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Kids have Alzheimer’s

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brad7I’m sure in a few years this will be a clinically proven fact:  that kids have a inverse version of Alzheimer’s Disease.

For the unfamiliar, Alzheimer’s is a common name for one of the diseases that affect the brains of older folks.  Alzheimer symptoms include memory loss, mood swings, disorientation, behavioral issues, and loss of hygiene practices.

Alzheimer’s is not funny.  Unless you are one of the outside observers of someone with Alzheimer’s, then some old folks with Alzheimer’s exhibit some seriously funny behavior. 

Take my wonderful grandmother for instance.  As she got progressively older, she began to lose memory and take on many of the characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease – which made my normally very nice and sweet grandmother sometimes act like an absent-minded and surly New Yorker (everything except the accent, as she was from KY).

When we’d visit, if my wife were left alone with my grandmother, she would lower her voice and ask my wife to help her escape her captivity . . . the captivity in her own house.  – which was funny as a visiting adult grandchild.  If you have to take care of people with mental degradation; not always so funny. . . .  my mom and aunt would not agree that my grandmother’s issues were quite so hilarious.  And honestly, at about the 1000th time (no joke) she asked if we had gotten the mail each day, even the humor wears thin.   . . . unless you are ‘that’ grandchild and say, “They did, Grandma, but someone stole it.”

But, consider again the Alzheimer symptoms of behavior problems, mood swings, poor hygiene and memory loss and apply it to kids, . . . yeah, you are seeing my theory right?

Little kids start out having mood swings and anger explosions, lack of good hygiene, disorientation, and, their memory is horrible.  As dads, you know that this phenomenon has an inverse (starts out bad and gets better) tendency; that little kids have many more Alzheimer’s symptoms than toddlers, toddlers have more than children, children have more than pre-teens, etc. etc.

So, aside from giving you all a preview of the topic of a future doctorate on this subject, what does this have to do with the Dad thing?

Well, it means that all the things you taught your kids, have most-likely been forgotten along the way.  It’s sad in many ways.  Like many dads, I went ALL OUT on birthday parties when our kids were younger.  At one point, one of our kids liked dinosaurs and we had a theme birthday party.  My wife painted my son’s room in jungle colors.  Then she created giant leaves to hang on the wall complete with climbing vines that appeared to be growing and hanging from the walls and ceiling. – and this was all before Pinterest!  The other day we were looking at photos and came across the birthday party pictures.  Did our son remember the room decorations?  Nope.  Well what about the dinosaur themed food?  No.  The other kids at the party? Sorry.  Did they remember the homemade slip-n-slide I made out of contractor plastic and poured dish soap on so that the kids flew through our yard, smashed into one-another, then cried for hours because soap was in their eyes?  Thankfully, they didn’t remember that either.

Memory loss isn’t just constrained to events:

“Hey, do you guys remember watching the Wiggles?”


“No, really?  What about all the hours of Dora the Explorer?”

Stop talking to us dad. Read More→

Brian Ellsworth

“…Because you relied on the king of Aram and not on the LORD your God,
the army of the king of Aram has escaped from your hand.”

2 Chron 16:7(NIV)



Start With What You Have

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shutterstock_236186674“Your servant has nothing there at all, except for a small jar of olive oil.” -2 Kings 4:2

The story of the widow with the jar of oil is a short one in the Bible. It is only seven verses long, but packs powerful life lessons. Two of these lessons deal with faith and the idea that you can start with what you have wherever you are in life.

In the story a widow, with two sons, is struggling to pay the debt her husband left when he died. The creditors were demanding that the debt be paid. She went to Elisha, a prophet, looking for help. He asked her what did she have and at first she told him that she had nothing, but then mentioned a “small jar of olive oil”. The widow was living in dire poverty and her only possession was this oil. Elisha proceeded to gives her specific instructions on what to do with it. She listened and did what he told her. By doing what she was told, the widow was blessed. After selling the oil, she was able to pay off the debts. The profits she earned also allowed for her family to be financially taken care of for the rest of their lives.

The widow moved in faith and obedience. In the text there is no indication that she questioned, doubted or even hesitated to follow Elisha’s instructions. It’s one of those situations where she could of have easily looked at the small jar of olive oil and then looked at Elisha with disbelief because what he was telling her to do did not make sense. But she didn’t. Instead she listened, followed, acted and was blessed. Her “small jar of olive oil” was the catalyst to changing the life she and her sons had grown to know.

When I started wordsbytara I too had to look at what I had available to me. And it wasn’t alot. When you think about what the “experts” say you need in order to start a business, you know like… money, I didn’t have it (my budget was in the no budget to low budget range).What I did have though was this God inspired dream that I couldn’t let go of, my mind which was constantly being flooded with ideas, a bunch of paper and pens and a computer. Read More→


What Will You Choose?

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My heart is heavy. It’s sorrowful. And I think God’s heart might be that way too. When He sees His people living lives that aren’t His best for them. Sees them making choices that have eternal consequences and it’s as if they don’t even care. Don’t care about the destination of their souls. Don’t care that they are shutting out His goodness, His love. Choosing to put the things of this world above the things of Heaven. I’m guilty of all of this. Guilty of wanting my own way, of being relentlessly selfish and worldly. Of thinking I know best. How His heart must break.
His people choosing to ignore His Word, not even feed on the Words of life that He so freely and perfectly gave us. To let them soak into the core of who we are, so this world and all of it’s filth just ricochets off of us. Seeing His people needlessly suffer and stress and worry and live in turmoil, when we’re the ones who stand in our own fickle pride and act as though we can make it on our own. Are we serious? Do we really think that we can survive this life without drawing from the Author of Life?
He puts before us life and death; His plea?
Choose life! Choose Me! Forget this world with it’s quickly passing standards, with it’s quick fixes and worthless solutions and just CHOOSE ME! I’m everything. I hold everything. I’ve made everything. I know everything. I know you. Children of mine, be mine. Live as mine. Breathe as mine. Stand out, stand up, speak out. Let your life be a mirror image of me. 
And it’s not about methods, or routines, or formula’s, or schedules. It’s not about any of this.It’s about whether we want it enough. All the methods in the world won’t change a thing if you simply don’t want to. If you simply don’t want to pray, don’t want to pour over His word, don’t want to thank Him for every blessing, don’t want to take every horrible, hard, seemingly impossible situation to Him and leave it there for Him to work out in His perfect way. It’s about choices.

Read More→

nicoleMaking a good living online can be a daunting task but certainly not impossible. To accomplish this goal you need a strong foundation, which in this case would be a well-structured, productive website. A website should be designed to suit your business purpose and to draw in and capture your target market. There are many elements to consider when planning your website.

One favorable factor in building websites is that you can change any part of your website for greater effectiveness. As websites evolve and change, you can fairly easily adapt your website to those changes.

Below is a list of some of the most important pages your website should include for maximum results and prosperity:

1. Home – Your homepage, also called the landing page, is most often where your potential customer will land when coming to your website. You have just seconds to grab and retain that person before they decide to leave. Your homepage needs an attention grabbing headline and compelling copy. You want to pull-in and lead your visitor through the rest of your site. Be clear, concise and simple. Explain what you can  do for the customer and why they should buy from you. Be sure to include benefits.

The brain retains visual images more than text so use images and/or a video. Make sure the customer knows exactly what to do next and show them a clear path through the buying process. Navigation is key to reduce your bounce rate. Never load up your homepage with banners, flash ads, and other distracting features.

2. About – The about page is where your customer will learn all about you and your business. This is how your potential clients will get to know you. Consumers want to buy from people they know. Don’t be afraid to tell your story. Let people know the person behind the website. Adding a picture of yourself will go a long way in making people feel they can trust you. Share your experience and expertise. Explain what they can expect from and how they can benefit from your business. What makes your company better than the rest? What will the experience be like when doing business with you? Add a link to your mailing list so they can get to know you and your business even better. Some people will say that the customer only wants to know about your business and how it can solve their problems but in my experience they also want to know the person behind the business.

3. FAQ – A frequently asked question or FAQ page is important to your website because it can give people the information they are seeking in order to do business with you. A well-written FAQ page can be an effective marketing tool. Most people do not want to take the time to email and then wait for the answers. Providing the answers now is much more effective. Place most commonly asked questions on top and keep them flowing. Organizing and grouping questions by category works very well. Adding images or screenshots can add value and usability to your page. Be sure to answer the questions from the consumer’s point of view. Do not try to impress people with technical or difficult to understand words. Read More→


The Dad Awakening

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brad6I mentioned in one of my previous posts, that I’m a geek.  Though there are many types of media to ‘geek out’ about . . . I only have a few . .  ok, maybe more than a few.  But my primary geekness has always centered around Star Wars.  I was at that ‘glorious kid age’ when the first movie came out; and it was, in slang that is now called ‘retro’, best described as:  Awesome!  When the first ‘teaser’ trailer came out for the new 2015 Star Wars movie last Thanksgiving, I watched it many, many times.   I was so excited I had to show everyone.  My friends all had to watch it.  Strangers were ambushed by me showing it to them.  My family received the brunt of my excitement.  They would walk into a room, see me sitting there with my phone, and hear the first line of the trailer:  “There has been an awakening . . . ”   Then, they would roll their eyes and walk out.

To be perfectly honest, I am quoting a Star Wars teaser trailer in this article to exemplify my Biblical principal for leading a family and doing the ‘Dad’ thing.  And it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t annoy you by having you see it at least once:  Star Wars Episode Teaser Trailer #1  (

I’m just guessing, but I would imagine that the new Star Wars movie is centered around a mystical ‘force’ that is creating ‘an awakening’ . . . because, that’s more or less what the trailer says.  But for us Christians, the Bible talks about a different kind of Awakening; one that isn’t so passive:

Psalm 108: A song. A psalm of David.

My heart, O God, is steadfast;
I will sing and make music with all my soul.
Awake, harp and lyre!
I will awaken the dawn.
I will praise you, Lord, among the nations;
I will sing of you among the peoples.
For great is your love, higher than the heavens;
your faithfulness reaches to the skies.
Be exalted, O God, above the heavens;
let your glory be over all the earth.

If only there was a mystical “force” that generated a change in cosmic events that would affect human life . . . wait a second, there is a God who generates a change in cosmic events!  And, that same God continues to do the great work of Creation in our hearts, in nature, and in shaping the Kingdom of Heaven of His people.

This psalm however, talks about a different kind of ‘force.’  This is King David of the Bible declaring that he is going to not live in the darkness of the night.  David is saying that he’s not going to exist in despair.   I would go so far as to say that David is actually giving himself a ‘pep talk.’  He is declaring that he is going to make it be dawn — which means He is going to rejoice and declare joy even though he is overwhelmed by despair. Read More→

Dana Susan Beasley, Branding for Success blogger

How can you get interest in your brand quickly and with a lot of people? A teleseminar is a great option! Even if you represent a network marketing company, a teleseminar is a great way to brand yourself as an expert and attract raving fans.

With a teleseminar, you can provide valuable information that helps your target market. You can provide a replay for your audience. And you can even turn your recording into a product, freebie, or bonus product!5 Factors in Using Teleseminars Effectively to Expand Your Brand, by Dana Susan Beasley

In fact, in a consultation I had with a well-known marketing expert this last year, I was encouraged to do teleseminars for my coaching programs. I put this into practice for a podcast I created and I learned some very important lessons. I had given a few teleseminars in the past and they are an effective way to build your customer base and gain customer loyalty.

So here are the lessons I gleaned:

1) Plan at least a month in advance.

This may seem obvious, but from my last experience, I definitely didn’t plan enough in advance, especially since I was building a whole new product out of my podcast recording. If I had planned for a month ahead of time, I would not have been so rushed. It takes time to develop all the components, advertise for the event, and to effectively launch it. Less lead time means more stress, and that’s not something you want! Read More→

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