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Work-at-home mom: take a deep breath and Do Life Different as you allow these devotions for work-at-home moms to fill the vacuum of your needy heart in the chaos of your busy world.
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About Roshanda Pratt, Minding Your Business Blogger

Roshanda left the world of breaking news, hurricane coverage and as her husband puts it “writing mini research papers” as a television news producer to start a family and pursue her desire to help people understand the how-to of that big black box called a television. Roshanda is the lead media consultant with REP Communications Network where she connects people to what she knows and who she knows. Roshanda is married and mom to three children(6,4 & 2)all who are starting school this year! You can connect with her on Facebook at REP Communications Network LLC.

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The Competitive Spirit

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Where did this competitive spirit among female entrepreneurs come from? Whether, you are a Mompreneur or an entrepreneur without the responsibility of children or family, we are all in the same work. Partnership or connection is a divine gift. Just think, the bible calls those in relationship with Christ “co-labors” with Him. My Pastor said […]

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Method and Strategy

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Among your marketing, sales, social media and traditional media efforts this year you will also need to be intentional about methods and strategies. Method is simply defined as a process, Strategy is a plan. In simpler terms method is the do and strategy is how. We can see in the creation story these two concepts […]

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A healthier You= A healthier Business

By · Comments Comments Off on A healthier You= A healthier Business

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart. Earlier mornings; late nights, slow cash flow or no cash flow at all. Small business ownership can be a rollercoaster ride at times. I have learned many lessons as a Mompreneur. The most recent lesson involved my sleep or the lack thereof. Since college, staying up late […]

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The Blessing of Partnership

By · Comments Comments Off on The Blessing of Partnership

The thought of partnering with someone on a business project can be scary. I have always been the kind of the student who loathes group projects because more often than not someone does not pull their weight. However, recently I stepped out of my comfort zone to start a joint venture. It happened in the […]

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Are You Adding Value?

By · Comments Comments Off on Are You Adding Value?

Who are you adding value to? We should be in the business of ultimately making clients and customers lives better. It’s more than the all mighty dollar. It’s about value and serving another person’s vision. Can The Lord trust you? Let’s consider a baker. A customer wants a wedding cake. The baker meets the need/desire […]

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Minding Your Business Vision Statement

By · Comments Comments Off on Minding Your Business Vision Statement

A lot has changed in my world; my family moved over the summer, my business is getting a complete overhaul and the title of this blog is no longer Moving Your Media Knowledge Forward.  Despite the changes and my brief hiatus from CWAHM, I was challenged to really start Minding My Business. Not in the […]

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