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Top Five Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Garden


spring flowersWhen we are working from home more than ever, it is important to think of ways to jazz up our lives and make everything more bearable. We often think about how to make our indoor environment more exciting, but what about making our outdoor environment more amenable so that when we look out of the kitchen window, or into the back garden, we like what we see?

To get you into that spirit, here are the top tips to consider when redesigning your garden.

1. Professional Advice

Professional advice can range from a qualified, top-end landscape gardener to the local gardener who shears hedges at every property on the road. Regardless, someone who is experienced in all things gardening and who knows how your garden will play out after everything has been built and planted down will be invaluable in giving advice


2. Water features

Water features such as ponds and fountains can add life to a garden that was dull before. The flow of water adds movement and has been proven to be calming. Investing in the correct equipment, such as a pump or potentially multi level float switches, can help ensure that everything works correctly. 


3. Consider the seasons

Considering how your garden will look in different seasons of the year is crucial. People often pick their garden in the spring when landscapers come to look at and design how everything will look. But it is crucial to consider that the flowers will not always be in bloom throughout the year, that rains may remove topsoil, and that trees will go through the autumn colors at some point.

4. Think about maintenance

Are fifty-five different types of flowers really realistic if they all need different nutrients and watering patterns, and you never spend any time in the garden? Is getting rid of the artificial lawn really a wise idea if you never want to mow the lawn? These are all questions you must consider when designing a new garden. Otherwise it will only look good for the first month before descending into overgrown chaos!

5. ChildrenIf you have children, you need to think about how to make the garden function for them. It’s no use having intricate flower beds if they’ll only come and trample through everything. Similarly, what’s the point in having beautiful lawns if there’s nowhere they can play? A swing set will go a long way. Children expend far more of their energy outdoors than we do, so it’s worth making sure a garden works for them.

There are so many things to consider when creating a beautiful outdoor space that it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. However, taking these top five tips into account will give you a starting point that is manageable and achievable. The thing to remember is what your garden will look like one day and to try and take enjoyment in the process of redesigning your garden, as though you were crafting something beautiful — which it will be!

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