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Skinny Body Care


Company Name: Skinny Body Care
Are there startup costs? If so, how much? $10 + Package Choice
Are startup fees refundable? Yes & Money Back Guarantee
Does the startup fee cover everything I need to start in this business? Yes, 15+ websites, virtual office, training, marketing materials.
What type of products does this company offer? SKINNY FIBER is an all natural weight loss product that helps people eat less, feel full, cleanse, flush fat and lose weight. AGELESS ANTI-AGING SERUM is made with some of the most powerful natural antioxidant extracts in the word, and helps with renewal of cells, production of new cells and eliminating skin imperfections.
What countries is this company doing business in? Australia, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States and OVER 100 COUNTRIES total.
How many products does this company offer? (approx.) The company keeps it simple with 2 products that are in high demand.
Will I be selling products? Yes, by sharing a link and information.
Will I have to meet a sales quota? If so, how much? No Quotas; you are paid weekly and reach goals in your time. See compensation plan.
Will there be home parties involved? No Home Parties, No Virtual Parties, No Meetings – Unless you choose to do this for your business!
Will I distribute or inventory products? Not Required. The company handles product orders and delivery, though some distributors choose to have products on hand. Distributors get wholesale discounts.
Does this company accept credit cards? Yes, Credit Cards include Visa, Master Card and Maestro. Payza is also accepted.
Does it cost me anything to accept credit card orders? No, it does not cost you anything.
Is there training available? Is it free? Yes, organization, support and training are what set this company apart from many others. Free training is available to you 24 hours a day. This includes back office, training site, live trainings and personal help from team leaders. The company has recently taken on a leading industry trainer to share years of experience and how to be successful in this business.
Is there support available? Yes, there is a lot of on-going support available from the company (email, ticket, live chat and phone), company leaders and 24/7 team support resource. It is a company where you can feel comfortable asking for help. Whether posting prayer requests, contacting leaders directly for help or our group of thousands of distributors that are online daily and from all over the world. Some distributors offer local offline trainings; Leaders offer Super Saturday trainings. The company sponsors regional events and an annual cruise; these are for training, face to face time with leaders in the company and lots of fun activities!
Is this a new or established (over ten years) company? Newer
What sets this company apart? In addition to the outstanding training and support, SBC is a rock solid, debt free, business that is now generating revenue in the millions. It is one of the fastest growing and most uncomplicated companies to work with in this industry; offering a generous compensation plan with 8 ways to get paid, 6 leadership levels with bonuses that include full ownership of vehicles and house (or the cash paid in lump sum if you prefer) and a comprehensive business system that serves as a convenient as a virtual office. The company houses numerous distribution centers for international shipping of the two popular products: Skinny Fiber and Ageless Anti-Aging Serum. Skinny Fiber is a very popular all-natural weight loss product that helps people eat less, feel full, cleanse toxins, flush fat and lose weight. The company provides customers with a free 90 Day Challenge website where they get health information, tracking, ordering information and support to lose weight. Thousands of people benefit monthly from the Skinny Fiber weight loss program. Ageless is made with some of the most powerful natural antioxidant extracts in the world to help with renewal of cells and eliminating skin imperfections from aging such as wrinkles and age spots, as well as blemishes, skin texture and discoloration. It is a restorative and preventative serum which makes Ageless useful to men and women of all ages.
What is it that you actually do? As a Skinny Body Care Independent Distributor you will have a non-traditional direct sales business that does not require home parties, virtual parties or selling to friends and family (unless you want to). Simply follow a system that works! Attend trainings to learn the products and system. Utilize offline and online practices (work from your computer and / or work off your computer) such as social media, Internet resources and your community. Your virtual office will provide the ability to work from the comfort of your home and with full flexibility to learn, work and grow your business around your family’s needs. * You can make money just off product (no recruiting) and / or build up your distributorship to have a full sales team.
How long have you been a part of this company? July 2012
Contact Name: Lea Hunt
Platinum Distributor
Contact Information: Phone: 727-487-2270
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