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4 Elements Every Office Needs

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If you want to take your business right to the very pinnacle of its niche market, it’s important that you fill your workspace with an abundance of useful tools and solutions. Once you have a host of quality pieces of equipment at your disposal, you will have the capacity to provide your consumers with the high-quality level of service that they want and expect in this day and age.

Want to succeed on your entrepreneurial endeavor? If so, be sure to fill your office with the following four elements.

Security systems

Why work hard to turn over a healthy profit if you aren’t going to protect the money that you make? If you’re serious about scaling your market and taking your company to the next level, it’s imperative that you invest in cutting-edge security systems.


When you enter the market for this type of tech, be sure to make your first port of call. With their industry-leading security cameras in place, you won’t have to worry about criminals going unnoticed whenever they step foot on your premises. Regardless of how or when burglars attempt to break into your office space, your CCTV camera solutions will be sure to record their every move in high definition.


Optimized air quality

The air quality of your office will directly impact the way in which your staff members operate. If they consider your workspace to be stuffy, your employees aren’t going to feel comfortable during their working hours. This will then have a negative impact on their morale levels, which in turn will hold them back from being able to work in a highly productive fashion.


If you’re serious about maximizing the potential of each staff member that you employ, you need to invest in a tech solution that optimizes your air quality.

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Top Five Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Garden

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spring flowersWhen we are working from home more than ever, it is important to think of ways to jazz up our lives and make everything more bearable. We often think about how to make our indoor environment more exciting, but what about making our outdoor environment more amenable so that when we look out of the kitchen window, or into the back garden, we like what we see?

To get you into that spirit, here are the top tips to consider when redesigning your garden.

1. Professional Advice

Professional advice can range from a qualified, top-end landscape gardener to the local gardener who shears hedges at every property on the road. Regardless, someone who is experienced in all things gardening and who knows how your garden will play out after everything has been built and planted down will be invaluable in giving advice


2. Water features

Water features such as ponds and fountains can add life to a garden that was dull before. The flow of water adds movement and has been proven to be calming. Investing in the correct equipment, such as a pump or potentially multi level float switches, can help ensure that everything works correctly. 


3. Consider the seasons

Considering how your garden will look in different seasons of the year is crucial. People often pick their garden in the spring when landscapers come to look at and design how everything will look. But it is crucial to consider that the flowers will not always be in bloom throughout the year, that rains may remove topsoil, and that trees will go through the autumn colors at some point.

4. Think about maintenance

Are fifty-five different types of flowers really realistic if they all need different nutrients and watering patterns, and you never spend any time in the garden? Is getting rid of the artificial lawn really a wise idea if you never want to mow the lawn? These are all questions you must consider when designing a new garden. Otherwise it will only look good for the first month before descending into overgrown chaos!

5. ChildrenIf you have children, you need to think about how to make the garden function for them. It’s no use having intricate flower beds if they’ll only come and trample through everything. Similarly, what’s the point in having beautiful lawns if there’s nowhere they can play? A swing set will go a long way. Children expend far more of their energy outdoors than we do, so it’s worth making sure a garden works for them.

There are so many things to consider when creating a beautiful outdoor space that it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. However, taking these top five tips into account will give you a starting point that is manageable and achievable. The thing to remember is what your garden will look like one day and to try and take enjoyment in the process of redesigning your garden, as though you were crafting something beautiful — which it will be!

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How to Raise Awareness for Your Charity

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With so many worthy causes out there, expanding the reach of your charity can be challenging. That’s why you need to be creative with your approach and work with what you have and are comfortable with.

Supporters and donors want to feel that they’re part of the change. This is why finding what works for your charity is crucial. Here are a few suggestions to help raise awareness and hopefully increase donations for your foundation.

Use Strategic Marketing

While it may seem slightly odd to use marketing strategies for your charity, it’s one of the most effective ways to raise awareness. Having an online presence is almost mandatory in the 21st-century.

Investing in personalized marketing strategies can push the boundaries of your charity’s reach. Many companies specialize in raising their online presence and customizing designs to meet their individual goals. According to Click Intelligence, ‘finding SEO experts is crucial’ to have the desired impact.  

Partner With Like-Minded People

A good tip is to find ambassadors who support your cause and are willing to help. Their role isn’t to work for the charity, but instead with it. They’ll not only help spread the word and raise awareness of the cause but also likely help raise donations.

Possible ambassadors:

  • Influencers
  • Actresses
  • Sports players
  • Well-known community members

The key to creating connections with these figures is to have a shared set of beliefs and goals. By collaborating with like-minded people, it’s easier to increase charity engagement through natural means.

Work With Other Businesses

Partnering with other organizations or businesses can also increase awareness. In this way, there can be a mutual benefit where both parties align in principles and morals and help each other increase engagement with their cause or brand.

One example is the Australian burger company Grill’d. Every month, three charities/causes are selected, and customers are encouraged to vote for one who receives a higher donation than the other two.

In a unique twist, voting is done with bottle tops. Every customer is given one of these and is asked to place it in the box bearing the name and details of the foundation they’d most like to support. Not only does it create awareness of distinct local charities/causes, but it forms a social conscience with every purchase.

Host Events

A great way to raise awareness about your charity is by hosting an event that brings people together. If creating a live occasion isn’t possible for some reason, host an online meetup, including keynote speakers and some fun activities.

Whether the intention is to educate people or expand social networks, be sure to have clearly defined targets for your event. Partnering with other organizations that align with your charity’s goals is likely to boost your reach. Read More→

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3 Things Schools are Doing to Recruit More Students

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At this point in time, it is no secret that many colleges and universities across the country are struggling to bring in the number of students that they need from year to year. Fewer students who are set to graduate from high school seem motivated to pursue an education at a university, and the fact that tuition costs are rising from year to year does not work in most schools’ favor. 

Ultimately, colleges and universities are trying to find creative ways of recruiting students. They are looking to showcase the things that make them great and inform students about the types of programs that they offer. The fact of the matter is that getting the message out to the right demographic of students is really half the battle for many schools.

Here are just three of the ways in which schools are looking to recruit more students.

1. Consulting experts


In decades gone by, many major universities and quality colleges didn’t have to think outside the box in order to bring in students. Most high school-aged students recognized that a college education was the best way to set themselves up for future success and it was the trend for young adults to head off to college. However, things have changed greatly in recent years, and more and more schools are having to get creative with the recruitment process.

One way in which they are accomplishing this is by consulting experts in student recruitment. There are full-service marketing agencies out there who have done the market research and developed specific tactics for reaching prospective students. By working with companies like Sextant Marketing Digital Marketing Agency, you can reach more students and bring your enrollment numbers up in a big way.


2. Using social media

Most universities and colleges have become wise to the fact that a large portion of their target demographic for recruitment efforts lives on social media. Students of all ages engage in social media on a daily basis making such platforms goldmines of prospective recruits. 

The trick is understanding the best social media practices in order to best design targeted ads and reach the greatest number of students who would be interested in a school like yours. Social media marketing is something that will take a great deal of research and planning, but schools that are doing it correctly have been reaping the rewards.


3. Holding memorable events

Recruitment events have long since been a tool that universities and colleges use to attempt to recruit students directly and in person. However, students these days are warier of traditional recruitment methods and practices. This means that schools are looking to create events that are more memorable in nature.

Making a memorable impression that will make your school stand out from the crowd isn’t always a simple task. For instance, instead of hosting on-campus events that can be impractical for many students, schools are opting to reach out and visit different cities in order to meet with prospective students.

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Four ways you can ensure customer satisfaction at every stage of the engagement journey

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Ensuring customer satisfaction is usually towards the top of every business owner’s priorities as, simply put, happy customers create more sales. However, ensuring customer satisfaction should not just be focused on the point of sale, and instead should be upheld throughout the customer’s entire relationship with your company. Doing this will help to encourage return purchases with your company and thus help to establish customer loyalty. Read on to discover four ways that you can ensure customer satisfaction at every stage of the engagement journey.



  • Create a customer success journey map


The first thing you should do is draw up a customer success journey map. Simply put, this maps out every step that the customer takes through your business, from being initially drawn in to making a purchase and eventually becoming loyal to your business. Considering each separate step enables you to use analytics and customer engagement tools more effectively, thus making your sales more successful. Customers will be able to clearly see the value in what you are offering and keep coming back for more, forging a bond of customer loyalty. 



  • Send welcome emails


Let a new customer know exactly how much their business means to you by sending them a welcome email. You could also send a welcome email to new subscribers to your newsletter or social media sites – after all, any new subscribers have shown an interest in your business and could potentially be converted into customers. Ensuring that you strike the right tone is key to a good welcome email. Keep it polite but friendly, and emphasise all the benefits that come with being a subscriber. However, make sure that you do not overburden subscribers with emails, as studies show that people quickly unsubscribe if they feel that they are being overloaded with communications. 



  • Follow-up phone calls


In addition to welcome emails, you could check in on customers a week or two after their purchase with a follow-up phone call. This should include obviously enquiring over the customer’s satisfaction with their purchase – in addition to providing you with direct feedback, it is also an opportunity to resolve any issues if the customer is less than satisfied before they snowball out of control. You should also ask the customer if they have any questions about the product that they would like clearing up. Certain things might have arisen in the weeks since purchasing that they may feel embarrassed to ask about, such as operation details. 



  • Prospecting at certain points in the contract 


If the customer has purchased a product on a contract – a car or phone, for instance – there will come a point when that contract is nearly up and the customer has the choice of either staying with your company or going elsewhere. Check in with your customer at certain points in their contract, perhaps offering discounts and extras if they choose to renew their contract with you. 

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3 Ideas for Your Own eCommerce Store

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If you’ve just started your own eCommerce store and are looking for new directions to take that might increase your ROI or your traffic, you’re not alone. Working online offers a different type of security to having a brick-and-mortar based job, but getting things to the stage where they become profitable is often difficult for new eCommerce stores. If that’s the case, you might want to try one or more of the following ideas to get you to a profitable stage.



1. Audit & Optimize Performance


You’re hopefully quite happy with the way your website looks, but then, looks aren’t everything. If your site isn’t optimized for search engines or for the user experience, you can find yourself at low levels of traffic that will be almost impossible to profit from. The answer? 

Well, to start, have a look at the eCommerce solutions offered by this Magento developer Los Angeles company: design for all devices, SEO & SEM, speed optimization and security reviews. You should be easily accessible for all devices, especially mobiles, as 72% of internet users will come from mobiles by 2025

Your SEO should be a never-ending effort, and it’s one that really pays off. Speed optimization is a vital part of SEO, but mainly because if your site isn’t fast enough, people just click off and you lose customers. Security goes without saying, but many small businesses still don’t think they’re targets, which paradoxically makes them major targets for hackers looking for an easy job. 

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A Guide to Growing Your Small Business Successfully

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Congratulations are in order if you currently operate a prosperous small business. This achievement is far from easy, after all. In fact, statistics suggest that about half of US small businesses don’t make it out of their fifth year without closing permanently. 

Yet simply treading water and remaining as a small business isn’t enough for you. You want to expand, gain more customers, and generate greater profits. There’s just one major problem with this idea: Where do you start? 

Growing a small business is a serious challenge. Get it wrong, and you might end up with no business at all. To ensure that doesn’t happen, here’s a guide to growing your company successfully. 

Acquire the right funding

Money is required for any business growth plan – that much is obvious. Yet how you actually gain this cash will vary depending on your situation. If you have enough stored in the bank, for example, you may decide to use this to fund your expansion. 

Most will have to look at alternative financing, however. In that regard, one of the best options is business line of credit. Now you might be wondering how to get business lines of credit. The good news: even new businesses can acquire this type of financing, let alone established ones. Plus, as it acts effectively like a credit card, you can dip into the money when needed – so it is always there as a safety net of sorts. 

Invest in the right systems

If you’re trying to complete all tasks on your own, you could limit your business’s potential to grow. While employees can help with this, it makes sense to utilize modern and robust systems to handle various different tasks.

Something like a CRM or accounting software can go a long way to streamlining and automating various jobs. This frees up plenty of time for you to focus on other areas of your company, the type that can truly make a difference during an expansion.  Read More→

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How to Update Your Living Room on a Budget

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Your living room is one of the more important rooms in your home. It is where you and your family gather to watch a movie or just hang out and spend time together. It is also where your guests gather when you have friends or family over for an evening. With all of the traffic and wear and tear that your living room and its furniture see on a regular basis, you might be thinking that it could use an update.

Flooring, sofas, and chairs can all begin to look worn after a few years, particularly if your living room sees a great deal of use. Ultimately, though, the thought of changing things up and making changes might make you worried about how much such a project would cost to complete. However, if you are ready to freshen up your living room, you don’t have to break the bank.

Start by setting out a reasonable budget for yourself that you are comfortable with. Once you know what you can spend, you would be surprised to find just how big of a difference you can make with just a few simple changes. 

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your living room upgrade budget.


Be a Savvy Shopper

Some people are naturally savvy shoppers who can find a deal no matter what they are shopping for. Most people, though, have to put a bit of effort into finding those deals and making the most of a budget. The process requires some research and patience waiting for sales at times, but when it comes to a project like a living room upgrade, you will benefit the most by adopting some savvy shopping practices.

Start by comparison shopping for the items that you need. If you want to change out your sofa, take your time to compare costs at a variety of stores. Just because you have to make a bit of an investment into a new sofa doesn’t mean you need to overpay. If your vision simply includes some new throw pillows and art for your walls, you don’t need to go overboard on these surprisingly pricey items either. Make use of some Macys coupons to find great deals on the décor items that you want.

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How to Successfully Work from Home

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Working from home can be either a blissful or a frustrating experience. Depending on the type of job you have — or if you’re unaccustomed to making your home your office — working from home comes with its fair share of challenges. 

Below we outline a few ways you can successfully work from home without losing your sanity.

Design a Space Just for Work

Despite how obvious it may sound, some people overlook this point entirely. If you’re someone who has suddenly been forced to work remotely rather than head to the office, working from home might simply mean taking your laptop and stationing yourself on the bed or sofa. The problem with this is that the environment is likely not conducive to boosting productivity. Whether it’s distractions from other members of your household or a poor seating arrangement, a bad environment will not help your creativity. 

If you have space to do it, carve out an area of your home that is designated just for work. Do whatever you can to set up a comfortable desk situation and surround yourself with objects that increase your contentment. If you don’t have a table or desk to sit at, consider investing in one, as well as a comfortable chair. You can find relatively cheap desks available at department stores such as Kohls. Complete the look by investing in some Kohls coupons to furnish your workspace even more with lighting, essentials for work, stationery, or other objects.

Create Boundaries

If you live with pets, children, or multiple people, creating boundaries is a must. The last thing you need when you’re working from home is for people to be coming and going, creating an unwelcome distraction. Where possible, try to set limits with your kids in terms of your workspace and find ways to ensure that you aren’t disrupted by noise, movement, or people talking at you. Read More→

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Three Places to Visit on a Family Trip to Orlando

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So, it is time to decide where the family holiday will be this year, and of course, there are so many options. If fun is the name of the game, then Orlando might just be the dream destination.

Orlando, Florida, is a fantastic place for a family holiday, with an abundance of adventure and excitement all packed tightly into one space. With so much on offer, it can be daunting to work out where to go, what to eat, and if it is the right place for a family holiday, so this piece will take all of the guess work out.

 “Spend the day exploring the park and revel in the enchanting world of Disney.”

Visit Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando

Could anything be more exciting than getting to visit the Disney resort on holiday? It offers a magical experience of much-loved characters, fascinating shops, exquisite dining, and many fantastic rides for children of all ages (so no one gets left out!) Spend the day exploring the park together, taking time to meet the characters, take snaps and revel in the enchanting world. Find some of the best rides for everyone’s taste, including fast rollercoasters, daring water rides, or even a safari simulation! The dining at Walt Disney World Resort does not disappoint either, with stunningly detailed, themed restaurants and excellent menus that vary throughout the resort, so new tasting experiences can be taken advantage of

Orlando is approximately a two-hour flight from New Jersey, making it a great distance for a weekend visit. Plan ahead and book flights in advance to save money, and also consider Newark airport parking to make the journey run even more smoothly.

Visit Orlando Science Center

One for the science and education fans alike, the Orlando science center is sure to be a hit. There are plenty of events that take place throughout the year in the center, and so many exhibits that it would be almost impossible for both adults and children not to find something interesting. There is also a theatre that showcases educational films, often in 3D, allowing science to be brought to life! Check ahead to find out what events are coming up to find a favorite. Popular ones include Science Night Live and Science of Wine!

 See Orlando With a Balloon Ride

 A very unique way to experience Orlando is from above! Take to the sky and indulge the family in a balloon ride which gently glides over the views, offering a different perspective and a different kind of adrenaline rush. These trips are perfect for those who like to try out new things and enjoy looking at scenery, but are maybe not a fan of theme parks! An average journey takes around three and a half hours from lift-off to landing, which means there will be plenty of time to go and grab a bite to eat in one of the many great cafes in Orlando after the balloon lands!

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