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Low-Cost Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


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As a small business, you likely put a lot of time and effort into your marketing. Naturally, you need to generate revenue and increase your audience – and there’s no greater way to achieve this than marketing. 

In 2021, marketing is a complex avenue, to say the least. Businesses use many different marketing strategies (some more successfully than others), from posting on social media pages to promotional emails. However, consumer habits and behaviors are constantly changing, which ultimately means marketing strategies must evolve with them, too. This has created a volatile marketing industry – as strategies that were effective today might not be so effective tomorrow! 

It’s important to remember, though, that when marketing is done right, it will create instant success. 

Also, marketing in 2021 is low-cost in comparison to what it was in previous decades – which should be music to the ears of small business owners around the world. Yes, it’s true – you don’t need to spend big on your marketing!

So, here are some of the best low-cost, proven marketing tips that will help bolster your small business and drive it forward. 



  • Use SMS marketing


SMS marketing has solidified itself as one of the most effective forms of marketing over the past several years. These days, phones are glued to people’s hands (not literally, though). Because of this, they never miss a text message – which means SMS marketing is highly visible. Consumers are guaranteed to see it, whether it’s a promotion for a new product or an advertisement for an upcoming summer sale.  

Therefore, your small business needs to have fast sms marketing that will successfully appeal to your audience. When you have this, your brand engagement and sales will explode – what’s not to love about that? 



  • Offer referral incentives to customers


Customer referrals – although they won’t grow your audience into the millions – are a traditional yet still valuable way to market your business at a low cost. 

A common tactic deployed now is businesses offer referral incentives – meaning they offer existing customers money, vouchers, or discounts if they successfully refer a new customer to join them. However, your incentives must remain within your financial restraints. For example, if you have a reasonable budget, offer customers something like 40% off their next purchase for a successful referral – you get the idea. 



  • Have an aesthetically pleasing logo 


An excellent logo – like Burger King’s latest unveiling – is extremely important when it comes to marketing.  

They say never judge a book by its cover – but consumers certainly do when it comes to logos. 

Sure, it’s not the defining factor of successful marketing. However, it’s a key component that can’t afford to misfire. 

Therefore, you should hire an excellent web designer to create a modern, aesthetically pleasing logo that will appeal to modern consumers in 2021. 

Right now, many businesses are using minimalistic logos – which is something to consider. 



  • Make frequent social media posts 


Guess what? It doesn’t cost anything to post marketing content to your social media pages which, considering the global reach that platforms like Facebook and Instagram have, is pretty astounding. 

Whereas you need to pay for radio advertisement slots or billboards in your local city, one of the most proven methods – social media marketing – remains free (at least for now). Your small business should take advantage of this by regularly posting content to your pages – be it product updates or employee blogs. 

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