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A Slow Fade

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I’m listening to “Slow Fade” by Casting Crowns.  It’s about the path from good to evil, from not sinning to sinning.  Perhaps you’ve heard it? Here’s a few of the lyrics:

“…Its the second glance that ties your hands…When you give yourself away, black and white turns to gray…Choices are made, a price will be paid… People never crumble in a day…The journey from your mind to your hands is shorter than you’re thinking.”

It ends will a little girl singing the childrens’ classic “Oh be careful little eyes what you see.”

I agree its a slow fade, wouldn’t you?  No one wakes up usually and thinks, “I will go _____________ (fill in the sin, the crime, etc).  We all KNOW stealing is wrong, right?  We don’t think of robbing the bank, right?  But we do sometimes let “little thoughts” start to be heard in our mind.  “It’s the SECOND glance” the song states, and it is.  The first glance notices:

  • that handsome guy at the gym
  • that bigger better house
  • that quick witted funny man in Sunday School class/small group
  • that-whatever-is-attractive or appealing-to-me-at-this-time.

If we are to be wise, the first glance should be our last glance.  We should turn it into a praise to God.  {We can praise God for what I DO HAVE, and not worry about what I don’t have.  I can confess my desires and LET God answer them in the way HE sees fitting.  I can praise God that He’s blessed that person and pray they use it for HIS glory.}  We should notice and keep walking the path in front of us. Read More→

Brian Ellsworth

2dRRjXVMany families today rely on two incomes to pay their bills not being able to make ends meet month to month. They face several options to secure that extra income they need, one being obtaining a part-time job and the other a home-based business. It’s a decision with advantages and disadvantages to each. I want to provide some suggestions to help you make the right choice.

When deciding between a standard second job and a home-based business, it is important to consider the expenses incurred in both. For those considering a second job, many do not take into account the numerous extra expenses that go along with childcare, clothing, gas, etc. Crown Financial Ministries offers a worksheet online ( to help you determine how much you will actually make once these expenses are deducted from your income. By breaking it down and seeing the guideline, you can see just how much extra you really bring home each week.

A home-based business also incurs expenses, but most of your business related expenses will be at least partially tax deductible. The IRS looks favorably on home-based businesses. The more money that you save with legitimate tax deductions, the more finances you’ll have to increase the size of your business. This in turn creates more revenue for the IRS.

A home-based business can also offer flexibility that a second job cannot. You can work from the comfort of your home – often in your pajamas if you choose. You can work the days you want and the hours you need. Your schedule is up to you! For example, Diana Ennen, author Virtual Assistant the Series, Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA, states, “I enjoy the flexibility my home-based business provides. You can easily wake up at 5:30 a.m. to work or work until 2:00 a.m. whatever fits your personality. Many people enjoy it because they can start work after they have put the kids the bed and work a couple hours and earn extra money without having to hire a babysitter.

Plus, it’s all in the comfort of your own home. No costs on dry-cleaning, travel to work, gas expenses, etc., and you can’t beat the one minute commute to the office!”

Allowing your family to be a part of the business is another benefit that not many jobs can compete with and thus another positive benefit to home-based businesses. Depending on the type of home-based business you choose, there may be small jobs that your children can assist with in the daily operations. These include: Helping prepare your mailings, preparing packages if you have a direct mail company, or even answering the phone – depending on their age. Your spouse can also be a part of your business and may be able to help run the business when you are not able to be at home. Read More→


snowLooking to keep your kids entertained while you work? You’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to discover even more great ideas to keep your kids active and happy while you’re busy, too.

Fair Fun at Home

Any trip to the fair will usually reveal the same game in a variety of forms. Whether it’s tossing a dime into beautiful dishes and cups or throwing a ping-pong ball into a fishbowls, games that require tossing towards a target aren’t just fun. They’re a great way to practice hand-eye coordination. Fortunately, you can replicate this fantastic fair fun right in your own home with just a few items you likely already have. Begin by dragging out a variety of bowls and cups from your kitchen cupboards, and arrange them either all over a tabletop for older children or right on the floor for younger ones. The larger the variety of colors, heights and shapes the better. Then search for all your spare change or snag a few ping-pong balls for tossing.

Serve Up Some Fun

My mother-in-law spent beaucoup bucks on a plastic version of a game for my boys to enjoy while at her home. They admittedly loved the game and, not surprisingly, wanted to bring it home. I had a hunch, though, that we could play the very same game for absolutely free at our house whenever we liked. A quick trip to a kitchen drawer (for a few serving spoons) and to a bedroom drawer (for a few pair of rolled up socks) proved that I was right. Soon my boys were racing around the living room – well, okay, the entire downstairs – to find out who could balance their sock balls the longest and the farthest.

Hide ‘n Go Hunt

Who says the fun of hunting for hidden stuff has to be saved just for buried treasure or Easter eggs? Have the fun and get moving year round and regardless of the weather right inside your own home. Select items to stash such as stickers, a few coins or even just a favorite stuffed animal, and let the hide and go hunt fun begin. Older children may also enjoy creating treasure maps for each other to follow. Read More→

home-officeWhen you run a home-based business, the sad truth is that some customers will avoid buying from you. Why? Because you aren’t “corporate” enough! Some consumers don’t consider home-based firms to be serious or legitimate. Hence why they avoid them like the plague.

It’s an unfortunate fact. That’s because consumers can often get a better level of service and value for money from such organizations! Do you run a business from home? Are you finding that some customers avoid using you for that reason?

If you want to make your business appear more corporate, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to do so:


Become incorporated

A lot of home business owners trade as self-employed people. That alone can put off a lot of potential corporate clients doing business with you. The way to get around that problem is to become an incorporated company.

The rules for doing this depend on what part of the world you live. In the United States, your business name would have an “Inc.” at the end of it. Across the Atlantic, British companies can become public (“PLC”) or private limited (“Ltd.”) businesses.

Consumers and other businesses are often happier dealing with companies rather than individuals. Even if it transpires there is only one person in the company!

It must get noted that there are a couple of downsides to setting up a company: paperwork. There is more administration involved with businesses than with self-employed individuals. You will also need to hire an accountant to ensure you comply with relevant tax laws.

Read More→

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If there’s one thing I could share about what I’ve learned in reading the scriptures of the Bible, is to not just read them but to also live by them, daily. I will never forget my first encounter with the Holy Spirit. My husband and I were diligently attending bible study, prayer meetings and personal study time. I was eager to learn however, I wanted a spirit to Spirit relationship because most of what I remember hearing Ministers talk a lot about was “the Holy Spirit” is your teacher, your guide and your confidant. I remembered thinking, well if that’s true, that’s who I choose to learn from.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be
opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh
findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” — Matthew 7:7-8

Therefore, if you will, picture this, me having what seemed to appear as loud vocal conversations with no one in the room except me. LOL! I can laugh at it now but, it wasn’t very funny at the time. I was hungry and I needed to be fed quickly! As I would read the scriptures, I would ask the Holy Spirit to give me the understanding that He desired I receive. I informed Him that I wanted to know Him and I felt that the only way I would sincerely understand the Bible was if He taught me – and He did.

According to Proverbs 29:18 it reads: “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

I also remembered hearing that the reason people failed so much was because we lacked vision. And while that can be a hard pill to swallow, I actually understood it because I’m a “visual” person. I didn’t want to fail  because I lacked vision! No way! As long as I can remember, I’ve always “pictured” my thoughts and desires. I easily relate to story-telling too because, I picture the entire story as its being told. Imagine closing your eyes and a thought comes to mind, can you picture the thought?

Grateful that my prayers were answered, not only was I granted a picture, I understood the Bible with so much clarity! But, remember, we were attending bible study and prayer meetings with other people. There would be times that people would say things that didn’t make sense to me and if I asked a question, sometimes I didn’t understand the answers. I would ask my husband why are some of the people saying, I should know this or you should be speaking in a different prayer language and try this or try that. It was confusing and becoming quite overwhelming. My husband would tell me to pray about it, “seek the Lord.” Fortunately, I would pray about it and at God’s appointed time, I would always receive revelation (understanding) that only He could do. Read More→

As a woman there are a million things that pull at our time, and as a woman in leadership and ministry this has often been a major struggle for me. Surprisingly, (not so much), at almost 39 years of age, I still don’t have it all figured out! I thought I might, at one time, or at least be closer to understanding what it’s all about, by the time I reached this age, but I still find that knowledge unattainable, due, in large part, to the ever changing seasons. Just about the time you feel like perhaps something is leading somewhere, everything changes, life throws you a curve ball, or you simply catch an interception. In the wake of that, everything shifts and time must be managed once more.

I used to think how lovely it would be to simply be a stay at home mom with nothing more to do in the world but make sure my husband is happy, the kids are socially balanced and the fridge is stocked. But, does that woman even exist? Because the women I know that do find themselves at home still wonder where the time has gone, how to get it all done, and feel the need for strict time management. Even if that woman does exist (lucky lady!), a life like that for someone who has a heart of ministry and the desire to serve, would be miserable! So, my life is crazy. My house is a mess, my kids are a little off kilter, and my husband -well, he’s easy to please.

The point is, no life is perfect. Therefore, time cannot be managed perfectly. Time moves, seasons change, clocks tick, deadlines come and go… It’s what we do while all of that goes on that makes up the value of a good life. The struggle of priorities helps us to grow and the upheaval quite honestly throws us into the only Source of Peace in life – the Prince of Peace. So, I’m learning, as all good students should, that I am exactly where I need to be when I am there. I am learning to take one task at a time, one day at a time, and what I don’t accomplish isn’t near as important as what I have. Let’s face it, the world will pull us where ever it wills, what matters is where we leave the world. If it’s better for us having been here, even if we exit with dishes in the sink, we’ve lived well and time will cease along with the pushing and pulling, and we can find not just our souls but our bodies and minds at rest – Finally!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Leslie Lamb is an author speaker and has the privilege of encouraging teenagers from all over the world. Having grown up overseas as the youngest daughter of missionaries, God gave her a passion for ministry at a very young age. This passion found its voice through books, and then later through speaking and leading conferences for teen girls. Her first book is Kiss, Bang, Boom – Book One: Zella’s Story which was followed in the series by Paper, Rock, Scissors -Book Two: Celeste’s Confession. Both books have been very popular with teen girls and have her on a mission to complete the series with Oona, Dos, Tres. She also is on the writing team and is the co-founder of a locally started ministry for teens, Teen Christian Ministries, Inc. As if that was not enough to do, she still spends most of her time with her two beautiful daughters, Maddie and Lily, her husband, Brian, and their affection-seeking pooch, Chloe.

You can find her on facebook and twitter @lesliealamb and online at

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living-roomIf you work from home, then you will know that it is a different process to working from an office. Working remotely has its perks but there are also drawbacks. It is more difficult to get motivated to do your work if you don’t have to leave the house. Also, the home is full of distractions, so it is easier to procrastinate.

If you do work from home, then there is a good chance that you are a freelancer. If this is the case, then you will have a pool of clients you do work for. It is likely that you will be on a constant hunt for new clients and new projects. You’ll spend a lot of your time trawling the internet in the hunt for new opportunities.

Applying for jobs will be part of your daily working life as a freelancer. You always need to generate a large client pool to ensure that you are okay for money. Another drawback to freelancing is the lack of a steady paycheck. Unless you sign a contract for a long-term project with a client, you need to make sure you won’t be stuck for work.

The process of applying for jobs is different if you work from home. With an onsite interview, like applying to work at Target you would go in and have an interview on site. As a freelancer, it’s unlikely you will have to go for a physical interview, though this is possible. But it’s more likely that the interview will happen over the phone. As a telecommuter, you can expect to have your interview done via phone or some other electronic method.

Here are some interview tips to help you:

1. Excellent Phone Manner

As a telecommuter, you need to be sure that you have an excellent phone manner. The majority of your interactions will take place over the phone. As a result, you need to be talkative, affable and engaging when on the phone. If you have a poor phone manner then this is something you’re going to have to work on. Read More→

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