on the business sector.

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Things You Will Never Regret in Life

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Mother & Daughter Enjoying Time TogetherIt is very easy to get hung up on the one hurtful thing we said that one time. Or, perhaps the time that we snapped, even when it goes directly against our better nature. The moments we question everything. And, there are plenty of things in life that will catch us off-guard, and we will have to make peace with. So you should. You should make peace with everything that you can and ask for forgiveness for those you can’t make right. But, what next? Well, the time spent feeling guilty or having on to regrets are of course much better spend enjoying things – something we could all do more. For every moment we spend beating ourselves up or holding on to negative emotions and feelings, we could be spending those with love and positivity. No one is perfect by any means but, spreading some good moments and appreciating them more? We can all get on board with that.


Laughing. We will never regret enjoying a good belly laugh with our most loved family and friends. Sitting around, eating popcorn (salted or sweet? Maybe toffee!) watching a movie. Blankets on the couch, warm thick socks, comfortable pillows and the rest of the house silent. The joy in laughing with family and friends is second to none. Some of the best times that we recall when we were children involves moments just like this. So go ahead and book in movie night with the kids. You will never regret these moments.


Learning. We have been gifted with these beautiful learning abilities. You might already have a few qualifications and are looking to upgrade them a bit, it might be time for a change. You might be pushed for time, like so many people, trying to fit in life, a full-time job and maybe even freelance work too. Luckily many online portals can help you tackle that time issue. Everything from journalism to rn to bsn online programs are available, so nothing is holding you back. You will never regret learning more than you know now.


Cooking. Admittedly we can’t all be brilliant home cooks, some of us are likely getting by with simple meals, but you know what? Simple meals are something to be loved. Many a tale is told by children who enjoyed the simplest meals the most. If you think you could do with working on your recipe base a bit more, then hit the internet hard, create a Pinterest profile and get a board ready for all the fantastic things you’re going to cook for you and your family (or friends). Try and get a few ‘fancier’ meals in there too. Think about slow cooker roasts, curries and rice dishes. Warm and cooked with love. You’ll never regret watching someone enjoy something you’ve cooked for them.

Read More→

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Being Open to Change

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Being Open to Change by Rachel WilliamsonBalancing the need to persevere and stick to it vs. being open to change.

How do you judge when to make a change? Is there a correct time to abandon a project?

Let’s look at the motivation behind the decision. Are you sticking because of stubbornness; someone told you that you had to do it; perhaps someone told you that you couldn’t do it. Or maybe doing what you are doing has become so comfortable that changing now would be painful.

Read More→

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Five Tips For Landing a Legitimate Work-at-Home Job

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According to the latest American Community Survey data, there are approximately 2.8 million people, not including the self employed or unpaid volunteers, who consider home their primary place of work. The struggling American economy has created the need for companies to cut back as much as possible. This has created growth in the work-at-home industry as it allows companies to save on expenses like office space, equipment and insurance costs.

However, the telecommuting world can be a hard place to get your foot in the door. Linda Dickerhoof, Public Relations Director at VIPDesk, one of the leading virtual concierge and virtual customer service providers in the United States, reports that they receive as many as two hundred resumes a day. With that kind of competition, it’s imperative that you stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when applying for telecommuting employment.

1. Do Your Research – This is, by far, the most crucial aspect of your work-at-home job search. There are many legitimate companies that hire at-home employees. However, in order to weed out at-home job scams, you need to know what “red flags” to look for.  A legitimate work-at-home opportunity won’t ask you for any sort of “affiliation fee,” nor will they send you any type of list of employers to contact.

A legitimate opportunity will also not offer an unrealistic salary. The ads that you see offering $5k/wk with no experience usually are just what they sound – too good to be true. Avoid work-at-home opportunities advertised via infomercials, signs taped to a lamp-post, stop signs or via spam e-mail. Always check with the Better Business Bureau to see what type of reputation the company you are considering has, then follow up with an Internet search to see what is being said about the company in blogs, on twitter, and in the mainstream media.

2. Resume Success  – Applying for a working-at-home position should be treated just like any other job application process. The company may allow you to work from home, but they will not tolerate an unprofessional attitude. In fact, it’s highly unlikely that your resume will be selected if it’s anything less than top-notch.

In order to get ahead, put together a professional resume outlining your job experience and highlighting any special skills or training applicable to the position you’re applying for. Keep your resume to one page, if possible.

3. Interviews Are Important – The interview process is more critical than usual in the work-at-home world because the interviewer will not be meeting you face to face. Most at-home employers have a strenuous screening process to filter out applicants who do not fit the professional standards required.

Prepare ahead of time for questions not only about your employment background, but also about what your home work environment will be like (they do not want to hear animals or children in the background). Interviewers will be listening intently to how you present yourself over the phone, so be as prepared and professional as possible.

4. Know What To Expect – One of the best ways to succeed in any career is to know what your employer expects of you. Before your interview, put together a list of questions that will help you understand what to expect from the employer, and what they expect from you. Ask about things like training, support offered during work hours, and specific job expectations.

5. Get Set Up – Once you’ve begun the process of searching and applying for telecommuting positions, it’s time to make sure your home workspace is appropriate. Most employers will be looking for you to have a noise-free home office that includes: a landline phone, a computer (most companies will have specific computer requirements that will need to be met),  and high speed internet.

If possible, do your research ahead of time to ensure that your home office set up will work for a telecommuting opportunity. There are some employers who provide the necessary equipment, but most will require you to have these items in place.

Telecommuting can be one of the most rewarding career decisions available today. It provides flexibility and scheduling that many other types of employment are unable to offer. Prepare yourself to stand out from the job applicant crowd and you’ll find yourself with a remarkable new job in no time.


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Mompreneurs: Grow Your Business With These Smart Tips

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Are you a mompreneur that wants your business to expand and be as successful as possible but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry you are not alone. Luckily,  you can get a rundown on the five most effective actions to take when you want your business to get bigger and better. Read on to find out more.


Expand into different markets

One way that mompreneurs can grow their business is to expand into markets that are different from the current demographic that they are pursuing. What this means is that through market research you identify another group of people that would find the product that you are offering useful or valuable and then directly market it to them. Something that means you grow the number of potential customers you will have to convert.

There are two main ways of expanding to consider as well. One is by expanding geographically which means that you look for a similar demographic to the one you already market to but in another country.

The other is by tweaking your product, so it appeals to a different domestic market. This may include replacing it, so it attracts men as well as women, to a different age range, or even marketing your product for an additional purpose to the one you initially set out for it.


Develop a new product

Next, if you are looking for a way to expand and grow your business why not consider developing a new product? After all, sometimes your fortune doesn’t lie within the first item that you come up with, especially in today’s volatile market that is often defined by fast-moving trends.

Of course, product development isn’t often a cheap activity to pursue, and unless you are willing to accept the speculate to accumulate mentality, it can seem daunting. In fact, sometimes business or individual with poor credit can have problems sourcing the finance they need to get a new product idea past the concept stage.

Luckily, it is still possible to get a short term loan with bad credit from some providers. A solution that can help you get your new idea up and running and that may lead to a profitable expansion of your business.


Improve your online presence

Also, don’t forget that power of the world wide web when it comes to growing your business. In fact, by increasing your online presence, you can build your brand, trust, engagement, and interaction with your customers. All things which can have a positive knock-on effect on your sales.

To do this, there are all sorts of tactics you can use, the first being to run a blog from your business website. In fact, having a well written and interesting blog can help your business grow for many reasons.

The first is SEO because having a blog provides you with the perfect opportunity to create backlinks to other pages on your site. Something that can help direct potential customers straight to offers, and ways of purchasing, as well as boost your visibility in the search engine results.

Also by including a well-written blog, you increase the chance that other blog will link to you via external backlinks, something that is known as offsite SEO. This once again boosts your SEO and provides an opportunity for interested parties to be taken directly to a landing page on your site.

Apart from blogs, upping your presence on social media, especially the platform that most directly appeals to your demographic can help your business grow.

In particular, the strength of social media is the opportunity for interaction between potential or current customer and your business. What this does it humanise your brand, and allows customers to see that you aren’t just another faceless corporation trying to separate them from their money.

It also provides a chance for them to get involved and feel a sense of community with others. All under the banner of your brand and product, something that can be hugely valve for growing your business.

Lastly, there’s value in the potential for customer interaction on social media whether before, or after purchase, because this can help reassure those that are on the fence about buying. Also, it can help to nip any potentially dangerous problems and disgruntled and problematic customers in the bud. While also showing other customers that you care about each individual and will do your best to resolve any grievances promptly and professionally.


Reward customer loyalty

Loyalty is a big thing in today’s commercial market, and it’s definitely something that you can harness to help grow your business.

You may wish to take a leaf out of many of the large supermarket chains books and offer a loyalty card system. On an essential level, purchases are rewarded with points which can then be exchanged for money off future purchases or specific reward items.

Although, it’s always worth considering offering extra benefits with such a card to ensure even more customer loyalty. These may include things such as a percentage discounts several times a year, and even collaborations with other brands that allow points to be used there.

Oh, and if you are wondering just how loyalty can help you grow your business, remember if that it will ensure that customers regularly return to shop with you, something that can increase your revenue stream. It will also mean that they will talk about their positive experience with your brand, something that is hugely valuable as this can lead to word of mouth refers to family and friends!



Apart from a loyalty card or reward scheme, it can also be beneficial in growing your business to develop a super fan following. A superfan is not just someone that likes or buys your products but is a person that essentially obsessed with them.

Superfans are highly useful because not only can they make up a large part of your regular customer base, but also act as excellent ambassadors for your brand. Introducing it to people that were previously unaware, and also demonstrating more credibility that someone that is working directly from your company.

Of course, to develop a superfan following can be quite tough, but you can start small with a VIP email list and a private Facebook group. Then start to introduce meetups, special offers, and even workshops and webinars to grow the group further.


Build an email list

Lastly, if you want to expand your business as a mompreneur, do not forget the value of building an active email list for marketing. To collect such a list you can use things like cookies on your website, as well as asking customers to sign up for particular special offers, benefits, and newsletters.

You may even ask them to exchange their email address for free content that has value in terms of information or entertainment, and your previous customers’ emails should also be added to list this as they are proven to warm leads.

Of course, such a list won’t help you grow your business unless you do the right things with it. This is why getting a handle on effective email marketing is so crucial if you genuinely want your company to expand.

Luckily, there is a lot of help with this online that you can research. Although a good place to start is focusing on the basics such as creating subject lines that hook customers in and get them to open the mail. You can also try highlighting the benefits of your product clearly, and making sure that there are plenty of links to the landing page that you want them to reach; embedded within the mail, you send. All thing that can help you make the best use of your email list, and in turn should help any mompreneurs grow their business successfully.

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How to Live with a Veggie-Holic

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Rev. James Snyder, Out to Pastor bloggervegetable isleIn our house, not many conflicts expose themselves. For the most part, it is a very quiet and serene home occupied by two lovebirds.

I am not saying we are perfect. For we are not. The imperfect side of this marvelous relationship is Yours Truly. I was born imperfect and I have honored my birthright ever since.

I do not care what some may say about crazy people, I have enjoyed my craziness all my life. When you are perfect, you have to be careful that you do not make any mistake or act crazy.

When, however, you are imperfect and tilt towards the crazy side of life, your life is a joy. If you make a mistake, well, that is part of life. But on the positive side, when you do something right, you become the amazement of people around you.

So, our relationship in the Parsonage has been a very wonderful relationship. At least, from my side of the room. What the other resident says may be quite different.

We do make a great team, though. I can break anything and she can fix anything. How much better do you need to be?

When I make a mistake, she can correct me even in front of people. Now that is what I like. I would hate people to think I am stupid, crazy is one thing but stupid is something altogether different. And it is the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage that consistently rescues me from being stupid.

Being a non-perfectionist, I can enjoy every day of my life, no matter what happens or what doesn’t happen.

I cannot imagine what life is like for that person who is a perfectionist, like my wife.

She sees something that needs fixing, and she is busy trying to fix it.

If something is out of place, she is the first one to put it in its place. She has put me in my place for many years.

Few things we disagree on but there is one thing on top of that list. They can be boiled down into one word, Vegetables.

My wife loves vegetables almost as much as I love apple fritters. I do not think since the day she was born a day has passed without her consuming some kind of vegetable. She knows vegetables like I know apple fritters. There is not a vegetable known to mankind that she has not consumed.

Even for breakfast, she likes to sneak in some kind of vegetable. With my oatmeal, for example, she likes to sneak in a carrot. What in the world do carrots have to do with breakfast?

Her response to this is simply, “Vegetables are good for you and it’s good to start the day off with a vegetable.”

For her sake, I will grudgingly put up with some vegetables. Some vegetables, however, I will not put up with, I have made my stand strong through the years and I have not moved. Leading the list would be Broccoli.

Yes, I know all of the benefits of eating broccoli. My wife has told me this over and over throughout the years and I can repeat it verbatim. Read More→

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Is Your Business Offering the Right Value to Customers?

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Customers always want to get the most value, and that value means both money and time. The more value that you offer your customers, the more likely they will be to purchase from you. It truly is that simple. However, achieving the right level of value provision is a challenge that will need a robust and proactive strategy. Providing the right kind of value is essential, but it will depend on your sector and your branding. If you’re not focusing your strategy on those areas, then the chances are that what you are currently providing is minimal, and that will reflect clearly on your bottom line. If you want to offer the right value, then these key areas should be your starting point.


Becoming an authority

The more that your customers see you as an authority in your field, the more trust they will place on your business. Look at your sector, and consider the reasons why someone might come to visit your website. If they come looking for answers to a question and you don’t have the answer to that question, then they have received no value and will seek it elsewhere.


Boost authority
There are several ways to do this, with content marketing the proven key to authority establishment. If your current marketing strategy is not working as well as you hoped, it may be time to focus on value by making use of professional experts. The experts at companies such as Click Intelligence are able to fine-tune your marketing goals and provide a clearly focused strategy that adds real value. Look at ways to improve your authority, and your value will grow organically.


Understanding consumer needs

The more that you know about what your customers want from you, the better you will be able to provide them with value. Any business that has not yet carried out an exhaustive market research campaign in order to understand the basics of their current customer base is going to be working with incomplete data. Make it a priority to understand who your customers are, as well as their habits and ways of using the internet. Look at your social media platforms and only prioritize those that you know your audience is using. You should know what devices they are using, what times of day they are most likely to be online, and most importantly, what they are looking for from your business. The more that you know, the more that you will be able to target your growth more accurately.

Read More→

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5 Tips for Building a Relationship with Your Target Audience through Social Media

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Pebbles JacoboIn selling online, whether a service or a product, it is important to build a rapport with your target audience. Even with online sales, it is in our human nature to want and need to trust who and where we make purchases. What kind of relationship do you have with your target audience? Here are my top five tips for building a relationship with your target audience:

  1. Avoid “Multiple-Personality Posting.” Establish who you are and/or what your company is all about. Step back and objectively review your tweets, updates and posts. Do they look like they come from the same person or entity or from various persons? Think about every post and update and what they tell your audience about you and/or your company.
  2. Offer Value with Every Post. While you want to change things up and vary the info you offer to your clients, be careful not to overload your audience with excessive info that only serves to add to the number of posts to your account. Are you posting just to add another feather in your hat or to add value to the lives of your audience? Every time you post a link to your website or blog,
  3. Interact With Your Audience Instead of Tweeting At. This makes a huge difference. When authors step off their pedestal and interact with their audience they become more real to their audience. The same goes whether blogging, posting and interacting with comments on Facebook and tweeting. Beginning this dialogue is essential to your survival online, especially if you want long-term, repeat and happy clients. Anybody can schedule posts and walk away from the computer. I challenge you to take your social media marketing actions a step further, beginning with relationships.
  4. Listen. Going hand in hand with interacting with your audience is listening. What does your audience want? What do they need? What are they seeking? Why do they return to your account? What draws them there? Knowing the needs of your target audience will help to build your relationship.
  5. Keep Your Private Life…Private. Be cautious of what you post online. I encourage all of my social media marketing clients to have separate professional and personal accounts. Your clients do not need to know what you had for lunch or that spouse’s snoring kept you up all night. Likewise, you want to be careful not to spam your friends and family with posts about your business.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Pebbles Jacobo is the owner of A&P Virtual Enterprises,, which she, with the guidance of her husband, started when she began  working from home as a virtual assistant several years ago. As Content Manager of the leading Christian work-at-home site online,, Pebbles found herself thoroughly intrigued and fascinated with the world of social media. Her love of social media has grown over the years and she now offers social media marketing, along with a host of services, to her clients, which include speakers, authors and entrepreneurs alike.   This article is free to publish as long as the bio remains.


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Slow Is Just the Way I Go

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Rev. James Snyder, Out to Pastor bloggerOne of the main complaints in the Parsonage has to do with my procrastination. The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage often refers to me as, Sir Procrastinator, as if it was a bad thing.

Anything that needs doing in our house, my wife is the first one to jump up and try to do it. She fixes things before they are even broken. How she does that, I will never know. It is a wife thing.

I, on the other hand, am slower than a politician trying to explain him or herself. For some reason, I was born in no hurry and that has been my motto all of my life. I am really not in a hurry for anything.

I take my time, relax whenever possible and just do not get excited about anything. I have found out that when I get excited about something and want to go fast forward, I always get into trouble. Trouble has become my middle name in this regard.

As a child, my parents wanted me to speed up and get things done quickly. I never could figure out why. Very few things need to be done in a speedy order.

I just do not have the energy, these days, to hurry up and get something done.

Last year, for example, the doctor gave me a little package to take home that I was supposed to put in a personal “sample” and send to the company. Certainly, I meant to do it as soon as I got home. But I took the slow way home, stopped and got a delicious banana split. I can only get these banana splits when I am driving by myself, for the other companion in our home has strict laws about such “nonsense,” as she calls it.

I actually enjoyed my “nonsense” very much.

When I got home, however, I had forgotten about the box in which I was supposed to put in my “sample” and send to the company. I put it somewhere and I just forgot about it.

“When,” my wife said, “are you going to take care of that and send it in?”

I almost said, “When pigs fly.” But because I was slow in getting that phrase out, it never got out. Of course, I am so glad I was slow in that regard.

Sometimes being slow has its rewards. Some people say being fast has its rewards. I would not know about that personally.

Several months went by. “Did you send that package in?”

“What package?” I said.

Then she reminded me of that package and that I had to send in my “sample” for the doctor had ordered it.

Doctors! What do they really know? After all, they are only “practicing” medicine. When they get it to perfection, then maybe I’ll believe them.

Several mornings when I would get up, I would hear the question, “Are you going to take care of what you’re supposed to do?”

I really meant to do it, but procrastination is the name of the game I play. I do not mean to play it that way, it just happens.

And it is not that I do not have a good memory. I do have a good memory in fact, I have locked several sections of my memory to save for when I get old. I will use that memory when I need it.

“You know,” argued my wife, “you’re not doing yourself any favors by putting this off. Why don’t you do it today?” Read More→

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