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Highway To Health

Company Name: Highway To Health
Are there startup costs? If so, how much? $50, which gives you a marketing kit with approx. $100 worth of marketing materials–everything you need for a successful business
Are startup fees refundable? YES (within a certain time period)
Does the startup fee cover everything I need to start in this business? Absolutely YES with nothing else to purchase to get started or to market your business
What type of products does this company offer? We offer whole food products.  Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in capsules and chewables for men, women, infants, toddlers, and children.  These products are superior to a vitamin/supplement because even the capsules have a FOOD label, NOT a supplement label.  Our products are whole food nutrition with the synergy of thousands of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and LIVE enzymes from produce, rather than a handful of fragmented, isolated nutrients as found in a multivitamin.
What countries is this company doing business in? Besides the USA, we are in 22 other countries (and counting) including: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
How many products does this company offer? (approx.) We have a very narrow product line which consists of 3 different products with 2 varieties of each offered (Orchard/Garden blend capsules and chewables; Vineyard blend capsules and chewables; and Complete plant-based protein drink mix in Dutch chocolate and French vanilla)
Will I be selling products? I definitely do not consider it selling, but more like simply sharing information about health and nutrition and how our product is a simple, convenient, affordable tool to help families can get the whole food nutrition from over 30 fruits, vegetables, and whole grains that we so desperately need in our diets. This can be done by walking them through a website, by inviting them to watch a webinar or a DVD on a website or inviting them to a local event hosted by a doctor or other speaker.
I am very careful not to “sell” someone on the company or products. If people feel pressured to buy, they will not remain loyal customers. If you educate them on why health organizations recommend 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day to lower our risk of degenerative disease, but virtually no one is doing this…and you can offer them a simple solution (backed by tons of third-party, gold standard research) to this problem, they will come to their own conclusion of whether or not they feel they need to add this to their daily regimen.
If they see for themselves that this is an easy tool to help fill in the gap of what we (and our children) need to eat and what we (and our children) actually do eat in a day, they will remain dedicated customers. Our company is not looking for salespeople; we are looking for people who genuinely have a heart to help people get healthy. Salespeople do not do well in this business. Concerned parents are usually one of the most successful groups of people in our company!
Will I have to meet a sales quota? If so, how much? There are absolutely NO sales quotas ever! You don’t ever have to buy or stock any inventory either.
Will there be home parties involved? There are many ways to share our message of health. You don’t ever have to host a home party, unless that is a method you prefer to use to share information with others. It is certainly not necessary or required…but you can if you want to!
Will I distribute or inventory products? Absolutely NO! The company does all of that for you…The company process your customers’ orders, ships directly to your customers, collects customers’ payments, pays you directly, and manages all of your data. You share the product, and the company absolutely does everything else!
Does this company accept credit cards? Yes
Does it cost me anything to accept credit card orders? Absolutely NOT!
Is there training available? Is it free? The company offers tons of free training…not only to help you with your business, but also to help you with your personal development/growth. It is often referred to as “a personal development program disguised as a business.” This company has helped so many people be the very best they can truly be and be used by God to their fullest potential!
Is there support available? There is so much support offered and available from everyone in the company…from the corporate office executives, to the corporate business partners, to the amazing distributor support team, as well as your own team members above you. In addition, we have thousands of world-renowned doctors that support us and are available to help us.
Is this a new or established (over ten years) company? This is a very established company. It is over 41 years old with a proven track record and over $7 billion in sales, including 17 consecutive years of double-digit sales growth!
What sets this company apart? First and foremost, the company operates on the philosophy that a man reaps what he sows. I have never seen such an incredible, positive, loving company culture like this nor a more generous founder/CEO. Secondly, the product completely sets this company apart from all others. There is NO other nutritional product on the market like this because it is the ONLY encapsulated nutritional product that has a FOOD label NOT a supplement label. This alone sets it above and beyond everything else out there if you understand the difference between the synergy of whole food verses a fragmented vitamin. If you don’t, I will be happy to explain it to you.
This is why our company is so effective in improving the nutritional status and antioxidant levels for people who take it. It is whole food, not isolated nutrients found in a vitamin/supplement. In addition, the product is the most thoroughly researched nutritional product in the world. This is third-party, clinical researched published in 18 (and counting) medical and scientific journals. We do not need testimonies; we have gold-standard (highest caliber) scientific studies on people who our product showing that it is bioavailable, increases the level of antioxidants in the body, repairs and protects the cells from DNA damage, reduces systemic inflammation, positively impacts several key indicators of cardiovascular wellness, improves gum health and skin, combats oxidative stress to help lower the risk of degenerative disease, and much, much more! Furthermore, this company is NOT an MLM, nor a buyer’s club.
You are not required to buy nor stock any product, and your customers do not have to be recruited into the business. We keep our product and our business separate. We have borrowed the best concepts from a variety of business models to create a unique business model called the “virtual franchise.” The Virtual Franchise is marketed as a part-time business based on sharing information about health and nutrition and developing lasting relationships with customers. As with any business, the most successful representatives have dedicated their time and effort to gain the trust and respect of their customers. The company doesn’t try to make money off of their reps by making you buy marketing materials. They provide DVDs right on the corporate website so you don’t have to buy anything. They do everything they can to help us make money, NOT spend it/put it back in their pocket. Once you obtain a position, you never lose it. The company has given away 2 1/2 million dollars in bonuses last year during the “recession” and we had our best year ever despite the economic winter this country was facing. We offer a tried and proven system that is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but with a little consistency working part-time, you can easily make a full-time salary to add to or replace whatever you are doing now. There is also a comprehensive benefit package given to those who earn it.
This includes a comprehensive medical insurance, including dental and vision; also life insurance, disability insurance, prescription drug coverage, expense allowance, holiday bonus, and even a family tuition program (reimbursement if you, your spouse, or your children attend college). How is that for a generous company!
What is it that you actually do? For the very first time, I actually have a business that I squeeze in around my family’s activities rather than have to try to squeeze my family around my work activities! I work this business in my spare time around our home schooling and very busy family schedule. By doing this business while I am “life-ing” (at my daughter’s ballet studio, when I am running errands, or talking with moms/dads at my son’s hockey practice or other daughter’s gymnastics meets) by my third year, I built up my business to a full time income that replaced my middle school teaching salary. I am now in my fourth year of working this business, and I make more money doing this from home and working only a fraction of the hours than when I worked outside the home as a teacher! My office can be my couch, my car, the outdoors, and anywhere else that makes me happy!
I simply share information about health/wellness and nutrition. You do not have to know anything about this topic in order to be successful. The company gives an endless supply of tools and professional support, including materials provided by world-renowned medical professionals to help their representatives spread this vital message of health. If you can invite people to watch a DVD or a webinar from the convenience of their home, attend an event hosted by you or by someone else in the company, or walk someone through a website, you can easily do this business!
How long have you been a part of this company? I have been a customer for 17 years and a representative for a little over 4 years.
Contact Name: Michelle Marquis
Wellness Coordinator
(and Mom on a Mission)
Contact Information: Desk: (860) 412-0304 Cell: (401) 640-3969
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