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Plexus Worldwide Inc.


Company Name: Plexus Worldwide Inc.
Are there startup costs? If so, how much? $34.95 for Website
Are startup fees refundable? Website fee of $34.95 is not refundable
Does the startup fee cover everything I need to start in this business? There are Welcome Packages starting at $99 which include product to get your started if you choose to sell Retail as well as from your Website.
What type of products does this company offer? Health and Weight Loss Products
What countries is this company doing business in? Australia, United States and Canada
How many products does this company offer? (approx.) 11
Will I be selling products? Yes
Will I have to meet a sales quota? If so, how much? $100 personal volume per month
Will there be home parties involved? If you choose to have them. It is not a requirement
Will I distribute or inventory products? If you choose to sell retail you may but if you choose to sell strictly from your Website that is your choice.
Does this company accept credit cards? Yes
Does it cost me anything to accept credit card orders? If customers purchase from the website they will use the companies credit card processing. If you choose to accept credit cards personally then you will be responsible for any fees incurred from the processor that you choose to use.
Is there training available? Is it free? Yes, either personal traing by me and or videos, conference calls whatever it takes
Is there support available? Yes, we have our own groups on Facebook with tons of information and we help each other. Meetings with your upline, and if you need to contact the company there is a customer service department.
Is this a new or established (over ten years) company? 7 years
What sets this company apart? 1. Couples can sign up separately. Most companies restrict couples doing that by saying that there can only be one distributorship between a husband and a wife. Plexus encourages husbands and wives to sign up separately. By doing that, it basically enables a couple to double their income for only slight more effort. 2. Profit Sharing Offered to Everyone from Day One. With the unique pay plan that Plexus has created, every Ambassador gets to share in the profits of the company from Day One. In most other companies, only the high ranking distributors get to share in company profits. 3. No Direct Competition within the company. In most network marketing companies, there is intense competition between the leading distributors. This creates divisions within the company. In Plexus because of their unique pay plan, the leaders are encouraged to work together for the overall benefit of all the Ambassadors. What that does is create a family-like atmosphere where everyone is working and willing to help one another. 4. Easy Monthly Qualification. Some companies require $1,000 or more in product volume to qualify to earn a commission check. In Plexus, it only takes $100 in PV. And, that $100 can come from customers buying directly from the company; it doesn’t have to come from personal purchases by the Ambassador. 5. Weekly and Monthly Pay. Some companies pay weekly; some companies pay monthly. At Plexus, we do both. Once a month, an Ambassador earns a check based on profit sharing; that is usually the largest of their checks. But each week an Ambassador can earn a check based on Business Building Bonuses and Quick Pays. 6. 50% Payout to Ambassadors. Some companies pay their distributors less that 35% percent of the total PV sales. (PV is the dollar value attached to each product when sold.) At Plexus we pay exactly 50% of the total PV to the Ambassadors each month. 7. Low Sign-Up. The cost to sign-up in Plexus is $34.95. That includes a personalized web-site for one year. Other companies charge $99 and more to join and then charge a monthly fee for a personalized web-site. 8. Special Product Pricing on Welcome Packs. In order to help new Ambassador get started in the business, Plexus offers them a choice of a $100 and $200 initial product order. It is called a Welcome Pack. New Ambassadors get a discount on their first order that is not available at any other time. Other companies offer no such discounts. 9. Plexus Products Work. On a recent survey 92.8% of the people responding said that they were involved with Plexus because of the products. Some companies are happy if 50% of their customers get results from their products. At Plexus that number is close to 90%. 10. Customers purchase over 40% of all products. Month after month, over 40% of all sales are purchased by customers. And, of the products purchased by Ambassadors, a lot of those products are re-sold to customers. In other companies, the bulk of sales are made by distributors and those distributors are often just buying products so that they qualify for a check. 11. No Monthly Auto-Purchase. Some companies require that, regardless of what other purchases are made during the month, you are forced to receive an auto-purchase in order to qualify to receive a check. At Plexus Ambassadors create a Back-up Order for $100 PV. That order is ONLY processed if they don’t have enough PV to get a check. It is not sent to them if they already have their qualifying Personal Volume. Some people like to get into a company early; they like to feel they are on the ground floor; other people like to get into a company after it is established – they don’t want to risk their efforts on a company that might fail. Plexus is the best of both worlds!
What is it that you actually do? I took the product for almost a month before I started selling it. I lost 22 pounds and had never had that kind of success with a weight loss product. After I started selling it I got a check the first month and since I had decided to do retail sales as well I was making very good money. I post to Facebook and set up my own page for Plexus Slim called “Plexus Slim Missouri The PInk Drink Lady”. Both of these really got me noticed. I recruit but the majority of my recruits have come to me not the other way around. Once people notice that the products are working for you and others they want to be apart it. We have meetings to share what is working and what we could do differently. These are not required by are very helpful in inspiring and gaining new tools for your business. Our Facebook group pages are amazing and have so much great information. They are better than sales manuals. People who aren’t even in your downline or upline are so willing to help you. I have people ask me questions all the time that are not in my line at all because they know that I will help them in any way that I can. Plexus isn’t a “weight loss” product company. It is a Health and Wellness company. These products have done so much more than help people lose weight.
How long have you been a part of this company? May 2013
Contact Name: Deana Bishop
Gold Ambassador
Plexus Slim Worldwide Inc.
Contact Information: Phone: 573-300-1181
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