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A bizcardwomanpromotion is a way of drawing attention to your business whether it be through advertising or other means. Special offers, sales or contests that are not normally available usually produce impressive results. It is an effective way for any business to draw in new potential customers and to retain existing customers.

By running periodical promotional offers that are fun and interesting, you are keeping your business fresh and alive. But more importantly, you are showing your customers you want to help them save money, thus making them feel special and appreciated.The ideas for promoting your business are unlimited. Be creative and make your promotional offers fun and unique. Encourage interaction with your customers to make them more memorable.

Below are ten great ideas that are sure to pump up your sales and produce profits! We all know the standard discounted prices, bogo, and other sales but by putting new and fun twists on these proven tactics you are making them fresh and new!

1. Silver, Bronze and Gold Tickets – Hold an Olympic Event. Let everyone know that each and every customer will receive a silver, bronze or gold ticket with their purchase. These tickets allow the customer to save a good amount on any following orders or offer instant savings with the ticket.

For example:
Silver Ticket = 25% Savings.
Bronze Ticket = 35% Savings.
Gold Ticket = 50% Savings.

These numbers are just examples of course and can be changed to suit your business or you can use a dollar amount instead of percentage.

2. BOGO with a Twist – Put a fun new twist on the old BOGO standby. With each BOGO purchase, offer a certain amount of points depending on the amount of purchase. When the customer reaches a certain amount of points, offer him/her a free item of a certain value, or a gift card, etc. 50 points = free $10.00 item; 100 points = free $20 item and so on. Read More→

Many stockxpertcom_id42817031_jpg_94f2a2dbf67aa494c08abe39f8e4afafof the most popular social media sites started as more of a personal place for friends to socialize but quickly became powerful tools for businesses to market their product and services.

Statistics will tell you that participating in social media networking can increase your business by leaps and bounds. Social media is now the number one activity on the web and it can yield more power for your business than ever. Over 90% of marketers use social media for their business. Twitter is the second most popular social media site and should definitely be a part of your social marketing arsenal.

Below are ten tactics you can use to help increase your sales and make your business more successful.

1. Be Consistent – Nothing can kill a social media account like an inactive user. Don’t think you can post once or twice a month and keep an active following. You have to be consistent and you have to participate. Work out a tweeting schedule and stick with it. Retweet items of interest. People are active at different times so tweeting items of interest one time will not achieve the results you need.

2. Always Respond to Comments – By always responding to a comment you are acknowledging that person and letting them know what they have to say is important to you. This will encourage more people to interact with you and build the relationship needed to form a lasting business connection. By responding promptly to all comments your credibility will flourish and your reputation will make itself known. Ignoring comments will make the potential lead for your business go away. Read More→

terri-actionA call to action is a button, graphic or text message in place to motivate your visitor to complete the desired goal. The goal being signing up, subscribing, purchasing, etc. The better your call to action, the higher your conversion rate.

Here are some examples of calls to action:
• Subscribe Here
• Order Now
• Try Our Free Demo
• Sign Up Here
• Call Now

These are some of your most basic calls to action but it is not as simple as it sounds to get people to respond to these calls. Below are ten ways you can beef up your response and increase your conversion rate.

1. Make It Simple – Your call to action should be clear, concise and not cluttered or overloaded with distractions. Do not confuse your visitors with too many offers, choices or actions. Cluttering your call to action with too many items might cause the person to lose confidence in making a choice at all. Read More→

terri-marketingContent marketing is the process in which you create and distribute helpful, relevant information through various media channels to attract potential customers. Your content should be relevant to your business so people will come to trust you and your knowledge of what you are selling.

If you are trying to build a successful online business, content marketing can do much more for that business than simply placing ads. People are looking for information and they can see through fluffy, useless content. But not only is it people that are looking for valuable content but the search engines are as well.

If you have not done so already, you need to start producing an applicable content marketing plan.
Below are some important strategies to help you implement a successful campaign.

1. Find Out What Information People Want and Need – Visit social sites, ask questions, do surveys, visit forums, etc., and find out what people want to know and what information they are seeking. All the content in the world won’t do you any good if nobody wants the information you provide.

2. Schedule Your Content to Match Seasons or Holidays – Each month of the year could bring the need for specific information. Match your content to specific needs for each month of the year. For example: if you own a gardening and/or landscaping business you could provide content on what you should be doing each month to accomplish the best garden/yard possible.

3. Use Your Content as a Lead-In – Write a series of articles that lead to a product or event to bring attention to it. The information provided in the content can be an effective magnet towards the bigger goal. Read More→

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Terri Seymour - Making Marketing Work bloggerMarketing by Terri SeymourAlthough the internet gives most of us an opportunity to build our own business, advertising and marketing that business can run into a lot of money.  For many of us, this obstacle could be too big to withstand.  Fortunately there are many ways you can effectively market your online business without paying a cent.

Below are 15 zero cost marketing ideas and techniques that are known to create results.

1. Ad Swapping – If you publish your own ezine or newsletter, you will want to contact other ezine publishers and ask them if they would be interested in an ad swap.  You each run the other’s ad for an agreed amount of time for free exposure. Read More→

Terri Seymour - Making Marketing Work blogger10 Common Online Business Blunders by Terri SeymourBecause of the internet we all have the opportunity to make our own success and live the life of our dreams.  But this does not mean that building a thriving internet business is easy or a way to “get rich quick”.

Starting and building an established online business takes commitment, persistence, hard work, and the drive to make it succeed.  Unfortunately many people are led to believe it is as simple as putting up a website, placing a few ads and watching the money pour in.

That is exactly what I thought over 16 years ago when I first started online. I learned fast that building an online business would be much more than I ever imagined.  While teaching myself how to make my business successful I made many mistakes.  But I persisted and worked very hard.  Then a very exciting thing happened.  I started experiencing the benefits of success – both financially and personally.  I find this work to be very rewarding in many ways and would recommend to anyone to stick with it and make it happen for yourself!

Mistakes are a very valuable part of building a business if you learn from them.  Use your mistakes to your advantage.  Below are some of the most common mistakes we can make when developing an online business. Read More→

Terri Seymour - Making Marketing Work bloggerPinterest, a very prominent social media site, is now just behind Twitter in popularity and is growing rapidly. Pinterest incites more referral traffic than Twitter and LinkedIn combined. Obviously, this popular social site could do a lot for your business and online presence but as with all tools, it must be used properly.

The basic idea of Pinterest is to start boards on which you pin images along with a text description of what you are pinning. Some of the most popular type of pins are home, arts and crafts, style and fashion and food. Food is one of the most rapidly growing popular categories.

Learning to pin more efficiently will help increase your visibility, traffic and sales.

1. Pin Regularly- Map out a pinning schedule and stick to it. Be sure to pin at different times for optimal results. Try pinning 20 or more times throughout the day, if possible. It is better to pin consistently throughout the week rather than bulk pinning in spurts. Read More→

10 Tactics to Perfect Your Online Market Research  by Terri SeymourTerri Seymour - Making Marketing Work bloggerMarketing research is the process of gathering information about products and consumers which will help connect you with your customers in order to provide them with the products and services they want and need.  Effective marketing research can help your business keep one step ahead of your competitors.

Market research enables you to learn from the consumer and find out exactly what you can do to meet their needs.  Gathering and analyzing all this data is no easy task but the techniques below can help you gain more insight into the consumers’ needs.

Keyword Research – You can find out a lot of information about your market area just by going to a search engine and typing in relevant keywords.  By doing a keyword search you can find out what exact phrases and words people are using to find sites in your market area.  You can also find out how many times those phrases are used per month, what keywords your competitors are using, and how many websites there are for those particular keywords.  You can use your research to refine your keywords and enable more people to find your site. Read More→

Terri Seymour - Making Marketing Work blogger10 Social Media Tips to Elevate Your Holiday Sales by Terri SeymourThe holidays always come upon us faster than we expect them too so making sure your business is prepared can be challenging.  With social media comes more ways to brand your business for the holidays.  Social media marketing is always a powerful way to build your business but there are some tips and tricks you can integrate to elevate your social media for the holiday season.

Last year’s Cyber Monday brought in $1.4 billion in online spending which made it the largest shopping day in internet history.  This year promises to increase so be ready and be a part of it!

1. Show Appreciation – Everyone wants to be appreciated and your potential customers are no different.  Offer free gifts, coupons, or other specials to show your appreciation for one and all.

2. Holiday Events – Provide fun competitions and events in which your visitors and customers can participate.  Throw an online holiday party with themed promotional offers such as 12 Days of Giveaways or Tis the Reason for Giving.  The possibilities are endless for offering holiday themed gifts and giveaways.  Promote these events on all your social sites as well as your main site and offer incentives for participation. Read More→

Terri Seymour - Making Marketing Work blogger10 Ways to Lose eMail Subscribers by Terri SeymourEven with the explosion of social media marketing, email marketing is still a very powerful and effective method of growing your business.

A study done by ExactTarget shows that 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based communication and sales messages by email.  And according to Experian, for every dollar spent on email marketing there is an average return of $44.25.

Building a responsive mailing list can do wonders for your business but there are some misconceptions about email marketing that could cause you to lose your subscribers.

1.  Not Being Consistent – eMail marketing should be regular and consistent.  Don’t send a message “every now and then” and expect to get a response.  You need to send regular updates and information to your readers to show you are reliable.  There are different opinions on how often you should send your emails but consistency is the key.  If you send your messages once a month then be sure to send one every month.  I have unsubscribed to several email lists because the newsletters and/or updates were sent out so inconsistently.  This shows me that the business owner is not committed to his business and therefore would not be committed to his customers.  Read More→

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