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Music To Work To!

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We’ve added something new here at CWAHM and we’re so excited to share it with you! We’re now hosting a Pluto.TV Christian Music channel! So, next time you need some Christian music to inspire and motivate you while you’re working you can find your favorite songs (and their videos!) right here on CWAHM!

Click here to visit our Pluto.TV Christian Music Page!


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DAVID EDWARDS is a multi-generational communicator and Bible teacher. He travels and speaks to tens of thousands across the nation each year and continues to be in high demand for conferences, churches, colleges, camps, and concerts. The author of more than twenty books, he lives in Oklahoma City, OK.

life-verseABOUT THE BOOK
The Life Verse experience helps readers see the broad themes of Scripture and overlay them on the themes of their own lives. From there, author David Edwards invites readers deeper into Scripture to find their personal life verse and to understand the richness of its context and the fullness of its application. Finally, readers learn how to use their life verse in sharing Christ with others. This compelling experience helps readers learn to see the Bible thematically, read it personally, and share Christ in a natural and biblical manner, while finding their true identity in God’s Word.

This book will help you Discern where you’re at, Discover that life verse, Develop the life verse, go Deeper with the verse. Share your Life Verse story at

Brian Ellsworth

picnicSummer is over and winter is beginning to give us her cold shoulder. The only way I can really handle winter is the hope of summer coming again in all her warm embraces. I can only take the shivers for so long.

In our home, there is a divide over the subject. The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage lives for winter and I live for summer. How two people who can be so opposite and still live together harmoniously is one of the mysteries of matrimonial bliss. I endure her complaining about how hot it is during the summer and she somehow endures my shivering throughout the winter. And boy, do I shiver.

I enjoy summer and all the laziness associated with summertime. All those lazy, crazy days of summer were designed for people just like me and when it comes to lazy and crazy, I am the expert.

Years ago when I was doing something and my wife thought it was a little out of line, she would say, “Are you acting crazy?”

She does not say that anymore because she has concluded, and rightly so, that I am not an actor. If I were acting, she is sure I would get an Oscar.

However, something about summer makes a person slow down a little bit and not be in such a hurry. One of my excuses is that it is too hot to do anything today. I love that excuse because my wife always agrees. I cannot use that excuse in winter for obvious reasons. According to her, an activity will warm me up. I have never warmed up to that idea.

I like summer because there are so many fun opportunities to get together with family. Every summer we go and spend a week with my son and his family, which is one of the highlights of the summer. I only have one week out of the year to spoil his children so I try to make the best of it. Read More→


A Box of Matches

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match[A short disclaimer: today’s blog will do more with parenting than marriage.]

So, what’s my title mean you ask? Well, I was going to entitled it “Matches as an Incentive for Your Teenager” or “How to Motivate Your Teen.” As you may recall, I have one teenage son still in my house. He likes to think of “my” house as “his and his alone,” if you get my meaning. He has become quite independent these days, which is something we intentionally tried to teach both our sons. As a side note, our oldest son recently told us, “I don’t think you taught us much really…or I don’t remember much” when I asked them what they think we tried to teach them! That was quite humbling to say the least! My husband and I looked at each other and agreed, ‘we have failed as parents!’. We all laughed though, so their words didn’t sting too much. Then my oldest said, “Well, at least you taught us to be independent and take care of ourselves”. All is not lost it seems!

So, back to the matches. My son has overtaken our living room. HIS stuff is ALL over the room: clothes on couch, 4 pairs of shoes around his desk {which is next to the couch, or I mean, MY couch}. Backpack is usually on the adjacent loveseat, along with his computer. Various papers {which he doesn’t always give me} strewed around OUR living room. I think you get the picture. It has been an ongoing battle. Until today. I only wish I would have thought of this earlier! Enjoy dear reader the rest of the story:

Me: “Pick up ALL YOUR stuff & put it in YOUR room!.”

Him: “I will later…I don’t have time.”

Me: “Then maybe I’ll just light them on fire.” {I proceeded to go into the kitchen, grab the box of matches, light one, and started for the pile of clothes on the couch}.

Him: “What are you doing mom!?”

Me: “I bought those clothes, you don’t care about them, so I’m setting them on fire”. {As I move towards the couch, said in my nonchalantly but firm voice. My poker, dead serious, don’t-think-I’m-not-going-to-do-this look on my face. Read More→

When child number one threw a fit in the grocery store one day, screaming at the top of her lungs in this very public place, I was so embarrassed. I’d witnessed a scene like that before I had children, and I swore my kids would never do that. Since becoming a mom, I’ve found myself in all kinds of situations I never thought I’d be in.

When the kids didn’t sleep much, I found myself beyond weary. When they didn’t potty train as quickly as other kids their age, I was discouraged. When they grew older and began to have a mind of their own, I found myself exhausted from the conflict.

I’m less patient than I thought I’d be. I weigh more than I want to. My children are more strong-willed than I expected. My kitchen counter seems to always be a mess. At times, my marriage isn’t the “happily ever after” I dreamed it would be.

Inside I think thoughts like: I don’t measure up. I’m failing as a mom. My kids don’t act like her kids. My house doesn’t look like her house. My body doesn’t look like her body. My husband doesn’t help like her husband does. What is wrong with me?

Have you ever felt that way? Have you wondered what is wrong with you, with your family, with your kids?

The truth is that nothing is wrong with you or your family–or me and my family. We are all normal. Our frustrations are normal. Our disappointments are normal. Our struggles are normal.

When you and I compare our insides to other women’s outsides, we always come out short. We’re comparing our struggles to their masks. Read More→

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jill-new14abcWork-at-home moms face many different challenges. From learning to accept help when needed, to building confidence in ourselves, to remembering the reasons why we chose to work from home. Below is the first in a series of tips to help work-at-home moms in the simplest of ways – the ABC’s.

A = Adjustments. A work at home mom must expect the unexpected. She must be prepared to adjust her schedule at any given moment for any number of reasons – a sick child, a backed up drain, or an upset client. A mom who learns to welcome these moments as a chance to show love to her family and concern for her clients will be ahead of the game in the end. Approach these “interruptions” with a great attitude and see what a difference it makes.

B = Better. Works at Home Moms have to be on top of their game. To run a business as well as manage a household takes determination and scheduling. You may not feel like you have a schedule, but take a look at your day/week and see how you are spending your time. Next, think about what you can do better, what you can delegate and what would be better off removed from your schedule to allow you to spend your time in a better manner.

C = Confidence. You wouldn’t be a work at home mom without it. Take time to celebrate each success no matter how minute it may seem. Each success will help grow your confidence and turn you into a savvier businesswoman.

D = Dry – Don’t let things dry up. Keep content fresh, offer new products and services whenever possible. This will keep you motivated and keep customer returning.

E = Effort – Don’t kid yourself. It takes a TON of effort to make a home-based business successful. Don’t give up with thing get rough. Keep plugging away – it will pay off

F = Feisty – Every work at home mom has to be at least a tad bit feisty. :) Stand up for your business when need be – don’t be afraid to say no when necessary.

G = Generosity – When I fist began my business I sought advice from many successful work-at-home moms. One of the best pieces of advice I received was that what I gave to others would come back tenfold. I’ve found that to be very true. Helping others is as much a blessing to me as it is to others. Read More→

dianagomezA huge part of doing business is understanding basic human psychology. The truth is that deep down, people just want to feel valued – by their family members, their religious community, their employers… and even their beauty product retailers.

Developing a connection to your customers is easier said than done, which is why so many online businesses fail to bridge that electronic disconnect. Here are six great ways to show that your business not only values your audience as customers, but as friends as well:

1. Tell your story.

As small as your business may be, it most likely started out even smaller. People love a good rags-to-riches story, one that triumphs over challenges and ends with the little guy on top, doing what he has always been passionate about. No matter how dramatic your origin story is, customers will appreciate the insight into how things came to be. By personalizing your business’s story with a narrative, a cast of characters, and a photo or two, they will connect with it on a more human level instead of just screen-to-screen.

2. Be an expert.

If you learned everything you know today about creating gourmet pasta sauces by growing up at the side of your Italian mother, include that in the story of your
business. Building credibility is so, so important for a young company that is up against longstanding competition. This is also where you can demonstrate exactly why you are unique from the competition – none of the other guys studied hat-making in rural Ireland.

3. Share your expertise.

I’m not saying you should post your secret cupcake recipes. Most business websites today have a blog section in which they offer relevant advice. For example, in this bakery scenario, how about a blog post about the pros and cons of different baking pan materials? Even better, stretch this into a month-long series of weekly posts: metal, ceramic, and glass are featured each week, with the series culminating in the kind of pan your bakery actually uses – silicon – and why it helps your cupcakes come out oh, so perfectly fluffy. Read More→

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