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jill-new14mom-purpleThere are many nights that I lay awake long after my husband begins snoring lightly beside me. My mind whirls as I think of all the ways I’ve failed that day. Phone calls and emails that didn’t get returned; laundry that didn’t make it from the basket to the drawers; and worse yet time I could have spent with the kids that I whittled away working or collapsed in a chair trying to catch my breath.

How do we find the time to be a great parent amidst the chaos? The answer: we must realize we can’t do it all. As work-at-home moms, we need to relax and strive not for perfection, but for doing our best despite the circumstances. We need to strive to be parents who are:

Playful – Motherhood is a job that most of us take very seriously. However, the day-to-day life of a mom can be full of joy, laughter and fun as well. As moms, we set the tone for our household. When we have a positive attitude anything can be fun, even teaching times such as helping with homework.

My daughter began kindergarten recently. She now has homework to complete a few evenings each week. She is learning to read and becomes frustrated when she can’t figure out a word. I’m learning that by being patient with her, allowing her to express her frustration (in a calm manner) and encouraging her when she succeeds, even homework can be enjoyable time spent with her. Whenever possible, we turn homework into a game and have fun learning together.
Prayerful – The greatest part of a healthy prayer life is seeing God answer your prayers and sharing these experiences with your children. Answered prayer is a powerful spiritual teacher in the life of a child.

Jane Evans, author of Raising Children Without Going Insane, explains it well. “When you are lost and can’t find your way, stop and pray and ask God to help you. Teach your children the power of prayer in everyday situations…even you may be surprised, as I have many times, at the way God answers when you call!” Read More→

Brian Ellsworth

computer-womanA big question that is often asked by moms (and others) struggling to build a successful business of their own, while juggling the many other things in life is – how can I REALLY do it?
I want to share some tips with all of the moms out there. Some of you have started your business and you are struggling with how to balance it all how. Can you really make this work?

YES, you can and I have done it. I have gone from zero to hero, both in my business and with my family, and you can, too. It wasn’t always easy, but what is? It was SO worth it, though. I’m proud of how the last 19 years have gone and what we accomplished and still accomplish today.

By the way, this is for the DADs too, not just the moms and anyone building a team, because a large percentage of the people who will come into your business will be moms and they will find this helpful, I assure you!

I’m proud of the legacy of entrepreneurism that I have instilled in my children, whatever they choose to do with it. They are both goal oriented and well on their own paths.
I struggled a lot in the beginning and made my kids an excuse much of the time instead of making them my WHY. Jan Ruhe called me out and I made a decision and got into action.

Make your kids your POWERFUL WHY. What does that mean? Pain/Gain. What do you want MORE?

Here are some ideas for you:

Have a family meeting and explain what you are doing, what your business plan is and what you intend to accomplish for the family. Use language appropriate for their age range. Ask for their help and support.

Set up a business plan and schedule it on the calendar as best you can and stick to it. Then, you can show it as a reference point to the family and they know when you are working and when you are available. Read More→


smile2And you thought that I was going to say “prays together”, didn’t you?  Well, I hope it goes without saying, that christian couples should be praying together.  Often. That hopefully is a no-brainer.

No, I recently heard from an older woman that her son, got married his junior year of college and when I asked if he would do it all over again, she emphatically replied, “in a heartbeat; they do EVERYTHING together, they just love being with one another and playing together.” Did I say they have a child or two? Yet this young couple has made playing together a priority, that after 13 years, they are still having fun.  They still make time for it.  Even with having kids: they still go out, they still date one another, still put each other first (after God of course!).

This reminds me of the classic love song of the 80’s:  “[You’re] Still The One”.  Having fun together seems to go out the window unfortunately in our crazy busy, child-centered culture.

What brought you together in the first place?  Usually the answer goes something like this:

“He makes me laugh; he’s (or she) is just so much fun to be around.”  Why do we women in particular get so task oriented?  Why do we let the household and childrearing responsibilities suck the joy and fun out of us?  This is not good for our marriages ladies!

Stop ‘shaping up’ and have some fun today! You’re not guaranteed tomorrow! What if today was truly your “last day on earth”? If you look back on today’s  agenda, was there any FUN with hubby and/or children on the list? Of course, I’m assuming you made a list. (Insert smiling face here!) Read More→

groupAs many of us have probably experienced, social media marketing can be a very powerful tool in building our business. Although some say the popularity of Facebook is declining, it is still one of the most popular social media sites and, if used effectively, can do a lot for your business.

One beneficial feature of Facebook you can utilize to build your business is the ability to create your own Facebook networking group.

To create your own group simply go to your homepage and look to the left for the Groups section. Then click the Create Group button and a window will appear for you to name your group, add members and choose your privacy settings. Once you have done that, click Create.

Once your group is created, you will be taken to your group. To set everything up, click the little flower icon at the top right and then Edit Group Settings. There you will put in your group description, tags, group email, images, etc. And you’re done! So now what?

What do you do once you have your group? Below are some tips to help you manage your group effectively.

1. Naming Your Group – The name of your group is very important so be sure to spend some time on this decision. Use relevant keywords and be sure to make it clear what the group is about. For example: if you are starting a group for home business owners to learn how to build their business do not call the group something like Kathy’s Home Group or Networking with Kathy. Give it a targeted name with power such as Home Business Success Group or Network of Home Business Owners.

2. Fill All Fields Correctly – You do not want your group to appear as if you just threw it together in a few minutes. Be sure to fill out everything in the group’s profile and be sure not to have any grammatical or spelling errors. Read More→

MNO_DVDCover Read More→

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DanaleaderLeadership. An important concept in business. And it’s a very important concept when it comes to branding. It’s also an important spiritual concept.

A recent sermon by our pastor reminded me of the importance of leadership. He gave an eye­opening picture of what true leadership is, based on Paul’s writing from Galatians 4:12­20.

As a work at home Christian business owner, you have been given the mantle of leadership. The question is, how will you use it? Will you use this leadership as a reflection of Jesus or will you use it to “lord it over” people?

So what exactly does that mean? As a business owner, you have people who look up to you. If you are using social media, you are building a fan base. How do you treat those who follow you?

And most of all, what are the qualities of a true leader? Here are three based on the sermon I heard that inspired this article:

1) Does not hide weaknesses.

A true leader is vulnerable, authentic. She doesn’t have to hide her weaknesses. She does not cover up her weaknesses by being excessively bold, or by shouting. He is an example that others want to follow. He has character that others look up to. Abusiness owner’s best tool against failure is integrity. There are no shortcuts with God! So why would you take one in business?

In branding, knowing your weaknesses is extremely important. Recognizing that your strength comes from God in the midst of your flaws will help you become a servant- leader. And that will help you be more effective in business.

We can all think of politicians who cast an image of themselves that’s not based on reality. Their intent is for power, to control. This does not build followers. No, it shows a distinct lack in character. In fact, that is what we’re lacking most in this world: leaders that can influence in positive ways, for the transformation of people toward God. Read More→


Be Green: Work from Home

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jill-new14housegreenI don’t know how most people do it, but when I brush my teeth I like to rinse using a cup. I prefer the little dixie paper cups because I can toss it and there’s no mess. As a mom, I love disposable items – no washing necessary. Sounds harmless enough, right? I thought so, until recently when my husband began giving me little “hints” about throwing away so many paper cups. He finally won me over when he explained that he and the guys at work had been discussing what they could do to be more ‘green’ and this was one of the ways they’d come up with.

Now that I knew my husband and ‘the guys’ were discussing the topic at work, I knew it was something I needed to take more seriously. As I began to take a look at our lifestyle I found many things that I could change to make our home a more eco-friendly place. I also realized that overall, working from home may be one of the best eco-friendly decision one can make.

Less Gas – Other than the occasional errand running, telecommuters use their cars much less frequently than their counterparts in the workplace. This, of course translates into less gas usage, less fumes and smog produced, etc. Simply by staying home, they are making the world a cleaner, healthier place.

Less Paper – Businesses today make it very easy to save paper by allowing home-based workers to do most everything online. When my husband does work from home, he’s able to log in securely to his corporate email account, log his time and even download his pay stubs online. I’m fortunate that as a website owner, very rarely do I make use of paper. The occasional document needs printed, but other than that my work-life takes place entirely on my computer.

Less Grease – Home-based workers tend to eat more meals at home than than employees in the corporate world. My lunches usually consist of something simple and easy to make – fruit, a quick sandwich, etc. Compared to the fat and grease of a fast-food meal, a healthy meal at home goes a long way in becoming ‘green.’ Read More→

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