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Kathleen Mailer - Today's Businesswoman BloggerThis quarter, let’s start declaring excellence in all we do. Let’s pray for more grace to encompass us. Let’s make this quarter better than the last 3 combined.high cross



• Dear God of creation, You looked over all You had made, and You saw that it was excellent in every way. Help me to feel the same satisfaction in all that I do. Help me to be like You and say, “It is good!” (see Genesis 1:31).

• Lord, help me by setting me apart, that I may have an excellent reputation. Help me to make it my job to make honest distributions to my fellow man. Trust me with the high responsibilities. Give me the grace to handle it (see Nehemiah 13:13).

• God, I value all those on my team that work with me. I pray, Lord, that you help me lift them up and teach them to have great ability so that You can help them earn positions of great authority (see 1 Chronicles 26:6). Read More→

Kathleen Mailer - Today's Businesswoman BloggerThe day started like any other. After getting my daughter off to school, I prepared to clean up the breakfast table and then go to my office to start my workday. The phone rang. I thought about letting the machine get it, but something told me I had better answer it.telephone

As the paramedic spoke to me, the thunder of my heartbeat rose in my ears. One of my very dear friends was hanging on to life by a thread.

She was run over by a city bus, Mrs. Mailer. I don’t mean bumped, but literally run over,” he said. “The doctor says she needs 3 surgeries. Right now, they are preparing to go in and do the first. She is bleeding in her bladder. Later today, most likely, they will prepare to operate on her pelvis, as it’s shattered in many places. The surgery on her broken shoulder will be looked at after we see how she pulls through the first two operations.”

I hung up the phone, and then reached out to God: “Lord, I need you to make things all right! What can I do to help?” The answer was quick – go see her and pray for the internal bleeding to stop. Right now! Read More→

Kathleen Mailer - Today's Businesswoman Blogger

Earl Nightengale reveals the strangest secret: “You become what you think about.”
Joyce Meyer encourages us to “Think about what you are thinking about.”
King Solomon, not only the wisest of kings, but some believe the wealthiest man to have ever lived, taught us “As a man thinketh in his heart, so shall he be.”
James Allen, philosopher, wrote “Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results; bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results.”
Napoleon Hill, philosopher, gave us the second bestselling book, next to the Bible, Think and Grow Rich.reflection

With so many advocates for success pounding down our doors, telling us the secret of victory, why are we not paying attention?

The answer: People are NOT taught to THINK for themselves!

Dianne, a single mother who loves God with all her heart, wants her financial situation to change. She feels that having a home-based business is a landing strip for the Holy Spirit to move in her life. She prays daily for great financial miracles to happen in her business.

God will bring me the money I need to pay my bills!” she is often heard declaring with much conviction. “He will show me the way.”

One day, I noticed that her energy was depleted. She looked so worn out I was sure that she was ill. She told me, “I am tired of fighting for growth in my business, tired of being behind the eight ball with my bills, tired of never getting ahead.”

My heart went out to her. How many of us have not taken on these feelings in our endeavors? We find ourselves climbing that same old mountain, believing that THIS time we will overcome and have victory. At the end of the day, we find ourselves facing the same challenge once again.

My question was a simple one: “Dianne, tell me, what do you think about all day long?” Read More→


12 Ways to Generate Money Fast

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Kathleen Mailer - Today's Businesswoman BloggerDo you want to make some extra money without getting a full-time job? Do you want to create something with which you can earn a little or a lot, to help you fund your vacation plans, become debt-free, or buy a new wardrobe? This “idea generator” will create a stream of income that will change your life!money

Write a Book:
This is by far my favorite way to help others create a stream of income that is not only residual (timeless) but fun too! Self-help books are easy to write and are certainly a great income producer.

I have helped thousands of people generate money full-time or part-time by writing and publishing books. Sell only 1000 books a year at $20 per book – that is $20,000 a year! What could that do for your current project or idea? Read More→


Building Your Dream Team

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Kathleen Mailer - Today's Businesswoman BloggerHave you ever felt as if you’ve hit a glass ceiling in your business? Or perhaps you’ve realized what you’re supposed to do with your life, but you’ve absolutely NO idea how to bring something of this magnitude about. Perhaps you are coming around the proverbial mountain, once again, and you are in no better position than you were the first time around.

I encourage you not to despair! This is a normal stage in everyone’s aspirations, especially if they are Godsized dreams. The good news is that I have exactly what you need in order to set you up for a breakthrough!

You NEED a Dream Team! Read More→


The Power of Your TESTIMONY!

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Kathleen Mailer - Today's Businesswoman Bloggerwoman with sun shining on faceI was asked to speak at a businesswoman’s luncheon last week on the topic of testimony. I was very careful to consider what the Lord was putting on my heart, for although it was a secular audience, it was still a matter of Biblical truth.

When you think about testimony, what pops into your mind?—proof, evidence, witness, demonstration, authentication, acknowledgement, declaration, affidavit, deposition.

When we give our testimony, we are really declaring a true account of what happened when God appears in our lives. We are sharing our faith by saying who we were, and who we are today.

Isn’t this exactly what you should be sharing with the world about your business? It is YOUR STORY! As many of you know, I help you find your message (your history is, in fact, really HIS-story!), and I help you write, publish, and market your new book! You can become a published author in a very short time IF you use your testimony to write your book—or to change others’ lives, or to build your business. Read More→



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Kathleen Mailer - Today's Businesswoman BloggerThe kids are in school, your husband is at work, you have a ton to do, but you decide—very importantly—to take a well-deserved day off. How can you still maintain some of the more urgent family chores that need to be accomplished and still have time to yourself?

Enjoying Time With FriendsHere are a few tips and some encouragement to make every moment count:

1. Plan for it: Put it into your schedule so that you can get used to the idea.

If you plan ahead, you can give everyone a heads-up warning. Don’t falter on this. This is important to your success. Don’t answer your phones, check your email, and turn your cell on for EMERGENCY purposes only! Read More→

IKathleen Mailer - Today's Businesswoman Bloggerf your faith is dwindling, then pray for more faith. If you can’t believe that you can receive more faith, then pray for faith to believe for more faith!

As you work toward your God-sized dreams, you will notice that there are different stages on the journey to success.

The wilderness stage is one that occurs after accomplishing every minor goal, on your way to bigger and better things. At this stage, you seem to wander around in circles, wondering what you should do, who you need to meet, and generally feeling as if you’ve come as far as you can. This is when many people quit. They cannot persevere because they don’t realize it is only a stage.

I liken this situation to a PROMOTION. Do you remember what it was like to graduate? Generally people are happy and celebrate this most important milestone in their lives, but they are also a little sad at what they need to leave behind. Looking forward is exciting, but the unknown can also be something you fear. Faith will help you move beyond these milestone moments and bring you into your promotion, stronger and more confident. You just have to learn how to bring MORE FAITH into the picture. Read More→

Kathleen Mailer - Today's Businesswoman Blogger

Time really IS money. Time is something everyone has and, like money, it has a value. How much value? That is up to you to decide.

1. Put a monetary value on your time.
How much are you worth an hour? Consider this carefully. Let’s say you assess your time at $50/hour. Now weigh everything you do on whether it is worth $50/hour (this is known as your “opportunity cost”). For example, is it worth $50 (my time) to do 1 hours’ worth of filing? Here’s a hint: unless you love it, farm it out! Hire a student to do it for $10/hour. Chances are they will be a lot faster while you spend time on what brings in the bucks for you!

If you are not working for $50/hour, then you are losing money. Keep this in mind as we go through some of the other tips in this article. Read More→


5 Business Problems, SOLVED!

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Kathleen Mailer - Today's Businesswoman BloggerAs business owners, we have many hurdles to overcome. Here are a few business problems that may arise as you develop your business. I hope some of my solutions will help raise your bottom line.

1. I need an assistant and can’t afford one at the moment. I can hear you jumping up and down, saying, “That’s ME!” *smiles*. There are Virtual Assistants ready to help you with things they can do from their end— make phone calls, customer service callbacks, organizational tips, fax-outs, emails, and social media management.

If you can’t choose to afford one at the moment, simply check if there is a business/secretarial school or college in your area. Many times students need to build hours toward their practicum. Check to see if there is a match for you.

Remember, you don’t HAVE to pay them; your report to the school is enough, but as Christians, we like to bless! When they have proven their worth, your bottom line should go up. Give them what they are worth or what you can at the moment. Read More→

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