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How Unqualified Are You?

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The world is full of people in positions they are totally unqualified for.


Well, that is to the untrained eye.


You see God enjoys using people who most of us would consider unqualified. Let’s unpack this a bit, shall we?


When God steps in and grabs ahold of people who would identify as unqualified we witness such greatness.


God is great, powerful, wise, strong, capable, and all-knowing. He knows our beginning and our end all while He knits us together in our mother’s womb.


When Jesus takes the wheel our weakness no longer limit us because God works through those. We see that indeed nothing is impossible with God. We become freed from worldly beliefs, excessive people pleasing, limited mindset’s, corporate thinking, and all of our worldly limitations. We become freed from the shame of our past, failures, embarrassments and guilt because God can and will use all of that to help others in their life right where they are! What a beautiful thing this is!


I want to talk to you ladies today about feeling unqualified. If you noticed I didn’t say being unqualified I said feeling unqualified. There is a difference, a big one I believe.


According to Google dictionary being means existence, reality, actuality.


Feeling means an emotional state or reaction.


Just because we feel a certain way doesn’t mean it’s reality or actuality.


Unqualified means:

  1. Not officially recognized as a practitioner of a particular profession or activity through having satisfied the relevant conditions or requirements.
  2. Not competent or sufficiently knowledgeable to do something.


So you may not be officially recognized as far as worldly standards go but God is far greater. He is the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end.


Therefore when He calls us into something the worldly definition of qualified no longer matters. It is obsolete. What God has put together no man can stop. That my friends is a promise we can stand on.


Not feeling qualified isn’t the same as being unqualified. When God leads you into something know that He has qualified you for that.


Does this mean it’ll be easy for you? No, the truth is it won’t always be easy. But when God is on your side you already know you are going to make it.


Philippians 1:6 tells us, “I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”


So what can you do when you are feeling unqualified?


Go back to who God says you are in scripture. Look for specific scripture where God talks about how He’s created you, given each specific gifts, created a plan for you, and has plans to prosper you and not to harm you. If you need assistance getting started you can grab a free list of scripture I’ve compiled by clicking here. (no opt-in required)



Personalize the scripture when possible. Add in your name and repeat these to yourself randomly throughout your day. Bonus Tip: Set them as reminders on your phone so you can read them more often to help your subconscious absorb them as truth. Read More→


Five Ways to Handle Discouragement in Business

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Sad WomanIt is unavoidable. Feelings of discouragement will be experienced as an entrepreneur but learning how to handle them is vital to the future success of your business. Discouragement if allowed to linger too long, can take you off your path. It can make it easier to throw in the towel on your business dreams. Discouragement can also shake your confidence to its’ core and make you second guess yourself.

So what does it mean to be discouraged?

Inside the word discouragement is the word courage. Courage is the ability to be fearless; to face anything that is dangerous, painful or difficult. Discouragement then is to be without courage. The courage that you once had has now gone away. You no longer approach your business from a place of strength and faith, but instead from a place of fear and hesitation.

But… it can come back. Discouragement can turn to Courage again.

In business your courage will at times wane. There will be moments and situations where feelings of discouragement are so overwhelmingly strong that you may not know what to do.

But God always know what to do. He can deliver us from the discouragement we sometimes feel. We can also do some things to help ourselves through these moments of uncertainty.

So what do you do when you feel discouraged? How do you handle it and not get stuck in a pit of potential despair?

Here are five ways to handle feeling discouraged: Exodus 6:6-9

Let go of what has happened. Perhaps you made a major decision for your business and it did not turn out as you had expected. Or maybe you have experienced multiple setbacks that have left doubting your abilities, questioning if being an entrepreneur is the right thing for you.  

What you may not recognize is that the feeling of discouragement is an opening for God to bless you in a new way; a way you may not even have imagined. That decision that now seems like it was the wrong one, perhaps is God’s way of creating room for what is to come. Read More→

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I Think I Want to Quit

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FeelTired like quitting?

Feel like shutting the doors of your business?

When sales are down, customers are nowhere to be found and you are struggling to keep the lights on, quitting seems like an option.

And sometimes it may be the best option; the only option.

But then there are those times when quitting is the last thing we need to do. Instead, we may need to adjust some things and make complete changes in others.

And then there are those times when don’t need to do a single thing except show up every day, put one foot in front of the other, keep doing our best and trust the process. In a word it boils down to faith; believing the impossible is possible.

The dreams of self-employment we have were given to us by God. He gave them to us because he knew we had something special and unique to offer to the world. But the ups and downs of self-employment can call into question, the dream that is uniquely yours.

Troubles, difficulties and setbacks can threaten what we have put time, money and effort into building. But during these times, I like to remember that God is actually my partner in this. He is always there loving you and me, supporting us, guiding us and making a way for us to be successful entrepreneurs. Psalm 19:35 reminds us of this, “You give me your shield of victory, and your right hand sustains me; you stoop down to make me great.”

Should you quit? I don’t know the answer to that question. But I do know the answer lies within you. Read More→

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12 Stones and God

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Itcelebrate is the one-year anniversary of my site and I wanted to share some of what this past year has been like for me. I came up against many challenges not only as a writer but also personally. If I am honest some them were due to my own internal conflicts, but every experience was an opportunity for me to learn more about God and about myself. As I was thinking about what to write for this article, the story of the 12 stones in Joshua chapter 4 came to mind.

After having spent 40 years in the desert, the Israelites were finally ready to cross over into the Promise Land. To know the Israelites is to know they were a group who complained, grumbled and did not always trust in God and his promises. But now things were different. They were taking possession of the land God had said belonged to them many years earlier.

I have at times felt like an Israelite wandering in my own desert; the desert of thinking I did not know God’s purpose for my life. It’s a hard place to be. On one hand you know God has a purpose for you. On the other hand, you feel clueless about what it could be due to your doubts, fears, lack of faith and the expectations of others getting in the way. (At least, that was the case for me.)

Once I not only discovered but acknowledged what had already been inside of me, I began to cross my own “Jordan River”. Like the Israelites, I was moving into new land and along the way, there were challenges and obstacles that at times felt impassable.

But God made the necessary provisions.

The Israelites were crossing during the harvest season when water levels were high and the conditions appeared impossible. God instructed Joshua to send the priests with the Ark of the Covenant into the river. As they went in, the waters receded on both sides allowing for the Israelites to cross over into the place God had promised to them. After everyone had made it to the new land, God had one more thing he wanted done. One member from each of the 12 tribes had to pick up a stone from the river. The stones were to serve as tangible reminders, for future generations, of God’s faithfulness. Read More→

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God’s Unexpected Plans

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SWoman in worship positioneveral years ago, I entered the world of self-employment when I began a business in direct selling. At the time, I was a mom who worked full-time outside of the home. Prior to the birth of my son, I never thought about working for myself, instead, I saw myself as a social work professional. As time passed I began to become disillusioned with my career and overwhelmed by having to figure out how to balance it with motherhood. I wanted a new way to earn an income and to be able to spend more time with my son.

I researched different business ideas, but nothing really resonated with me. My faith at this time was in its infancy and I did not know much about God having a purpose for my life. What I did know was the place I was in was not fulfilling. I longed to have more control over my time, to be with my son and to write. I also had no idea on how to create this life I envisioned for myself.
After spending months trying to figure out what type of business to start, the opportunity to join the direct selling company was presented to me. I started my business with a lot of fear. I had never sold anything before and I doubted myself and my ability to be successful. But despite the fears, I was determined to learn and to change the direction of my life. I educated myself on different things like marketing, products, leadership and customer service. I enjoyed the business I was building and was certain I had found what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing.
My goal was to move from having a part time business to a full time one. I had met other successful people who were working full time in their businesses and so I knew it was possible, but God had other plans in mind. After 3 years, life began to take me in a different direction and ultimately I closed my business. I soon found myself back in the place of uncertainty and wondering what was next. How could something I loved doing and was experiencing success with, be the thing I had to give up?

When I reflect back on my years in direct selling I can connect the dots between what I learned then and how it applies to now. The lessons, skills and knowledge I gained were laying the foundation for my current business. I can see how entering into a leadership role allowed me to develop skills such as communication, coaching and mentoring that I use today to help women pursue their dreams. Or how writing a bi-weekly newsletter for my team and customers was helping me to hone skills that I now use to write a monthly newsletter, articles for my site and in creating products such as ebooks. Read More→

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Customer Service Matters

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Customer ServiceAs a new online entrepreneur, I’ve had to learn as I go. Prior to starting my site, my technological skills were limited. I did the basic making calls on my cell, texting (rarely) and checking my email (maybe once a week.) I only went on the internet if there was a particular piece of information I needed to know; other than that it was rare for me to spend time online.

It is surprising to many people when they learn that I don’t have a Facebook account. The response usually is with a confused facial expression that communicates they think I am from another planet as they say, “But everyone has a Facebook account.”

Now that I am building, things have changed. I have been required to learn a new skill set and acquire knowledge on topics, that just mere months ago, I never even knew existed. I must say some of the challenges have been a struggle and frustrating. Sometimes when I am trying to figure out something I need to do, it feels like I am in Spanish class again trying to conjugate verbs (if you ever took Spanish in high school or college, then you know what I mean.) It feels like I am learning a new language, and in actuality, I am, the language of technology and social media.

So what do my limitations in the world of social media and technology have to do with the Bible? A lot.

Working online has been a training ground for my customer service skills to further develop. Customer service, evidenced by many scriptures verses, is about being in relationship with others. Whether the lessons are from Solomon in Proverbs 10:9 who writes about integrity or in James 2:8 where we are encouraged to love others as we love ourselves; the Bible is an authority on how we should treat people.

3d430f61-85c2-4b5e-a3ef-755d0c449bb2Here is an earlier experience I had involving technology and customer service:

A few months back I was sharing some information with my subscribers in my newsletter when I ran into some major snafus that I initially was not aware of. Somewhere between when I tested my links and sent the information to my email list, the links stopped working. Thankfully a subscriber was kind enough to inform me that something just wasn’t right in the world of

Acknowledge something is wrong. In the Bible, we are encouraged to go to our brothers and sisters and own any wrong doings we may have committed towards them. Initially, I did not know I had made a mistake in the setup of my links, but when I became aware I began to address the problem. It took a while before I could begin to work on the specific problem because I was two and a half hours away from home and I did not have my laptop with me. The most I was able to do was send an email to the person who emailed me. I acknowledged receipt of the information and apologized for any inconveniences. I thanked her for letting me know what was going on and informed her it would be a few hours before I could resolve the issues. She was gracious and understood. Read More→

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How Solid Is Your Business Foundation?

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d0388982-1731-4584-9bfc-b558b1854dafI believe scripture has many things to say about being self-employed and how to go about conducting business, prospering and being a blessing to those who buy our products and services. Often times when beginning initial research on starting a business, we often may turn to books and blogs written by people who are not necessarily people of faith. And while any new venture requires due diligence in researching and learning as much as you can about your business, we mustn’t overlook the value that can be found in the scriptures.

Just like a new house is built with a firm foundation; the same idea applies to being self-employed. The foundation in which we build our businesses upon needs to be strong and secure, able to withstand the winds of uncertainty that comes with striking out on our own.

How solid is your business foundation and what is it built upon?


To lay the groundwork for your business base it upon God’s word. Below are some scripture verses that address areas of self-employment that are important for building a firm foundation.

Time Management

Ephesians 5:15-17 So, then, be careful how you live. Do not be unwise but wise, making the best use of your time because the times are evil. Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.

Psalm 90:12 Teach us to consider our mortality, so that we might live wisely.


Money Management

Proverbs 3:9-10 Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops; then your barns will be overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine.

Romans 13:8 Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.


Customer Service

Proverbs 12:2 Good people obtain favor from the LORD, but he condemns those who devise wicked schemes.

1 Timothy 6:18 Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.

Read More→

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Be a Faith Walker

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ow do we move forward in business even though we may be afraid?  One word: FAITH. Many years ago the pastor at the church I used to attend gave the congregation a simple definition of faith. He said faith was full assurance in the heart that God will do what he promises. Those words never left me. They have become a part of the self-talk I use when fear wants to stop me from doing the things I know I need to do in order to have a successful business and life.  The full assurance is the deep knowing that a faith walker has about God and his ability to provide.  Our faith in business is always being tested. Every day there are challenges and obstacles that present themselves. The way in which to navigate these potential “faith busters” is found in the scriptures. I am always intrigued by the story of Abraham because he is a great example of what it means to be a faith walker. What often strikes me in the passages in Genesis 12:1-8 is that Abraham did not think, analyze, rationalize, procrastinate or refuse to do what God was calling him to. Instead he heard from God and obeyed. I know for me there have been plenty of times that I have stalled on the things God wanted me to do because my fear was bigger than my faith. But with Abraham we don’t see that in the scriptures. Instead we see a man of obedience, who hears from God, leaves his home (his comfort zone) and goes to a new land.  Abraham’s faith was such that he had full assurance in his heart that he would be taken care of by God. Because his faith was strong he was able to go and not be saddled by the baggage of doubt, fear, and insecurity that so many of us hold onto when God is trying to grow us. I want to be a faith walker. And not a sometimes faith walker. Not a faith walker only when it is easy or convenient for me. I want to be a full time faith walker who is so rooted in God and his word that no matter how out the box his call may be, I will hear and obey. What about you? Do you want to be one of those faith walkers referenced in Hebrews 11, The Faith Walkers Hall of Fame? Writing for my site has been a major test in my faith walk. And while I am a “work in progress”, progress is what I am making. Every time I revisit the story of Abraham I am reminded of some important truths. Here are three I want to share with you. 1.	Leave the zone. Abraham left his comfort zone. There are very few examples, at least in my own life, where my faith did not require me to step outside of what I knew and to let go of some things. The life of safety and stability I have created for myself has difficulty co-existing with faith. The art of letting go, is routine in the life of a faith walker. It can be letting go of people, places, things, old ideas, old resentments, and old hurts. It can be anything that needs to be removed from your life in order for God to take you to the next level. Abraham had to leave his land because what God was calling him to do was going to happen somewhere else, it was going to be different from what he already knew.  2.	There are no limitations for God. We are never too old, young or too anything we may say to explain why we are not walking in faith. Abraham started over at age 75 and God demonstrates through him that it does not matter where we are in life. Nothing we see as a challenge is a challenge for God. When God has determined that something is for us, he will take our “explanations” (or are they really excuses?) and use them in order for his will to be done.  3.	We don’t have to know everything (even though we think we should). Abraham did not have a clue as to where he was going, where he would live, what he would eat, or how he would provide for his family because God did not tell him. We often think we need to know all the details first. We want all of our questions answered. We want a play book that tells us in explicit details outlining every move and countermove. But… God does not work like that. Instead we have to decide to trust God and know that he is in control even when we are clueless about what he is up to.  What things has God been calling you to do in your business? In your life? We are not to live a life saddled by fear. Instead we are to live a life of faith. While fear will always be with us, it is a normal part of the human experience, we must learn to live a life where our faith is always bigger. We must learn to be faith walkers.How do we move forward in business even though we may be afraid?

One word: FAITH.

Many years ago the pastor at the church I used to attend gave the congregation a simple definition of faith. He said faith was full assurance in the heart that God will do what he promises. Those words never left me. They have become a part of the self-talk I use when fear wants to stop me from doing the things I know I need to do in order to have a successful business and life.

The full assurance is the deep knowing that a faith walker has about God and his ability to provide.Faith

Our faith in business is always being tested. Every day there are challenges and obstacles that present themselves. The way in which to navigate these potential “faith busters” is found in the scriptures.

I am always intrigued by the story of Abraham because he is a great example of what it means to be a faith walker. What often strikes me in the passages in Genesis 12:1-8 is that Abraham did not think, analyze, rationalize, procrastinate or refuse to do what God was calling him to. Instead he heard from God and obeyed. Read More→

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Start With What You Have

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shutterstock_236186674“Your servant has nothing there at all, except for a small jar of olive oil.” -2 Kings 4:2

The story of the widow with the jar of oil is a short one in the Bible. It is only seven verses long, but packs powerful life lessons. Two of these lessons deal with faith and the idea that you can start with what you have wherever you are in life.

In the story a widow, with two sons, is struggling to pay the debt her husband left when he died. The creditors were demanding that the debt be paid. She went to Elisha, a prophet, looking for help. He asked her what did she have and at first she told him that she had nothing, but then mentioned a “small jar of olive oil”. The widow was living in dire poverty and her only possession was this oil. Elisha proceeded to gives her specific instructions on what to do with it. She listened and did what he told her. By doing what she was told, the widow was blessed. After selling the oil, she was able to pay off the debts. The profits she earned also allowed for her family to be financially taken care of for the rest of their lives.

The widow moved in faith and obedience. In the text there is no indication that she questioned, doubted or even hesitated to follow Elisha’s instructions. It’s one of those situations where she could of have easily looked at the small jar of olive oil and then looked at Elisha with disbelief because what he was telling her to do did not make sense. But she didn’t. Instead she listened, followed, acted and was blessed. Her “small jar of olive oil” was the catalyst to changing the life she and her sons had grown to know.

When I started wordsbytara I too had to look at what I had available to me. And it wasn’t alot. When you think about what the “experts” say you need in order to start a business, you know like… money, I didn’t have it (my budget was in the no budget to low budget range).What I did have though was this God inspired dream that I couldn’t let go of, my mind which was constantly being flooded with ideas, a bunch of paper and pens and a computer. Read More→

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Four Ways Proverbs 31 Can Help To Grow Your Business

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super humanSuperwoman”. This is a name that often comes up for people when they read about the Proverbs 31 woman.

Have you ever finished reading the scripture passages, and felt the standard was too high for anyone to live up to?

Now… did you ever think that her life was a reflection of her relationship with God? And the qualities and traits she possessed are aligned with how God calls us to live our lives?

What if we viewed the Proverbs 31 woman not as some impossible ideal, but as an example of what it means to commit ourselves and our lives to God? What if she provides a guideline for us on  how to grow and become not only better people, but better business owners?

When I read Proverbs 31 from the mindset of a business owner, there were things I noticed that I could implement to help my business grow. I have identified four key areas that can be beneficial for all entrepreneurs.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and answer the questions posed in this piece. For each question cite a concrete example that supports your answer. Afterwards reflect by spending time with God. Seek his direction for the areas of your business that need improvement and acknowledge the areas where you are doing well.

tara31. Relationship with God. It is clear in the text the Proverbs 31 woman has a deep relationship with God and honors him in all her actions. She serves with her whole heart, mind and soul. The Proverbs 31 woman seeks the will of God and lives a life of obedience. Her relationship with God is not only evident in her personal life, but in her business life as well. (Key verses: 26, 30)

Some questions to ponder: * How do you connect with God on a daily basis? * Is time with God built into your schedule? * Do your actions in business reflect your relationship with God? *Do you consult with God when making decisions for your business?

2. Time Management. The Proverbs 31 women is hardworking and diligent. She does not waste time with idleness. She gets up each morning and completes her tasks. Productivity and profits are the byproducts of her diligence and hard work. (Key verses: 15, 17, 27)

Some questions to ponder: *How do you schedule your days? *Does procrastination steal your time? *What type of tools do you use to organize your day? * Do you set daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly business goals? Are you a good steward of your time? Read More→

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