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Principles of Success, by Pebbles Jacobo

Principle:  Hire Trustworthy People

Scripture(s): Proverbs 27:18 “The one who guards a fig tree will eat its fruit, and whoever protects their master will be honored.”
Proverbs 28:20 “A faithful person will be richly blessed, but one eager to get rich will not go unpunished.”

As a virtual assistant you may think it odd that I myself have assistants to help with the load, but all in all it works out. I put my people through a rough set of tests before I fully trust them with my clients. After all, my clients are literally my bread and butter. I mean, seriously, I’ve been working hard for many years to build my reputation and to build this business into what it is today, so I don’t work with just anyone.

There was a time when I had extra tasks/projects and people needing work, so I shared. We’re taught to share and share alike, but be careful with that. Seriously. When it comes to your business, you want to hire trustworthy people to work with you, not just any Joe Smoe. This will open up your time for tasks toward active growth. After all, if you’re not growing, well, your bank account will show the results. Read More→




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dogI am sitting on my deck, enjoying the breezy shade and summer time temperatures.  Birds are adding harmony to God’s windy percussion section.  Thunder, our dog, has been my constant companion for the last 12 years.  I go from the kitchen to the deck, he follows me.  From the deck to the laundry room, well, then he only goes about halfway; he stops on the top of the steps.  He  knows I am coming back up.  Wherever I go, he follows me.

I hate to admit it, I get annoyed sometimes-he’s always following me! I think he wants something from me.  That’s my assumption.  That’s the story I tell myself.  Then I think “great, what do you want now?!” It’s funny how my attitude can shift from “oh, that’s nice or sweet” to “this is annoying; why can’t you just leave me be?”

It’s occurred to me lately that perhaps that’s not the whole truth.  Maybe he justs like me a lot and wants to be close to me.  Maybe he has no hidden agenda.  Maybe he’s a codependent dog? :) Probably not.  He’s a dog.  They’re very sociable creatures and very loyal too.  And so is Thunder.  Maybe I should change my assumptions about his motives?  Luckily for me, dogs are pretty direct when they want food, or want to go for a walk, or need to go out.  They don’t leave you guessing.

So, maybe I should just stick to the facts.  Now, let’s apply that to our husbands, to our marriages.  Maybe he has no hidden agenda.  Maybe he just wants you near.  Maybe he likes you, nay, loves you?  When you love someone, don’t you want to be around them more often than not?  When you love someone honestly and purely, you usually don’t have a hidden agenda, do you?

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Milton Jay

summerparty~ Share the business…now is the PERFECT time of year to join your Team…so call everyone you know that has expressed interest in the past and let them know about your Current Kit. What a great opportunity for your new team mate to get some bookings now, get a feel for the business over the summer and be all ready to go for the fall busy season!

~ Give incentives for booking now so you keep everything flowing right into the fall months. One of the challenges we face in the direct sales business is momentum. Once we lose it, it is hard to get back. One idea is to offer a little goodie bag for a booking (with some “strings” attached like having a party in July or August)…put together a few little dollar store items…nothing expensive, just fun! Or offer a coupon for specific dates you want to fill …and then at your next parties offer incentives for the summer to keep it all going! Oh…and the best way to get bookings?? Be sure to ask EVERYONE…some will, some won’t, so what, move on to the next one!

~ Do you have products for children? Then you have a “reason to ring”! With summer here, lots of moms are looking for activities to keep the kids happy over the summer vacation…what can you offer them? Now is the time to stock up! New products are also a great way to encourage party goers to have their own party…it is always a new selection, therefore always a new party experience! And…it is an additional “reason to ring” too! Read More→


Tips On Crisis Management

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crisis-225x300No matter the size of your business or the industry in which you work, you never know when a crisis could rear its ugly head. From financial issues to disgruntled employees, you should be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Below are five crisis management tips to implement into your business:

1. Create a mission statement. If you have yet to do this, there is no better time than now for getting started. With this in place, you will find it much easier to act in a responsible and ethical manner, no matter what type of situation arises.

2. Know your core values. Establishing a set of core values early in your company’s existence is of utmost importance. Not only can this save you in the event of a crisis, but it will help employees better understand what you expect of them.

3. Collaborate with others. While there is nothing more important than forming a strong bond with your employees and clients, don’t overlook others with whom you should forge a relationship. This includes the local police department, community centers, and educational institutions among others.

4. Know your audience. Who are you going to notify in the event of a crisis? Since this depends on the type of crisis, you need to spend time pinpointing your audience for any situation that could arise.

5. Improve your social media and public relations skills. In today’s day and age, there is no better way to spread news in real time than social media. Along with this, an effective PR strategy could help your company save its reputation in the event of a crisis.

Do you have a Strategy?

By taking these five crisis management tips into consideration, you will find it simple to create a strategy that suits you and your company.

No matter what has happened in the past, you never know what the future holds. At some point, you are likely to face a crisis. How and when you deal with this will determine what direction your company takes.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) provides relevant information in creating and executing a business start-up. It is great information for someone looking to completely change their career, and start a business of their own. When stepping into a new venture, it is always important to plan ahead for success.

No matter the size of your business or industry, a business must be prepared for crisis before it occurs. We explain the importance of crisis management, and how to create a strategy in order to avoid crisis in your business.  You can see more tips on crisis management at .

Principles of Success, by Pebbles Jacobo

Principle:  Put Your Plans into Action

Scripture(s): Proverbs 14:23  ”All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.”

What good is a plan if you never put it into action? Of course, there are some plans we hope to never put into action – emergency and contingency plans. But I’m not talking about those plans. The plans I am talking about are plans for success and growth, whether for your business or for your life in general.

I remember my first year in business. My business partner and I discussed goals we’d like to see reached. They were great goals, too. It seemed that one thing after another kept getting in the way and those goals were not entirely reached.  It’s one thing to set goals but another thing entirely to put plans into action to achieve those goals. Though I set my goals, I neglected to also identify action plans for reaching those goals. Read More→

DanaThe ucolorse of color in a logo is a key component to successful branding. There is a psychology behind color that will enhance your business identity if you tap into it. Color conveys meaning and creates moods and emotions. It can repel or attract. It can lead people to action or discourage people to action.

How? Think about being in a blue room. How do you feel? You might feel a little cold or even chilled, you might feel peaceful and calm. How about a red room? Is your brain more stimulated? Are you more awake?

Combination of colors has power, too. Knowing the artistic principles of opposite and complimentary colors will help you make wise decisions about your branding. Just study the color wheel and you will increase your knowledge ten fold! Or better yet, take a watercolor class! That will really boost your creativity!

Of course, knowing the preferences of your audience is key here. If your target market is women 55 and older, you will have a whole different look than if your audience is teen girls ages 14­19.

Case in point: Guess vs. Dress Barn. Awhile ago, I was dragged into a Guess store by an exchange student who was living with us. It did not feel comfortable! All that black… just made me feel kind of depressed and out of place! But the Dress Barn was soothing by comparison. I felt so happy that I bought a couple of outfits! Read More→

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