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Making 2012 Different

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Carey Scott - Raising Godly Children blogger

How will this next year be different with your kids?

  • Will you spend more time with them?
  • Will you nag less?
  • Will you show more grace when they mess up?
  • Will you be more intentional in teaching them about Jesus?
  • Will you help them get healthy?

What will you do in 2012 to be a better parent? Read More→

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A Valuable Lesson

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Carey Scott - Raising Godly Children bloggerHave you ever had to step back and watch as your child suffered the consequences of a bad decision?  Do you remember a time that you’ve had to stand on the sidelines as they learned a lesson the hard way?

We’re doing that with Sam right now… and everything in me wants to swoop in and save him.

But I can’t.

My sweet, loving, compassionate son has misplaced a very dear gift he received for his birthday just a few months ago.  He loved this gift.  It was exactly what he’d asked for.

And now… it’s gone. Read More→

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Making it Your Own

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Carey Scott - Raising Godly Children bloggerGift-giving.  Decorating.  Advent calendars.  Santa.

There are so many different camps you can land in when it comes to celebrating Christmas.  Just with gift-giving…Christmas Tree

  • Some set an equal budget for each child.
  • Others give gifts generously.
  • Several give just three gifts because that’s what the wise men did.
  • A few give no gifts at all.
  • Others stick to the four gift rule: Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read.
  • Still some give one gift to charity for every gift they buy their kids.

It makes me wonder if there is a wrong way and a right way to approach giving gifts to your kids.  Are you spoiling your kids if they get too many… or is it a form of child-abuse if you don’t give enough?

How do you know? Read More→


Combating the World’s Messages

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Carey Scott - Raising Godly Children blogger“Mom, how much money are you spending on me this year for Christmas?”

That’s been the question on the season from my kids. For some reason, they feel it’s important to know what they are worth to us.

The bigger boxes… the heavier the packages… the more presents… the more valuable they see themselves in the eyes of their parents.

At least that seems to be their rationale this season.

Are you experiencing the same thing with your kids? Do they seem to be looking for the world’s version of value?

It makes me wonder what’s changed.

While I love watching my kids grow up… and am excited to see their faith-walk develop… and am enjoying the rich time I have with them… it’s hard to watch them struggle with placing their sense of worth in the things our culture tells them are important.

You see, every year they are in the world is one more year of the world’s influence in their lives.

It’s more exposure to worldly desires.

It’s more exposure to worldly ways of living life.

It’s more exposure to worldly wisdom. Read More→


Making Him the Reason

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Carey Scott - Raising Godly Children blogger


This time of year makes me giddy.

I love everything about it…

  • The smells
  • The sales
  • The decorations
  • The chilly weather
  • The food
  • The gifts

I’d be perfectly fine to live in a state of Christmas-time all year long.  As a matter of fact, it is my happy place.

My kids are the same way.

We have holiday music going 24/7 in the house and it’s all we are listening to as we drive.  We’ve set the DVR to tape all the Christmas shows and watch at least one each night.  The house is decked out and gifts have already begun to make an appearance under the tree.

What an honor to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

But… are we?

Read More→


The Art of Thankfulness

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Carey Scott - Raising Godly Children bloggerLater this week, we are going to sit down and share a Thanksgiving meal.

Some will eat ham, others turkey.  Potatoes might be mashed with gravy or missing from the table all together.  There are families who will spend hours making each dish perfect and others that will buy it already made from their favorite restaurant or store.

Many of us are excited to spend time with our families, but there are some who dread having to get together.  For others, this could be a time of pain as you find yourself missing a loved one.

It can look different for everyone.

Regardless of all the details, there is one common thread.  It’s the time of year where we are more intentional in counting our blessings. Read More→


And It Will Move You

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Carey Scott - Raising Godly Children bloggerThe kids and I were on our way home from school one day when they started singing… in their full voices… the words of this song ( as we were listening to it on the radio.

When I glanced in the rearview mirror, I saw that my daughter had her eyes closed and her hand raised.  My son had set down his video game and was concentrating on the words.

While it was the first time I had heard it, they’d apparently been singing it in church over the past few weeks.

They knew every word.

And as I listened to their sweet voices belt it out… I silently wept.  Read More→


Keeping Your Kid’s Love Tank Full

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Carey Scott - Raising Godly Children bloggerMom, what did you bring back for me?”

This is the usual greeting from my 8-year-old daughter when I walk in the door from a trip.

At first, it really offended me. It seemed that the only reason she was okay with me traveling to speak was because I would bring her back a gift.

This was frustrating especially since all my 10-year-old son wanted was a hug and a back scratch.

But those gifts spoke loudly to her (as did the physical contact for my son). I’ve come to understand that it’s one way she gets her love tank filled. Read More→


Choose Your Words Wisely

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Carey Scott - Raising Godly Children bloggerWe’ve recently caught Sara, our 8 year old, telling some lies.

This is a new behavior and one we need to nip in the bud.

The interesting thing is that these little lies have been about petty issues… nothing worth the risk of getting caught.  But she chose to lie about them anyway.

Lying is a very big deal in our house and we don’t accept it on any level.

Our goal isn’t to raise our kids to be perfect and do everything right all the time.  Oh gosh, no.  We absolutely expect and accept accidents, bad choices and miscalculations.

Read More→


It’s A Phase

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Carey Scott - Raising Godly Children bloggerI remember that phone call like it was yesterday.

“Carey, we’ve had a bad morning with Sam.  He got angry when I asked him to pay attention in class and told me he wished he could blow up the world… so I couldn’t live in it.”


And he was in preschool at the time.

Yes, funny and quite clever now… but not so funny at the time.

Actually, not at all.

We have had some really rough seasons with Sam.  Seasons where we wanted to give him away to a good home… for free.  And then other times where he was a dream.

The same is true for Sara.

Read More→


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