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Where Is God When I Need Him?


by Cherie Hill

Do you ever feel like God is no where to be found? Have you ever poured your heart and soul out to Him, only to be left with nothing but silence? Does it ever seem that every time you take a step of faith, you are faced with something that contradicts it? Have you ever felt like God should have been there and He wasn’t; He could have helped, and He didn’t? The question we must ask ourselves is not, “Where is God?” but, “Where is our faith?” (Matthew 8:25)

We make choices in life every moment of every day, and we have to make a choice as to whether we’re going to trust God…or not. There can’t be any “if, ands, or buts.” If we make the decision to trust God, we must understand clearly that faith does NOT walk by sight. We will always experience doubt in the midst of our faith, but we must make sure we do not live a life where we are experiencing faith in the midst of our doubt. We must be determined to believe God without limits, without time frames, and without fully understanding His ways. God has His own schedule, His own agenda, and we can be certain through His Promises that His plans are for good. (Jeremiah 29:11) So we must trust Him, regardless of what we see, think, or feel. That’s walking by faith. In the face of fear and despair, we must keep on believing God. That’s the faith that never fails.We can often times be calling out to God to speak to us, and overlook the fact that He has spoken to us. If we go to His Word, we will always find God speaking to us; in this particular situation, trying to understand why God is not showing up in our lives, we can look to the Death of Lazarus. Although so many have heard this Gospel account, very few understand the heart of the message. In this miraculous event, we find ourselves so overcome by Jesus’ power, in raising Lazarus from the dead, that we overlook the incredible message that applies to our lives in our times of need. In John 11:1-44 (NLT), we find Jesus out of town, and His friend Lazarus who lived in Bethany is very ill. But Jesus declares that Lazarus will not die, and He foretold that this very situation would give people another opportunity to believe in Him. You can imagine how confused His Disciples and the others must have been. What if God said the same about your current struggle, “Don’t be concerned, this is going to give you another opportunity to believe in Me.”

Now, before they went to Lazarus, Jesus declared that Lazarus had in fact died. And He tells His Disciples that although Lazarus is dead, He will go and wake Him up. I don’t know about you, but that situation had to be just as confusing as the situations we face. We wonder, “What in the world is God talking about? What is He doing?” Most of the time, we can make no sense of God’s ways, until we see the end result. Jesus tells His Disciples that He is glad he wasn’t there, because it would give Him the opportunity to bring God glory. Jesus gave these Disciples hope, for the moment; that is what God’s Word does for us. His Word gives us promises, confident hope, for the moment; so that we are able to take the next step of faith.

So, we find Jesus arriving, and being met by Lazarus’ sisters, who believed that, if Jesus would have been there earlier, their brother would not have died. Our faith is no different, most of the time. We decide that God is late; He missed the opportunity to help us in our time of desperation and need! Many times, we look back at our situation, sometimes in anger, because we believe we did have faith, we did believe, but we feel God let us down. Now, before Jesus raises Lazarus, we find Him, weeping. Why was He weeping? It was over the lack of faith. It grieved His heart that those closest to Him believed that He had let them down, that He had failed them. Jesus weeps for you. He weeps that your faith will not fail. (Luke 22:32)

The one statement that is striking as Jesus performs this miracle is: “Didn’t I tell you that you will see God’s glory if you believe?”(John 11:40) He is saying the same to you, in your situation. “You will see God’s glory, if you will only believe.” But, we must clearly understand that “believing God,” doesn’t put time limits on Him, nor does it tell Him how He is to do something in our lives. When we’re trusting God, we’re trusting, that His ways, are better than our own. We’ve got to keep focused upon His Promises that say, His plans will bring about greater glory than we can imagine. Never, did the Disciples, Lazarus’ sisters, or the crowd, believe Jesus was going to raise someone from the dead! But God, does the impossible. Don’t ever forget that in your own life. He can do far more than you can ever hope for or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)

It is our trust, in God, that brings us through the most difficult times of our lives; so that we too, can see His glory. And rest assured, although He may not show up when you think He should, He will show up, and it will be right on time!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I pray that You will fill me with hope through Your Promises. I pray that You will strengthen me to face the uncertain and unknown with courage. Lord, help me to trust in You, regardless of what I see and feel. Help me to keep focused upon You, knowing all things are possible when I place my confident trust in You. Father, I step out in faith, believing with all my heart, that I will see Your glory as I trust in You completely.

About the Author:
Cherie Hill is the author of Be Still: Let Jesus Calm Your Storms, and an Shorts Bestselling author in the Christian genre. She has a BA in Psychology, a Biblical Counseling Certificate through the AACC, and is continuing studies through the Moody Bible Institute. Cherie is the founder of Ministry that brings the Word of God and prayer, into over 30 countries around the world everyday. (reaching over 100,000 people every year)
Cherie brings instructive and uplifting teaching of the Word of God across the world through the “SpiritWaves™” audio ministry on and GloryStar Satellite Radio, with a subscriber base of 11 million people.
Cherie’s podcast, “FaithSteps” ranks consistently in the top 100 Christian podcasts in the world on GodCast 1000.


  1. Deborah says:

    Thank you so much for this article; it came at a perfect time.
    I woke up this morning begging God to speak to me – why doesn’t he ever speak to me? And wondering again what to do about my situation, and feeling like he wasn’t doing anything about it…..still….

    I thought it was only me who didn’t seem to be getting help from God – but your article was perfect.



  2. Great article. So true that the glory of God is what life and our purpose is all about. If I may suggest an excellent book about this faith issue, “Hinds Feet on High Places” by Hannah Hurnard is an allegory about what it means to follow God during difficult times and when you don’t understand what is happening.


  3. This article is just what I needed today. I will practice putting my trust in God and practice “knowing” He is in control.
    Thank you for this helpful article today. I hope it touches someone else’s life like it touched mine today!

    Thank yoU! ~Nicole Cabezudo:)

  4. Susan says:

    This was FANTASTIC!! My husband and I are waiting on the Lord for answers about his job situation. He is working but the Co. he is working for is small and we see the writing on the wall that before long it will be gone. We have been praying about another opportunity that would be WONDERFUL if that is the road God is leading us, but it is seeming like a slow process but this just reminded me that it is all in HIS timing and whatever God has for my husband, it will be great and it will be in HIS time! Thanks for the reminder. Have a great day and blessings to you! Sincerely, Susan

  5. kimberlee says:

    Wow! Cherie, I NEVER heard THAT is what Jesus was weeping about when he came to raise Lazarus. That just really hit me. That is so powerful. The shortest verse that never had meaning to me before, has become one of the most powerful ones in my life! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Jeanette says:

    Thank you so much for those words. I definitly needed to hear those words it is amazing how God can point you in a direction of just what you need to hear! And I needed to hear that blessing for above.
    Thank you and God bless you all!

  7. Eunice says:

    Thank you for this article. I needed to read this. God bless you.

  8. Paula says:

    Thanks Cherie. This is just what I need right now. Thanks for reminding me that God is always with me even when I feel all alone.
    Many blessings to you all.

  9. Michael says:

    –im currently in a struggle. Don’t know where to start. I am currently out of work left my last job which was not a good place to be was a very dark dank place full of well evil people at heart. The money was good but I was completely miserable. I worked myself into the hospital there and have undergone a couple surgerys in the last year and every medical test you could possibly have done for a bad stomach and pancreas. Well I drove across the state of minnisota to see a specialist since the surgery did not work. I was given news that my pancreas was damaged to the point of no return and that there was nothing they could do to help me besides putting me on another drug that makes me sick. While at the same time I had my dog blessing with me a gift from god that ive had for about 10 years. The day before I had my test done she became very sick in a city I know nothing about and had to take her to the emergency vet there. That was the day before getting terrible information about my own health problems. She almost died but pulled out of it. She did become very sick and then hurt her leg on the car ride home from the doctors across state. I ended up spending 14 hundred dollars on her in one week along with the medical bills and gas I am financially crushed. And very discouraged with my own medical news. She is better now hank god but im not. I was offered a new job that promised me a lot of good hours bennifits pay and ect. I started there Monday the 8th of july to find out that hey had lied about everything. They told me that the job was 1 hour and 15 minutes away which is a long drive but manageable with overtime. Also said it would be 4 12 hour days a week and Fridays and Saturdays would be optional but that I could work them if I wanted the extra hours. Well I quit my last job and started there Monday when the boss tells me that it is now 5 8 hour days with no overtime until I had been there for 3 months. Also that the 1 hour drive is really a hour and forty minutes drive going the speed limit. And with road construction going on takes me 2 and a half hours to get home. I’m very upset he just lied to me and promised me the world to get me to accept the job and isn’t living up to his end of the deal. So I went from a job where I was making around a grand a week to a job that I have to drive up to 4 hours a day so after gas and taxes im looking at around the 3 hundred dollar mark. Im very sick each day and cant afford to work this job. I am praying god steps in and helps me but am very scarred right now. Im losing everything I have ever worked for on the verge of becoming homeless due to my own bad choice by accepting job and his lies. I need god in the worst way there is so much going on in my life and most of it is not good. Need god bad to step in for me. Im trying to do the right thing in my life but feel like im in a hole I cant get out of. Don’t know what to do and the only place I have to turn to is god. It is a test of faith and is very hard to have faith when worldly needs pile up like this. When facing homelessness not knowing how to feed myself and my pup blessing which is more like my child than pet and just being hit with disaster after disaster. Hoping good people read this and pray for me.

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