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The Problem May Be More Internal than External.  Here’s Why!

Expectations are HIGH!  Ever notice how so many of us proceed through our days like the cartoon “Road Runner”, and expect that we can take on all the details, issues, problems and more…with excellence.  Be it, the kids, the business, the career, let alone your spouse’s needs…each one has its pull, it’s dictates and its pressure…all leading to stress and overwhelm. 

In all your near “super-human” attempts to conquer your world, do you by chance have your KING at the beginning, center, and end of your high-speed highway of life? It’s intensely easy to leave God out, while never thinking that we have done so.  Are you tired yet?  Let’s break the cycle, shall we? 

Here are some common misbeliefs that lead us to live as though we are “untouchable” to stress and overwhelm…

Misbelief #1: I can do it all, be all and accomplish whatever my mind is set on.  (We often misuse Phil 4:13 here to give us the allowance to think so).

Misbelief #2: I’m in charge of my life and I can just work through stress and other destructive, negative emotions – it’s just: ”water off a duck’s back”. (The world subliminally teaches us this erroneous worldview, each and every day, through advertisements, and social media.)

Misbelief #3: “Coulda, shoulda, woulda”! This one is popular.  It’s the thought pattern that believes that your life would be better, more joyous and more full and complete, IF:  you had done something when given the opportunity or because you didn’t do something, your life is completely messed up. Living in the pain of the unchangeable past.   

Misbelief #4: Putting your emphasis on the size of the problem, obstacle, or fear before you, rather than the size of your God! (Only three small words here:  The Red Sea! Exodus 14) Read More→


Home-Based Job Listings

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Gametime Is Hiring Remote Customer Service Workers

Entry-Level Transcribers

Ongoing Writer Needed for Writing YouTube/Social Media “How to” Advice Blogs Based off My YouTube Videos

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I’m In Leftover Heaven

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Rev. James Snyder, Out to Pastor bloggerfoodI do confess that I enjoy the holiday seasons just like everybody else. One of the main ingredients I enjoy more than anything else is the holiday cuisine. At our house, I must duly confess, it is the best.

The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage is the cooking queen when it comes to all of this holiday food. She does a wonderful job and my job is simply to consume as much of it as I possibly can. We both manage our jobs quite professionally!

As long as no dish has anything like broccoli in it, I will eat it and enjoy it. Broccoli has a way of confusing my taste buds. I’ll not go into any further detail.

It amazes me how my wife can go to the grocery store, buy bags of groceries and turn all of that into the most scrumptious dinner this side of heaven.

As much as I love the holiday cuisine, I must concede there is something I love more than that. I must be careful how I say this because I do not want to compromise in any way my attendance at the next holiday banquet in our residence. I have learned through the years as a husband to be careful what I say and what I do not say and I must say that I am still on the learning track here.

What is better than a holiday banquet?

Right here is where I need to walk very carefully. For years, I have kept this little thought to myself. However, I must come out and confess this. No longer can I keep it a secret because it is a very important aspect of my holiday celebration.

As good as the holiday banquet is in our house there is something much better. I am referring, of course, to leftovers. Read More→

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Isaiah’s Daughter by Mesu Andrews

Isaiah’s Daughter (WaterBrook, Jan. 16, 2018reaches back to biblical times to unearth a rags-to-royalty story of the captive orphan, Ishma—meaning “desolation”—who rises to the glory of Judah’s beloved queen. When the royal prophet Isaiah welcomes Ishma into his home as a household servant, her spirit and intellect win the favor of Prince Hezekiah (Hezi). As the bond between Ishma and Hezi grows, Isaiah adopts and renames her Hephzibah (Zibah)—meaning “delight of the Lord”—qualifying her to marry royalty. Zibah and Hezi marry, but she discovers loving him will require more of her than she ever imagined.

Here is an excerpt:

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Over and over again, I see the same story with business owners. They create a product or service and then as an afterthought put up a logo. Or they have somebody from Fiverr design the logo. And there is no analysis, no strategy. Just something that looks “cool” or “pretty.” I end up having to correct the work and the client has wasted time and effort with cheap and free services.

So how do you create an effective logo? What do you need before the design is even attempted?

Here’s seven questions to get you started in the right direction:

1. What does your business and you personally do well? Not do well?

2. What is the attitude you have toward your target market?

3. What is your target market? Who are you in business for? Who is your audience?

4. How do you want your business to be seen/perceived? How is it perceived by your audience or your target market? Read More→

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Some people never find that one career which will take them all the way through life, while others land the perfect job fresh out of school and stay there 40+ years until they retire. If you have been searching for a career that will interest you enough to keep you on the job without losing interest after the first few months, here are 3 keys to a long and successful career. This is serious food for thought.

A Career You Are Passionate About

The first step in finding a career that will take you through life is to find something you are passionate about. Some people explore careers in music because that is where their talents and passion lie. Other people find that they need to work at something that is more physical in nature and why some men go into building while others make a career of engineering or designing. Find something you love and then research how to qualify for a job within that field.

A Career That Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

One of the biggest detriments to longevity is how you feel about yourself after a long day at work. Some jobs just don’t give you that sense of satisfaction like you’ve actually accomplished something. For example, a career as an occupational therapist most often leaves you feeling good about yourself because you are helping others through the rehabilitation process if they’ve been injured to a degree that keeps them from living a normal lifestyle. Read More→

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Rev. James Snyder, Out to Pastor bloggerThis is Smile Post-itnot my first rodeo when it comes to New Years. I have ridden this Bronco so many times I cannot remember how many. Well, I can remember, but I am not going to let that slip. Something to do with a New Year’s Resolution.

Back in the days of youth, I used to stay up to watch the New Year’s Eve ball drop. Now, I see so many people drop the ball during the year that I don’t want to see another one on New Year’s Eve. I’ve seen enough of that.

At my stage in life, health is more important than watching something I have seen a thousand times before.

The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage agrees with me on this issue. It is one of the few issues that we agree on so why should I mess with it.

One thing about starting over again is trying not to make the same mistakes you made last year. It is good to sit down and think about all the mistakes you have made last year and mine came to one.

When I got to that issue, I proudly shared it with my spouse. I was so excited that I could only think of one mistake I made last year and I really wanted to share it with her.

“What do you mean,” she said rather suspiciously, “you only made one mistake last year?”

With a great deal of excitement, I nodded enthusiastically and said, “Yes, I only made one mistake last year and my resolution is not to make the same mistake this year.”

“What was that mistake?”

“My biggest mistake last year was that I forgot to give you a birthday card.” Read More→

In today’s mobile economy, having an effective e-commerce website has become more important than ever for companies to stay competitive. E-commerce made up 11.7 percent of total U.S. sales in 2016, bringing in $394.9 billion, Commerce Department data shows, an increase of over 15 percent over 2015. This increase reflects a steady trend that has held since, and today’s e-commerce share is on track to continue to grow.

If you want to attract your share of this growing e-commerce market, your website must have certain key features. Here are three things you should be sure to include in your sites e-commerce ecosystem.

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

The majority of website traffic now comes from mobile devices, and mobile traffic is driving all new growth in U.S. web traffic, with a 68 percent increase in mobile browsing since 2015 as Internet usage in general stays flat, Adobe Analytics data reports. This makes it essential to have a mobile-friendly site.

A mobile-friendly site should have a mobile-first, responsive web design that is geared toward the screen sizes used by smartphone and tablet viewers, but can adjust to PC sizes as well. Mobile-friendly sites should have large graphics, text and navigational features that are easily visible and usable on smaller screens. Your site should also load quickly on mobile devices, so you should minimize image file size by using strategies such as content delivery networks, compression, caching and minified JavaScript and CSS. Read More→

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calendar-agendaAt the beginning of a new year we tend to contemplate our lives and try to find a way to improve our situation. We set goals and make a promise to ourselves to achieve these goals.

The same should be done with our business. We need to take some time to look over the last year to see how we can improve our business performance. What goals can we set for our business that will result in growth and improved results?

Here are some New Year’s resolution ideas for your online business growth and success.

1. Refine Your Social Media – Social media is a very important marketing tactic for today’s online business but it can be very time consuming. You need to set a schedule for your social media participation. Use tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and TweetDeck.

They can help you free up time that is needed for other tasks. Allow so much time per day for your social media activity. These sites can become addictive and can cause us to neglect other areas of our marketing and business management.

2. Learn New Skills – The many areas and facets of owning and running an online business can be very overwhelming. The techniques, tools and formats are constantly evolving. We need to always be learning and never settle into a routine with our online business. There are tons of resources online that can help you keep up with the ever-changing internet business world. HubSpot Academy is a great place to start. You can also try Moz for search engine optimization, LearnVest to help you manage your business finds and countless quality blogs to help teach you the newest and most productive marketing trends.

3. Get a Grip on Your Finances – If you do your own money management and record keeping for your business, be sure to analyze and plan accordingly. There are some great software programs to help you keep meticulous records of your business funds. A good example would be Quickbooks or Quicken. You need to know where your funds  are going and if you should keep them going in that direction. Go over your advertising budget. Are you getting the results needed? Should you go down other avenues with your advertising budget? What are your regular expenses and are all of these expenses necessary or productive to your business? You need to go over all these questions and more to see if you are delegating your funds for maximum results.

4. Analyze Your Marketing Tactics – As above with your finances, you need to analyze all aspects of your marketing plan. Are your methods yielding the results you expected or needed? What tactics are working and which ones are not? Some techniques might need to be upgraded or even terminated. Read More→


Bible Verses For Small Business Owners

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Money makes the world spin, and it’s hard to argue with that logic in 2018. However, faith still plays a massive role in the lives of entrepreneurs around the world. And, the great thing is that a small business owner doesn’t have to mix and match when it comes to God and success. As with all things in life, the Creator is a guiding hand who will lead you from the dark and into the light. Businessmen and women may feel like there is a conflict of interests, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Remember that He is everywhere and plays a part in all things that are good in the world. If you are a Doubting Thomas, below is a selection of bible verses which should ease your conscious.


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your path.”

Focusing on the business as a whole is easy. After all, if it doesn’t grow, then it isn’t much of a success. However, expanding into a successful establishment is more than numbers and facts and figures. There is a personal element because the men or women in charge have to develop too if the business is going to make a mark. When your hands are on the wheel, you are the one who is driving. With that in mind, use God to learn something new each and every day that will come in handy in the future. Lots of entrepreneurs enroll in JCU online courses to boost their resumes and gain vital postgraduate tricks of the trade. Others simply look, listen and learn from the people in the industry they trust and respect.


“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

Although you are the boss, the true boss is the big man upstairs. Through His will, He will lead the company through both the rough and the smooth times. And, there is no better captain to have in charge. Of course, His help requires prayer to make it happen as you have to succumb to God fully. So, praying for the company on a daily basis is an industry standard for you just like a monthly meeting is for other organizations. People might say it’s wrong to pray for materialistic things, yet it’s never wrong to ask God for guidance.


“Faith without works is dead.”

Still, prayer alone won’t transform a home-based business into a market leader. He might love us deeply, but He is a parent, and like all good ones He lets us make decisions and mistakes. Therefore, you can’t rely on the hand of God to do the heavy lifting – you have to take responsibility. As a rule, that means coming up with a viable plan which covers the burning questions. Also, it represents working smarter rather than working harder. Spending hours on a laptop is pointless if the time is unproductive. Sometimes, sending emails for half a day can result in solid leads.


“As I think in my heart, so am I.”

Everyone has thoughts and feelings, and they can come back to bite you on the backside. Business owners that operate from home are especially vulnerable to attack as there is a lot of time for introspection. “Am I doing the right thing?” “Should I try a different route?” These are questions which plague entrepreneurs yet God is on hand to help. Just understand that whatever mistakes you make are a learning curve when He is by your side. Once you realize you have faith, it’s much easier to stay positive and have the courage of your convictions.

Read More→

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