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Do You Find Yourself Stressed Out and Overwhelmed By Life, Relationships and…??


The Problem May Be More Internal than External.  Here’s Why!

Expectations are HIGH!  Ever notice how so many of us proceed through our days like the cartoon “Road Runner”, and expect that we can take on all the details, issues, problems and more…with excellence.  Be it, the kids, the business, the career, let alone your spouse’s needs…each one has its pull, it’s dictates and its pressure…all leading to stress and overwhelm. 

In all your near “super-human” attempts to conquer your world, do you by chance have your KING at the beginning, center, and end of your high-speed highway of life? It’s intensely easy to leave God out, while never thinking that we have done so.  Are you tired yet?  Let’s break the cycle, shall we? 

Here are some common misbeliefs that lead us to live as though we are “untouchable” to stress and overwhelm…

Misbelief #1: I can do it all, be all and accomplish whatever my mind is set on.  (We often misuse Phil 4:13 here to give us the allowance to think so).

Misbelief #2: I’m in charge of my life and I can just work through stress and other destructive, negative emotions – it’s just: ”water off a duck’s back”. (The world subliminally teaches us this erroneous worldview, each and every day, through advertisements, and social media.)

Misbelief #3: “Coulda, shoulda, woulda”! This one is popular.  It’s the thought pattern that believes that your life would be better, more joyous and more full and complete, IF:  you had done something when given the opportunity or because you didn’t do something, your life is completely messed up. Living in the pain of the unchangeable past.   

Misbelief #4: Putting your emphasis on the size of the problem, obstacle, or fear before you, rather than the size of your God! (Only three small words here:  The Red Sea! Exodus 14)

Misbelief #5: A Messiah complex – People Pleaser?  This misbelief is a two-barreled problem.  We think: “my family needs me, my business requires me, the church can’t possibly do this or that without me!” (Read Job and that’ll challenge that mindset to the brink of stupidity.)  Second, the thought that everyone’s opinion counts equally in my life, so I must run around and keep them all happy.  (Joshua has an answer for this… “Choose you this day…” Josh. 24:15 I bet your mind is finishing that verse even now!)

So, what do I know about stress and overwhelm?  A life-altering event happened to me now 40 years ago.  You see, at age 20, I broke my neck, during a college wrestling match.  Not unlike you, I still tend to push myself thinking that I can do it all, accomplish all and live every moment at high speed – however, that is simply NOT going to happen.  My spinal injury was an incomplete break, as such, I was able to “live on” crutches for the next 33 years and the last 7 years in a manual wheelchair.  I still teach online at two Christian Colleges and I run a coaching program for people just like you (and me), who want to live life well, yet are plagued by a variety of stressors and other negative emotions. 

I’ve heard it said: “Life wouldn’t be so hard if we didn’t expect it to be so easy!”

Some brief solutions:  

  • Fall in love and choose to obey our King, no matter what!  Life is short, and is mixed with good and some very hard and disheartening experiences, yet, eternity is long and glorious.  We are still here so that we might grow in Him in preparation for our amazing future.  That growth is a big part of the lessening of stress, overwhelm and negative emotions (like anger, bitterness, unforgiveness).  
  • Trust God’s word in your life.  IF His word is not true, do we really have any real power or substance to battle our problems except the “good advice” of others, who admittedly are in the same stressed out and overwhelmed boat as we are?  2 Tim 3:16-17
  • Knock off the self-condemnation.  Rom. 8:1 He has set us free.  Sure, we are not perfected yet, not even close.  But, we are also NOT condemned. Believe that!
  • Live out His word.  Read Matt 6:25-34; Phil. 4:6-7; 1 Pet. 5: 6-7; Ps. 37:4 Since He provided His truth to us and His very self, choose to believe and live it out – for His Glory and your own good. 

God has given us everything that we need, yet in our humanness, it’s often hard to apply day to day.  That’s why I reached out and sought help for myself and why I’ve been training other believers to defeat their negative thinking patterns (and emotions).  

As a former athlete, I know how critical a coach was to my abilities.  In a similar fashion, a spiritual and emotional coach provides skill training, accountability, a listening ear, and the ability to Defeat Negative Emotions and live-out the very best Life in Christ this side of heaven.  If you’re interested in a free online introductory training, please grab the opportunity here.  


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mark Whyte (Prof Mark) is a former Cru staff member and has 2 earned master’s degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary.  He directs ProfMarkCoaching and teaches online for Liberty University and Grace Bible College.  He’s been married 32 years and has 3 adult kids.  

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