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Work-at-home mom: take a deep breath and Do Life Different as you allow these devotions for work-at-home moms to fill the vacuum of your needy heart in the chaos of your busy world.
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About Melinda Means, Encouragement for the CWAHM Blogger

Melinda is mother to an adorable middle-school-aged son and a beautiful and entertaining teenage daughter. She has been a freelance writer since her daughter was an infant, writing primarily for healthcare publications up until several years ago when her writing focus took a decidedly maternal turn.

She has written for Focus on the Family,, In Touch and Lifeway’s Journey. Melinda can also be found hosting discussion at Moms Together every third Wednesday of the month. Melinda and her blogging partner Kathy Helgemo are co-authors of the upcoming book Mothering From Scratch: Finding the Best Parenting Style for You and Your Family (Bethany House, 2015). You can visit their blog, Mothering from Scratch, where they provide encouragement and hard-won wisdom about finding your unique mothering recipe.

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How To Keep Your Dreams as Your’re Serving Your family

By · Comments Comments Off on How To Keep Your Dreams as Your’re Serving Your family

We had a dream. Once, years ago, when we first became work-at-home moms, we envisioned happily typing away at our computers. Our adorable children would be frolicking at our feet – blissfully playing amongst themselves. Maybe they’d be reading, doing puzzles … Then, we woke up. Both of us had highly unrealistic expectations of the […]

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Six ways to set goals you can reach

By · Comments Comments Off on Six ways to set goals you can reach

I struggle with staying focused. It’s partly my nature. I’ve never been “officially” diagnosed, but the evidence is just too clear to ignore: I have ADD. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a short attention span and an inherent impatience when things seem to be taking too long to materialize. Finally, as […]

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How Rest from Work Can Boost Your Productivity

By · Comments Comments Off on How Rest from Work Can Boost Your Productivity

Over the past month, I’ve made a realization that has changed my life. It’s so simple, but revolutionary: Taking a break from work is the key to getting more done. I’m not just talking about a break from physical activity. I’ve found I’m even more in desperate need of a mental breather. The chaos that goes […]

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Every morning I can feel it. My feet have barely hit the floor and I begin to feel the pull of my often lengthy to-do list. Appointments to keep. Deadlines to meet. Phone calls to make. Some days, I feel like a hamster on a wheel. Moving frantically, but not really getting anywhere. Other times, I’m making […]

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