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Work-at-home mom: take a deep breath and Do Life Different as you allow these devotions for work-at-home moms to fill the vacuum of your needy heart in the chaos of your busy world.
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About Leslie Lamb, Sifted Wheat Blogger

Leslie Lamb is an author speaker and has the privilege of encouraging teenagers from all over the world. Having grown up overseas as the youngest daughter of missionaries, God gave her a passion for ministry at a very young age. This passion found its voice through books, and then later through speaking and leading conferences for teen girls. Her first book is Kiss, Bang, Boom – Book One: Zella’s Story which was followed in the series by Paper, Rock, Scissors -Book Two: Celeste’s Confession. Both books have been very popular with teen girls and have her on a mission to complete the series with Oona, Dos, Tres. She also is on the writing team and is the co-founder of a locally started ministry for teens, Teen Christian Ministries, Inc. As if that was not enough to do, she still spends most of her time with her two beautiful daughters, Maddie and Lily, her husband, Brian, and their affection-seeking pooch, Chloe.
You can find her on facebook and twitter @lesliealamb and online at

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Do You Believe?

By · Comments Comments Off on Do You Believe?

Trust is hard. Trust is relinquishing our control and admitting that we are helpless. I’m in a season on my life where I am forced to trust God, not that I wouldn’t, but my circumstances require it. I can’t change where I am and what is happening around me, but I know He can. So […]

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Love Speaks

By · Comments Comments Off on Love Speaks

God pulled me aside for a brief conversation.. I recognized the tone in His voice.. He had a question to ask, and He wanted my honest response. He always wants my honest response, and He gets it whether I give it or not.. But when He asks for it, I know the question that is […]

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Time Management, or Is It Nap Time Yet?

By · Comments Comments Off on Time Management, or Is It Nap Time Yet?

As a woman there are a million things that pull at our time, and as a woman in leadership and ministry this has often been a major struggle for me. Surprisingly, (not so much), at almost 39 years of age, I still don’t have it all figured out! I thought I might, at one time, […]

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Lessons from the Potter’s Wheel

By · Comments Comments Off on Lessons from the Potter’s Wheel

I had the privilege of sitting at the table of a potter’s wheel.. And as he molded, and stretched and created, My Potter spoke to me. This is what He said: Just as the potter kneads and stretches the clay to determine what it is made of, so I examine you. Just as the clay […]

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Sifted Wheat

By · Comments Comments Off on Sifted Wheat

In some way or another we have all been sifted, drifted, needed to be lifted from pits of our own making or chasms we’ve fallen into. We’ve all taken on more than we can handle and overcommitted to things we have no business doing. We all have, but take heart. It’s only the beginning! In […]

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