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The Competitive Spirit

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ro-marWhere did this competitive spirit among female entrepreneurs come from?

Whether, you are a Mompreneur or an entrepreneur without the responsibility of children or family, we are all in the same work. Partnership or connection is a divine gift. Just think, the bible calls those in relationship with Christ “co-labors” with Him.

My Pastor said the following once during a sermon and I have adopted it as part of my business mantra. “If you are doing anything significant and it does not require people then it’s not that significant.”

We are not here to compete but here to complete. The only person we are competing against is the average part of ourselves. That is where the fight should really be. Your assignment is to be intentional about making business partnerships, reaching out to others and making a connection to help them reach their God-given assignment.

You are already part of a great community here at Christian Work at Home Ministries. What I am telling you to do is exactly how I connected to CWAHM founder, Jill Hart. I saw what she was doing at CWAHM and I looked for an avenue to connect. In doing so, my life and business have richly been enhanced. In the words of Jill Hart, “It’s time to do life and business differently.”

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor…
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 NIV

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Method and Strategy

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ro-febAmong your marketing, sales, social media and traditional media efforts this year you will also need to be intentional about methods and strategies. Method is simply defined as a process, Strategy is a plan. In simpler terms method is the do and strategy is how. We can see in the creation story these two concepts in operation. The Lord created the ocean before fish.

He created the earth before man existed. The Lord created habitation before its inhabitants. All throughout scripture we see The Lord utilizing methods and strategies to get His work completed. If it works for the Savior of the world it will certainly work for you. No more free styling, flying by the seat of your pants in 2014. This is the year to be intentional in order to see the manifestation.

I can hear you asking, “Roshanda, how do I obtain the method and strategies you are talking about?” I am so glad you asked.

These methods and strategies will only be downloaded from heaven through earnest prayer. My friend in business, Our Lord is not trying to hide anything from you but for you. Remember you have the greatest business partner on your team, employ your faith and watch this year be the greatest one in your business. Read More→

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A healthier You= A healthier Business

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RoshandamjYxzPMEntrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart. Earlier mornings; late nights, slow cash flow or no cash flow at all. Small business ownership can be a rollercoaster ride at times. I have learned many lessons as a Mompreneur. The most recent lesson involved my sleep or the lack thereof.

Since college, staying up late is the norm. This professed night owl learned how to operate off very little sleep in order to get projects done. This lifestyle continued as a television news producer, well into motherhood and now as an entrepreneur. However, recently my “bad” habits started to catch up with me. I found myself unable to function. Seriously, it became difficult just to do the simplest things. I was burning the candle on both ends.

One day, on my way to a board meeting feeling very tired and drained, I heard the Lord say, “A healthier you means a healthier business.” Eureka! My constant late nights were a disadvantage to my family, business and ministry. While there may be times you may need to burn the midnight oil up, it should be exception and not the rule. I am discovering when I am well rested my business benefits as well everything and everyone else around me. I am not perfect in this area, some nights are better than others but I have gotten accountable and recognize this as an area where I have to renew my mind. Read More→

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The Blessing of Partnership

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RoshandamzUuXukThe thought of partnering with someone on a business project can be scary. I have always been the kind of the student who loathes group projects because more often than not someone does not pull their weight. However, recently I stepped out of my comfort zone to start a joint venture. It happened in the most unlikely ways, nothing I could have planned which makes this even more beautiful.

Each of us brings a unique strength to our business venture which is an added benefit for clients who work with us. Jesus Christ, our example, spent time pouring the Kingdom of God and duplicating himself in 12 men. I believe Christ understood in order for the good news to be spread, I must partner with others in different spheres of influence. The next level of success in your business could be found in partnering with someone who can add more value to what you are doing.

If you are in direct sales, could you elicit the partnership of a customer to help expand your customer base? As a virtual assistant you partner with someone who primarily provides social media to add another service to your business. The bible reminds us in 1 Corinthians 13:9, “For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.” God’s word tells us we are co-labors with Christ; partners with Christ. Read More→

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Are You Adding Value?

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ro-aprWho are you adding value to? We should be in the business of ultimately making clients and customers lives better. It’s more than the all mighty dollar. It’s about value and serving another person’s vision. Can The Lord trust you?

Let’s consider a baker. A customer wants a wedding cake. The baker meets the need/desire by baking a beautiful and rather tasty cake. The customer is satisfied and it provides a great addition to the wedding ceremony. The baker may look at this as “just” a job but in reality, she served this bride’s vision. Read More→

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Minding Your Business Vision Statement

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Roshanda Pratt, Minding Your Business bloggerMinding Your Business Vision Statement by Roshanda PrattA lot has changed in my world; my family moved over the summer, my business is getting a complete overhaul and the title of this blog is no longer Moving Your Media Knowledge Forward.  Despite the changes and my brief hiatus from CWAHM, I was challenged to really start Minding My Business. Not in the way you may be thinking, but rather being intentional and present with how and whom I serve in my business.

William Shakespeare wrote, “To thine own self be true…” The character who made this statement believed no matter who happens; no matter what you face; no matter what decisions you must make in life, make sure you stay true to your convictions/values.  It is important at the end of the day you can look at your reflection in the mirror and like the person you see.  So how can you be true in business?

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